Brandon Weeden fares well in first Dallas appearance


After the Cowboys released top backup quarterback Kyle Orton, owner Jerry Jones reportedly said the club’s confidence in Brandon Weeden helped the team make the move.

Perhaps Jones was on to something.

Looking comfortable in Jason Garrett’s offense, Weeden connected on 13-of-17 passes for 107 yards and a touchdown in the first two quarters of the Cowboys’ exhibition opener at San Diego on Thursday night.

On his TD pass, Weeden rolled right and found tight end James Hanna in the back of the endzone for a four-yard score, taking a big hit from Chargers defensive end Lawrence Guy in the process.

It wasn’t all highlights for Weeden; an interception by Chargers cornerback Richard Marshall was nullified by a holding penalty on the veteran defensive back. And the tape will probably spotlight other areas in which Weeden can improve. But in his first game with Dallas, Weeden played like a capable replacement for Orton.

Now, it’s on Weeden to build on this foundation.

51 responses to “Brandon Weeden fares well in first Dallas appearance

  1. I’m only gonna say this one more time…
    Browns, I told you so! ….. Should have kept Weeden

  2. Chargers fan, here. Agreed, Weeden looked good. As is often the case with preseason, our top two corners and our top three pass rushers weren’t in the game, but he looked poised and confident.

  3. Its a good thing for them because I believe his chances of starting this year are about 50/50. Every backup QB is one play away, but the situation there is very concerning IMHO. Backs dont usualy heal and forgive you (its an admitted fact Romo is not 100% yet). BTW I love Tony Romo, but I think my concerns are legitimate.

  4. Weeden looked better than I expected, the defense however looked worse than I feared.

    I don’t think the Cowboys will win many games this season in which they don’t score at least 30 points.

  5. I guess you didnt watch last pre-season, the dude is always lights out. It is when the lights are on for real, that is when the holding onto the ball till eternity rears its head.

  6. He also did near perfect for the Browns last preseason. Never seen a guy who would freeze up so much in an NFL game in my life. Heck, his first game he got lost under the giant American flag before the pledge and couldn’t fond his way out! Talk about awareness.

  7. Weeden is still doing the same things that led to his ouster in Cleveland: throwing way short forcing the receiver to come back for the ball leading to short gains; throwing inside to a receiver that is running outside; throwing passes inhibiting or flat out thwarting RAC chances. For your sake Cowboy fans, I hope Romo can play, because if he can’t, not only will you be saddled with Cleveland’s bust #1 pick you will regret Jerry not drafting the Browns current #1 pick in Johnny Manziel.

  8. Weeden always looks good in preseason.

    Wait until the zone dog blitzes confuse him and he can’t find his 2nd or 3rd read in the regular season.

  9. He won’t “build on this foundation”. I watched every game he played in Cleveland(YUCK!). He is the worst QB I’ve ever seen. He is totally inaccurate and makes up for it by making horrible decisions with the ball.

  10. Don’t get too excited fellas. Last year in preseason Weeden went:

    vs STL 10 – 13 for 112 yards
    vs Detroit 8 -12 for 117
    vs Indy 12-25 for 105

    Then the season started..and defenses started playing for real and Weeden started making his ‘bonehead’ throws/plays.

  11. The only reason Marshall got the INT was he held the WR (Beasely) and pushed him out of the way. If he hadn’t held Beasley it would have been a completed pass.

    Weeden and the running game looked very good. Too bad I can’t say the same thing about the defense.

  12. Weeden was great in camp and preseason with the Browns also. Give him 4 Quarters and a game with real pressure and there is a completely different story.

  13. Okay… since nobody else will do it, I will.

    Weeden start the fire, it was always burnin’ since the world was turnin’…

    Now that that’s done please continue bashing the allas Cowboys.

    (Still no “D” in allas)

  14. FYI…..Weeden looked great last year for my Brownies in the preseason. So good in fact, Norv and Chud didn’t even let him play in the last preseason game.

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  15. As a Browns fan, Weeden looked very solid last year in the preseason. Apparently when defenses play vanilla D and you don’t really have to read anything, he’s pretty sharp. We all saw what happened during the regular season though.

  16. He looked awesome last year for the Browns in PRESEASON. Then defenses actually played defense and he crumbled like a 100 year old wall. He threw the ball underhand, he admitted it was a mistake AND THEN the very next week he did the exact same thing. Future golf pro!

  17. Wheeden looked good last preseason, too. That is why he was uncerimoniously cut by the Browns in the off-season.

  18. Weeden’s 2013 Pre Season Stats including a QB rating of 99.9.
    50 30 334 60.0 6.7 3 6.0 0 0.0 34 0 0 99.9

    Weedens 2013 regular season stats include a 70.3 rating and less quality numbers than Jason Campbell. And of course minimal if any wins.

    So go ahead and bash the Browns. We will get the final laugh though if Romo goes down. GOOD LUCK!!

  19. Face it, San Diego has a terrible defense, but Weeden looked better than Gabbert did for San Francisco, against the Ravens #2 defense.
    Maybe the problem is still Weeden….maybe it’s the ongoing disfunction of Cleveland.

  20. Weeden looked good but it’s still pre-season. His main problem in Cleveland was the pocket collapsing in front of him because the interior of the O-line played like a turnstile.

    He’s a much better choice than Orton (who got beat out by Tebow!) as a backup QB. Orton is an over-hyped weasel who will never win the game for you, all you can hope is the defense and your running game can play well enough to win and Orton doesn’t loose the game with turn overs.

    Over the years, Orton has received favorable press coverage for mediocre play and was never the type of player the press made him out to be.

  21. Thank god the Cowboys got themselves an insurance policy actually they got two, one to fill Orton’s shoes and the other if Romo goes down. The Cowboys finally did something positive in the front office by bringing Weeden in!

  22. There certainly appears to be a lot of sour grapes by Cleveland fans against Weeden. Look at the Cleveland situation of last year and the Dallas offense this year. Cleveland was horrible from the front office, coaching staff, and down to the players. It really didn’t look like Cleveland had a real plan to get better. Players felt it. Players were afraid on offense to make a mistake. Only Josh Gordon had a great season. Dallas is a completely different situation. Dallas has a really good offense. Weeden won’t be asked to do more than he is capable of doing. It’s a difference situation for Weeden. As long as Weeden doesn’t let the Dallas D effect his play, he should be OK.

  23. Do you think the real fans are BLIND?
    What about that horrid defense? Dont tell me “we have injuries and that was 3rd string” because everybody has injuries and SD 3rd string beat ours. Defense gave up runs wide enough for a space shuttle to pass thru. Who’s picking these rag tag dbs? Scrawny #41 and #30 always out of position and being dragged around. I thought we were last in defense and couldn’t get worse but you are proving us wrong. Same old cowboys.

  24. The defense was missing 6 or 7 starters. They played 2 defensive backs who had never even practiced with the rest of the team.

    Yea, they looked bad, but what else would you expect.

  25. Cowboys strong point will be the offense.The defense looked awful as expected.I think Weeden will do just fine.We will score points this year but also give up A bunch.

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