Chris Rainey burns bridges with the Colts


Chris Rainey, the running back who was cut by the Colts for disciplinary reasons early in training camp, watched the team’s preseason game on Thursday night and vented on Twitter about the circumstances that got him cut.

Shortly after running back Dan “Boom” Herron scored a touchdown, Rainey wrote on Twitter that Herron was involved in the same incident that got Rainey cut from the team.

“Nice TD Boom even tho u was in the hallway with me that nite when we was horsing around with the fire extinguisher. Man up like i did,” Rainey wrote.

The Colts have not confirmed what Rainey did to get cut, but the Indianapolis Star reports that a fire alarm was set off on the night of July 27 when a fire extinguisher was sprayed in a break room in the dorm where the Colts are staying. Rainey was released on the morning of July 28.

Rainey confirmed that he isn’t happy about the fact that he was cut and doesn’t think he should have been.

“Yea im piss watchin the colts game when i should be out there too. Even tho i didnt break no f**kin team rules, not even,” Rainey wrote.

Rainey changed the status of his Twitter account to “private” after writing that, but it’s too late: Rainey has publicly vented about the team, and burned bridges in the process.

72 responses to “Chris Rainey burns bridges with the Colts

  1. “Nice TD Boom even tho u was in the hallway with me that nite when we was horsing around with the fire extinguisher. Man up like i did,” Rainey wrote.

    Men don’t horse around with a fire extinguisher, so you can’t “man up”, loser.

  2. ‘It’s not my fault’. For how many years and how many places does he say this before he gets wise.

  3. Here’s a thought Chris, maybe the problem wasn’t your actions, maybe it was your attitude.

  4. Lol i remember doing this when i was in the service, we just replaced the fire extinguisher before anyone found out.

  5. Uhh…the team cut him. What bridge exactly is there to burn? Were they going to rehire him? No, they didnt keep him on their 90…let alone their 75 or 53.

    It is hypocritical to only cut one of two players to do that kind of stuff though.

    Dude is stupid though. You get to the NFL, and the chance of a lifetime, and the chance to set yourself up so you never have to work a day in your life, and you pull a fire alarm like a 6 year old.

    Thats just idiotic.

  6. jmblosser with the best comment you’ll see on this thread. It’s a privilege to play in the NFL, not a right. Nobody owes you anything. And didn’t you ever learn not to rat on your friends where you grew up? Way to “man up” kid.

  7. Rainey was arrested for telling his girlfriend “its time to die bi—” in 2010 and last year for assaulting his girlfriend. So he has zero leeway when it comes to something like this while Herron was probably warned by the team.

    Rainey has no one to blame but himself but we all know that with people like this, it’s always someone else’s fault. Rainey appears to be on the path of jail.

  8. Didn’t the Colts burn the bridge by cutting him over this? Not saying it’s a smart move to vent over twitter either. But it once again proves that if you’re productive you’ll catch the “iron fist”, if not be prepared to update your resume.

  9. Doing something that results in a fire alarm going off and having hundreds of millions of dollars worth of contracts scampering out of a building in a perceived emergency situation is just begging for someone to get hurt. This dude is not very bright. If Herron was involved I am sure he will be on a short leash just like Rainey was. I am sure Herron will be able to learn from his mistake though. Something Rainey is incapable of doing.

  10. I’m glad he’s gone.. as I’m sure Steeler fans are as well.. You’re a professional athlete making more money then even above average folks and the best you can do is horse around with a fire extinguisher? You should’ve had your head in the play book, or studying film in the film room. As another poster stated above that David Wilson would pretty much sell his soul to play again, and here’s this idiot playing with fire extinguishers like a nine year old!

  11. Perplexed why you are gone and the guy with you is still there huh?
    Could it possibly be that you were right on the borderline of having a shot to make the team? Could it possibly be that such idiotic and juvenile behavior pushed you over that line while Herron’s talent is just enough to give him a little more rope?

    Man up to this you idiot…you didn’t present the team with enough temptation via talent to cut you any slack.
    Carry that same attitude into the real world and you’ll be singing “workin’ at the car wash blues” real soon.

  12. This country talks about “raising standards in education” yet the typical twitter post is rife with grammatical mistakes. It ‘a embarrassing.

  13. He used the fire extinguisher on the entire hallway of the dorm. The Colts took a team vote as to whether he remained on the team. Obviously, they team didn’t want him.

  14. He should probably go ahead and join the concussion lawsuit now because he’s clearly not working with a full deck. Idiot.

  15. I hate when people compare athletes jobs to their own, but in this case he is at training camp to work and prepare. What would happen if you walked out into the hallway at your job grabbed a fire extinguisher and sprayed the break room with it?

  16. weird, it’s almost like teams treat a guy who has been arrested for sexual assault differently than a guy who hasn’t.

  17. Guy’s an idiot. If you’re already on thin ice going back to your college days when you spent more time beating your girlfriend, I’d keep my mouth closed. However, you now see why probably his career is over despite his speed.

  18. This is what happens when a hood rat masquerading as a sports professional meets twitter. Obviously not an English major. You apparently enjoy career suicide Mr. Rainey. Hitting women, acting like a moron, and now you seal your fate with a bad example of tweetbonics. You might want to practice this phrase: “You want fries with that”?

  19. I did the same thing with a fire exstinguisher at a school, but the building was empty and me and a couple of buddys were just so elated that it was the beginning of summer and we were just passed from the 5th grade to the 6th grade that we couldn’t control ourselves.
    My rear end still hurts 40 years later.

  20. I’ll take him. Jeez. When an entire fanbase is worried about Peyton Hillis of all people being hurt, you know you’re desperate for a RB – – even one who’s a snitching, fire-extinguisher sprayer.

  21. “tannerthoughts says: Aug 8, 2014 8:50 AM

    He used the fire extinguisher on the entire hallway of the dorm. The Colts took a team vote as to whether he remained on the team. Obviously, they team didn’t want him.”

    That’s interesting. Where did you read this? That wouldn’t surprise me one bit if that’s the case. When the team lets the players decide whether or not to keep someone and they vote to get rid of him, there’s probably MUCH more behind this story. My guess is the guy is a total dirtbag and nobody likes him. I guess all those bible studies with Urban Meyer didn’t do any good.

    And like multiple people have said, that twitter rant effectively guaranteed NOBODY will take a chance on him. NOBODY. Well, except maybe the Ravens. They could use him to backup Ray Rice.

  22. The diesel is the one on the left, unleaded on the right. And don’t spray the fuel around either Chris, or you’ll lose that job too.

  23. If he can’t get another chance in the NFL he can use the education he received to get ahead in the business world. With language skills like his I’m sure he can get a job right away in the trash collection field or possibly emptying porta-potties.

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