Bob McNair: We’ll do J.J. Watt deal early if it makes sense

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The Texans exercised their fifth-year option on defensive end J.J. Watt’s rookie contract earlier this year, which guarantees them two more years with one of the league’s best defensive players in their lineup.

As you’d imagine, the Texans are interested in continuing the relationship beyond that point. They aren’t sure right now which path will wind up providing the best value for them, however. Owner Bob McNair said that the team is open to using the franchise tag and even mentioned using it in consecutive years, although he’s hardly resigned until waiting until after the 2015 season to take care of things.

“It’s going to be a big contract. If we can do something with him that makes sense for the team to do it early, we’ll certainly do it,” McNair said, via “It has to make sense for us. The team comes first. We want to keep all of our players. We want to take care of all or our players, but the team comes first.”

McNair’s comment on franchising Watt twice shows that the Texans aren’t opposed to paying Watt at a high level, which makes an early extension all the more practical since it will enable the team to make the deal more cap-friendly than it would be under the terms of the tag.

7 responses to “Bob McNair: We’ll do J.J. Watt deal early if it makes sense

  1. Best defensive player in the game … give him his bread… It will get done on time.. The Texans have never been known to be cheap skates..If anything we pay guys too much money

  2. Well Boob, you might need to wait and see how Watt does this year in Crennel’s defense.. You gave Schaub a ton of money and ran him off, you are paying Johnson way more than he is worth, Foster just got a ton and he is cratering and last summer you gave Cushing(coming off IR and 10 mos rehab) $56 million and then he got hurt and went right back to IR. You started this mess by buying Bosselli for $8 mil and he nevedr played a down

  3. But he signed a contract!

    Probably the best example of how contracts are completely in the favor of teams as opposed to the players. He should have held out after 2012. He has outplayed his contract.

    We thought the last lockout was bad, wait until the players have been dealing with this BS for ten years and see how ugly it gets.

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