Darren Sproles excited about “dangerous” new role


Eagles coach Chip Kelly might be downplaying what we might see from new running back Darren Sproles, but Sproles himself is excited about what he might do tonight.

“I really am,” Sproles said, via Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer, “because the stuff we’ve been doing in practice, I think it’s kind of dangerous.”

While the Eagles aren’t going to show all the multiple ways Sproles can be used in the preseason, his track record speaks to his versatility.

“You’ve seen him be a returner, you’ve seen him be a running back, you’ve seen him be a receiver,” Kelly said. “He’s not going to be an offensive lineman, but he’ll play all those positions for us. I don’t think anybody is going to look at our preseason tape and say they’re hiding him and not using him to do this. Darren, like everybody else, needs reps in our offense.”

But they’re not going to show it all tonight against the Bears.

The Eagles have fiddled with formations in practice that include Sproles and LeSean McCoy in the backfield together, creating numerous possibilities for the run and pass.

“It’s going to be tough [for defenses] because you don’t know who has the ball, and there are so many options,” McCoy said. “And the hard part is not just having me and Sproles at the same time, but we’re going at such a fast pace. You can see the formation from scouting and watching film and line up a defense for them, but we’re going so fast, it’s hard to do it.”

Which means anything we see tonight is only going to be glimpse of what Sproles can do.

21 responses to “Darren Sproles excited about “dangerous” new role

  1. Here comes an eagles apologist slurp fest. Guys on the wrong side of 30 and can’t run between the tackles but yet he is so damn elite to eagle apologists. Gimme a break

  2. Sproles only has a couple years left and no straight line speed, always gets caught from behind..

  3. Yes Darren is ‘on the wrong side of 30’ but he’s still got some left in the tank. Plus he’s a great influence on the younger backs like Polk and Tucker. I’m excited to see how he’ll be utilized by Chip. Go Birds!

  4. “sb44champs says: Aug 8, 2014 9:06 AM

    Sproles only has a couple years left and no straight line speed, always gets caught from behind..”

    I have a feeling if Sproles is finding himself in a position where the defenders are behind him, Philly fans aren’t going to complain about him getting tackled that way…

  5. Eagles have the
    Best WR’s
    Best QB
    Best RB
    Best RB Combo
    Best Offense
    Best Coaches
    And A much Improved Defense!
    The Best QB since Montana… Period!!

    #Httr Hail to the r-slurs

  6. Eagles will struggle to win their division.


  7. Slurp slurp slurp. Ahh chip Kelly is the next Jesus Christ. Forgot chip Kelly plays in the games. Gotta have talent to win. Who is catching balls for the eagles. Come on apologists be legit once in your life. Just once. Who is catching footballs. Your wide outs stink!!!

  8. Passes beyond 10 yards might be rare in this offense. Maclin may or may not return to form, Cooper is going to get more attention with Jackson gone. They have two pass catching RBs and two TEs. I’d expect a lot of quick, short passes and a TON of running.

  9. Poor guy, has no shot at a ring. There’s a reason the greatest sports icon from Philadelphia is a work of fiction. It’s because the last meaningful thing to come out of that city was the declaration of independence. Ice soccer and baseball championships mean nothing, and the eagles remain ringless. All is right in the world.

  10. Who will be catching the ball you ask.. We have two very good receiving TEs two very good pass catching RBs, We have Maclin, Cooper and two promising rookies coming in.. so don’t worry about who will be catching, worry about who you have to defend it.

  11. will be interesting to see how much he has left. I question why they didn’t just package the 5 they sent for sproles with the 1 they had left, for a 4 and take DAT. that kid is fast as can be and young and cheap. you get 4 years of him for practically vet min

  12. well kiddies I have been watching the birds for 44 years now. can we truly know what chip will be a success…after one year? I don’t know. but what I can tell you is the offence creates head aches for the opposition.especially when they get going.its hard to cover a fast paced offence with a d that isn’t sure where the ball is going to. is the eagles d going to be better than last year? I don’t know but they were immensely better in the second half of the season. is foles for real? he has a 3 questionable games in his starts,and two were against the cowgirls.i think hes got the right atty_tude to be the qb we hope he will.will they miss the talents of cheese jax? no.this guy is an idiot who doesn’t know what a team concept is,and that’s a shame. well now hes the responsibility of dc. I do think there is a chance for them to take a step backwards this season, but with the nfc east not being the great division as in the past, I see the eagles taking the division again this year. im not looking through midnight green glasses and try to not be a homer.

  13. Rings in 48′ 49′ oh, there was no super slop then oh those championships don’t count. Ring in 60′ against one of the greatest teams ever. Just doesn’t count because it wasn’t played in what New York ? Get over it Giant and New England fans. Championship were not always called Super Bowls.

  14. Only the eagles would think a 30 year old, 150 pound RB is “dangerous”

    They ‘re gonna miss Desean…

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