DeMarcus Ware shows “what they brought me in here for”


New Broncos pass rusher DeMarcus Ware showed exactly what the Broncos wanted him to show in his first preseason game.

In fact, Ware did it all in his first preseason series: Ware’s first three plays consisted of breaking into the Seahawks’ backfield to force a gain of just one yard, pressuring Russell Wilson into an incompletion, and then sacking Wilson.

That’s what they brought me in here for, to make big plays and put pressure on the quarterback, and that’s what I love to do,” Ware said. “We can see the spark that we have, the talent that we have on our defense, and how we can play with really great tenacity. So we’e got to keep that up and build each week to become the defense that we want to be.”

Signing Ware was one of a handful of big moves the Broncos made to improve their defense this offseason. Another new signing, T.J. Ward, said after the game that the Broncos’ defense has a new mentality.

“I think we came out aggressive. I think that’s the perfect word,” Ward said. “We were very physical and I think we played pretty well.”

As long as Peyton Manning is around, the Broncos will have one of the best offenses in football. With their new additions on defense, there’s every reason to believe the Broncos will remain the best team in the AFC. Even if the team they met in Thursday night’s preseason game will have something to say about the identity of the best team in the NFL.

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  1. NE & Denver are the most improved teams this offseason. I think their defenses are probably on the same level as each other, the difference should be on offense. And I think Denver still has a better offense by a significant margin.

    That said, I still think an NFC team wins the SB this year.

  2. The thing is, Ware wouldn’t have been as motivated on the Cowboys and would have stayed just above average. Now that he has a chip on his shoulder AND he’s playing on a Super Bowl caliber team, he’s going to go all-out all the time.

    I dislike the Cowboys but it’d be silly to pretend they gave up the Ware you’re seeing now. He wouldn’t be playing at that level in Dallas.

  3. I know this is only the preseason and people may overreact but this looks like a great pickup. Ware seems motivated being on a team that should do well in the postseason.

  4. Lol so he goes up against the seahawls second string left tackle (okung was rested) and manages to tackle a russel wilson just before the line of scrimmage and suddenly two years of mediocrity have been forgotten. Lol.

  5. Don’t pee your pants with excitement Bronco fans. It’s called the exhibition season for a reason…

  6. Only one Seattle starter played on the o-line. Otherwise it was a mix of backups and guys who won’t make the team. If that is an accomplishment for ware, uh. . . Good luck.

  7. He was brought in to beat backup linemen? Sure, Ware can be good, but to say this is what he’s supposed to do is stupid when the starters at center, left guard, and left tackle all did not play. And on the other side, a rookie and a guy signed a week ago played right tackle. He’s not exactly going against top competition right now. Of course he looks great.

  8. Blah, blah, blah…hear this every year from this paper tiger team. Doesn’t every defense come out aggressive? Isn’t that your job? These blow hards think every year they are going to win it all.

  9. Wait until about 5 or 6 games into the season when his neck starts to act up again. He was one of my favorites as a Cowboy but they let him go for a reason. He has had a chronic neck problem since he was carted off the field against the Saints several years back.

  10. Jimmy Garappolo looked good last night too.

    It’s pre-season. Don’t get your panties all in a bunch.

  11. Big Deal. No way denver goes back to Super Bowl so enjoy the regular season and Manning looked OLD last night.

  12. Ware looked like an animal. Von Miller wasn’t playing. Derek Wolfe is healthy. Talib looked damn good. TJ Ward, Nate Irving, and Trevathan were everywhere.

    Look out.

  13. Ward had a great game – against anyone who came his way – and looks like a force for Denver.

    Ware, on the other hand, can brag once he’s gone against starters.

  14. For what it’s worth, Ware looked awesome at this time last year too. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem he’s capable of holding up for a full season and the wear and tear took it’s toll. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s any different this year.

    BTW, the Cowboys letting Ware go was a no-brainer. The choice was long-term deals for Tyron Smith and Dez Bryant or continue paying a declining player and possibly lose one of them.

  15. Yep, they paid you an arm and a leg to get a sack in a preseason game. Go sit on the bench now, you’re done.

  16. Don’t pee your pants with excitement Bronco fans. It’s called the exhibition season for a reason…


    You’re absolutely right, the exhibition games mean nothing. What’ll happen is Ware will do a complete 180 and suck so bad he’ll be benched because it’s the regular season. Please dude, you sound scared already…

  17. Von Miller and CHJr didnt play either. Save the starter b.s. Ware has dominated for a long time and he made running down Wilson look easy.

  18. Nice to see Burro fans are showing their faces again after a long spring and summer in exile.

  19. titansbro says: Aug 8, 2014 9:59 AM

    NE & Denver are the most improved teams this offseason. I think their defenses are probably on the same level as each other, the difference should be on offense. And I think Denver still has a better offense by a significant margin.

    That said, I still think an NFC team wins the SB this year.


    I have to agree with you. NE & Denver are still the two best teams in the AFC however I think the Chargers may have emerged as the third best team. Rivers looks as good as ever, they’re loaded at the skilled positions, & the defense under John Pagano is on the uptick.

  20. Im a Cowboy fan and as sad as I am that Ware isnt here anymore he deserves a shot at the title and I believe he will get that with Denver. With Ware Dallas had the worst defense.. He probably has a new spark for the game and should be an absolute monster. I just hope he retires a Cowboy in the end.

    On that note did you see the Cowboys Defense last night?!?! Wow they look just as crappy as last year. This is going to be a roller coaster season.. Might have another top 5 offense with a bottom 3 defense. Im not buying any Jerseys this year

  21. Is he serious??? Its the first pre-season game and Seattle doesn’t even have its LT, LG and trying to work a rookie in at RT along with Winston. Yesterday was pretty sloppy football overall besides Mannings TD drive.

    What I said about pass interference being a problem for weaker secondaries stand because Denver probably had 5 of those calls to Seattle one PI.

  22. Sounds like these Denver fans are working overtime to convince themselves that game meant something.

    Broncos, Preseason Champs!

  23. It’s great that the guy found a home for a team that wants to win, but the fans going crazy over his addition are … well, crazy. Motivation will only carry a 32-year-old so far, and he may enjoy blowing past a second-string offensive lineman, but he’s not going to be able to do that every down, or every game. Like Talib and Ward, he may add a little extra oomph to a defense that really doesn’t have much beyond a solid D-Line, but it won’t change the Broncs’ fortunes all that much.

  24. Looks like the broncos are on their way to the preaseason Super Bowl along with the jets

  25. The fact seahawk fans don’t realize that if their starters get hurt along the line THESE are the replacements. Obviously carroll wanted to see if they could hold up against starters and they looked AWFUL. It’s only preseason but it’s very telling of Seattle’s depth. Their new players along both offensive and defensive line have a looooong way to go. Oh I’m not a denver fan either. #DABEARS

  26. Bunch of sour pusses the fact that he ran down wilson was so easy says a lot backup LT or not he’s lucky Von Miller wasnt playing also cuz when he does its going to be worse. Seahawk fans bragged about being 9-0 preseason how they were going to blow us out again and now that they lost they wanna “its just preseason” it come week 3 when we go to seattle and take a #2 at century link they’ll still find excuses.

  27. Yes. Yes Mr. Ware. You did what they brought you in for. Except you did that against 5 back-up offensive linemen. Seattle didn’t play any of their starters on the line. Congrats to you sir. Treat yourself to an ice cream. You’ve certainly earned it.

  28. He will miss 5 games due to injury and have 8 sacks on the year. Cowboys had to move on from him. Know reason to pay him what the broncos gave him.

  29. I’m a Cowboys fan and I love D’ware. I didn’t want to see him go, but in the end would I rather have a declining D’ware who hasn’t been 100% healthy in over 2 years? Or two soon to be multi-pro bowlers in Tyron Smith, and Dez bryant? That’s a pretty easy choice for any rational person really. I am not saying D’ware won’t have a great season or anything. I hope he does get a ring, because I really believe that there is only two cowboys who deserve a ring, and that is Ware, and Witten. Dallas just couldn’t afford D’ware, and Smith, and Bryant. Beside one guy isn’t going to turn that Cowboys horrible defense around. So even if the Cowboys had kept D’ware it’s not like it really would have made a difference or anything. Us Cowboy fans know if we are going to win games this year it is going to be by outscoring our opponents. Not by stopping them. I enjoyed watching D’ware as a Cowboy, and he will forever be a Cowboy. Good luck D’ware, and can’t wait to see you retire a Cowboy and put into the Ring Of Honor.

  30. All these “those were the backup o-linemen” comments- so Ware did what he should’ve.

    For those that insist these were terrible players on that line, why did Carroll put his starting quarterback behind this line against Ware?

    By the way, Okung missed half the season last year. That’s what you have to look forward to if he’s out again, Seattle.

  31. What’s funny is all of the Seahawks fans saying “it’s only preseason”, when they celebrated like it was the Super Bowl last year when they beat the Broncos in Preseason. Seattle is dumb for even having Wilson in if all his Oline starters were resting. He was getting rag dolled out there.

  32. Ha! Dream on. I guarantee Ware will have a great year. And to all the Ware haters will eat their words. Ware has great motivation to win with Denver. He is only human and lost drive playing for Jerry Jones who is uncommitted to winning.

  33. I have to agree with you. NE & Denver are still the two best teams in the AFC however I think the Chargers may have emerged as the third best team. Rivers looks as good as ever, they’re loaded at the skilled positions, & the defense under John Pagano is on the uptick.
    1.let’s say something related to the article. Ware is just a Cowboy riding a Bronco. I wish him well.

    2. Philip Rivers didn’t play against a first string at all last night. Even the second string stopped them at the goal line last night. I’m not saying Dallas’ defense is awesome, they need a lot of work, but when they play a first string defense we’ll see how good he is. Btw I seen more running from the chargers than I did passing. just saying.

  34. Wow, you Bronco’s fans pumping your chests over a preseason win is absolutely embarrassing. What a pathetic fan base. Then to trash talk Seahawk fans trying to say that they celebrated their preseason win last year? What? That’s just BS and even if they did, it doesn’t justify you guys celebrating Ware’s performance against a 3rd string undrafted rookie. And sorry haters, but that wasn’t even Seattle’s 2nd stringers in there. It was 2nd and 3rd stringers mostly playing out of position. Oh, and Ware’s “sack”… Wilson ran right into him 6 inches behind the line of scrimmage.

    Good job, Broncos and Ware. You won. A preseason game. A game that means absolutely nothing where half of Seattle’s starters weren’t playing. I know you really really want to get over the superbowl embarrassment, but tooting your horn over a preseason win is utterly idiotic.


  35. Did he get away with being lined up offside on 75% of the plays like when he was in Dallas?

  36. Even in the first preseason game, Ware shined. Broncos fans must be excited!

    I loved Kurt Warner in the booth!

  37. Hawk fans are so funny, I know you guys have not been fan for very long and it shows by your comments, If this game meant nothing then why was you coach calling time outs with three minutes left and risk playing Russel until the end of the first half. Funny watching Pete try so hard to win a game that did not matter. Enjoy last years SB because you will never win one again.

  38. Let’s see how tough he is when he gets to the Clink on Sept. 21st…Wait, he’s been there with the Cowboys, and got shut down…

  39. Broken down old player going against guys who won’t even make the 53.

    43-8, Broncos fans. 43-8.

  40. I know it’s only preseason, but I watched most of that game last night, and it wasn’t just Demarcus Ware, but that whole Denver defense looks scary good. They looked fast and mean. I think that Superbowl definitely left a bad taste in their mouths…

  41. seahawk fans may be the most annoying for any team.. I typically have fun seeing a team make a name for themselves but seattle fans are really delusional about their team to the point that anything in articles is attacked. Fact is, I am very excited about the week 3 rematch, and I can see by denver’s pass rush, it will be interesting– Von Miller, Chris Harris back among others. Yes, that deep pass rush is going to be a real problem for the seahawks.. starters or backups.

  42. Ok lets do the Math. No starting running back, missing for starting offensive linemen, no Percy Harvin, And the Broncos played second string against the 3rd and 4th string defense of Seattle almost the entire night but WOW they are immediately the best team in football all of a sudden. Everyone needs to calm down from the fans who think Denver is much improved to the Seattle fans that think they are in trouble. Denver had ones and two playing against Seattle’s twos threes and fours .

    I will say this, Denver is in trouble because Peyton only threw very short passes all night and that wont fly later in the season.

    Seattle will miss Red Bryant the most because it took two OL to block him freeing up the rest of the defense

    But best of luck to both teams

  43. Peyton Manning is a 20+ Papa John’s franchise owner who happens to play football in his spare time. If you think he’s long for the league you are mistaken.

  44. All you Denver fans are DESPERATE to be happy football fans again. I don’t blame you for needing a reason to smile.

    However, last year at this time you would NEVER get so happy about a preseason game and would’ve scoffed at anyone who did.

    BOTH starting units failed to score on their first series and then scored a TD in their second. RWs drive was arguably more impressive at 90+ yards for the tying TD in Denver with all the CLASSLESS fans chanting “Superbowl Cheaters..clap clap clap…clap clap” I mean really? Embarrassing.

    Halftime score- Seattle 10 Denver 7

    And here you are yapping like you beat the hawks down. Leave your SECOND unit in the entire rest of the game while we work through our 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th etc…Brock O. The rest of the game? Does Denver have a 3rd string qb?

    Terrell Pryor still drove down the field at the end of the game for the game-winning score only to throw an int in the endzone for the fail. TERRELL PRYOR!!! You Denver fans were in some state at that point I bet. Imagine if Terrell Pryor beat you at home as part of the Seahawks…as if things could get worse.

    Denver fans…I am glad you are “back”.

  45. Too bad in his entire Cowboys career the only big play I remember Ware making was that sack on Brees that sealed a win. <Mostly I remember Eli making him look stupid.

  46. okay, be honest – how many of you saw the duck of a pass Peyton threw to 88 last night?

    reminded me of several he threw in the SB.

  47. lunchbox92 says:
    Aug 8, 2014 11:59 AM

    By the way, Okung missed half the season last year. That’s what you have to look forward to if he’s out again, Seattle.


    “Watch out, that same guy may get hurt again” is not really the kind of argument fans of the Broncos in general or Ware in particular want to angle for. Just sayin’.

  48. Last I checked with last night’s game was after the starters exited from both sides half way through the second quarter the score was 7-7. Big win Denver!

  49. Hawks best drive was the 90 yrdr….unfortunately almost 1/2 the yards came from Denver giving up repeated penalty yds….1st game of preseason lots of bugs to be worked out on both sides.
    Broncos look like they learned a valuable lesson in the SB though….gonna play tougher…stronger.
    Manning will be shredding D’s again.
    if the Broncos D can play with some punch…they’re as good as any team in the league.

  50. Lot of “it’s just preseason, why are you Denver fans celebrating” comments – though There aren’t a lot of comments like that from Broncos fans. This makes me wonder, why are all these Seahawks fans so hurt by a preseason loss?

  51. The man had a decent game during his first outing, received a pat on the back and now all the haters just wanna come on here and tear the man down for it. Social media is ruining the game of football. On here bickering like women about teams that don’t even know these people exist just so much fun to come on here and read all the arguing. Put down the laptops football nerds, find a woman and get a life or go back to your Dungeons and Dragons! Who the hell cares anyway season hasn’t even started yet

  52. Good win by Denver. A few thoughts.

    1 – Seattle was missing 18 players in their two deeps. 18. It included 3 LBs who started last year and the entire O line other than Sweezy. Of course it also included the Beast and Bam Bam Kam Chancellor.

    2 – Hawks starting defense was run by an undrafted rookie MLB. He did a good job too (although who knows what calls he made or didn’t).

    3 – Seattle didn’t blitz the entire first half or much at all while Denver blitzed from the start. Interesting.

    4 – The game was almost unwatchable due to the flags.

    5 – Both team’s initial scoring drives were helped by the refs.

    6 – Interesting that Denver’s DBs got called more for holding than Seattle’s DBs

    7 – Peyton apparently did not read all of your razor sharp analysis saying Sherm was lousy because he stayed as far away from him as possible.

  53. Ware is Mr August, ask cowboys fans…dude will disappear mid November and be completely invisible by December. Ask a guy who has had this guy on my fantasy team three years in a row, I always find myself looking for a OLB late in the season. This guy has no motor.

  54. Hey Bronco fans…good win! We will see you in a few weeks, when the chips are on the table! Believe me, it aint gonna look anything like it looked last nite! GO HAWKS!!

  55. KC and SD will suck this year. Most improved team is Oakland. Best team is Denver.

    Agreed, but even with Oakland’s improvement they still finish in the cellar.

  56. The real test isn’t a preseason game, DWare always does well at the beginning of the year. Maybe in a rotation he might do better through the whole year, but his pattern is to come on strong early, and then begin to fade as the season wears on and the injuries mount up. Hopefully, by not playing as much he will remain strong for the entire season.

  57. Did I just read a “Peyton stayed away from Sherman” comment? Yeah, he did, because Sherman wasn’t covering Demariyus Thomas, Peyton’s top reciever.

  58. I find it amusing that seattle fans feel the need to jump on a Ware/Broncos article to defend their team image, and make excuse after excuse…

  59. Ground Chuck says:
    Aug 8, 2014 12:11 PM
    What’s funny is all of the Seahawks fans saying “it’s only preseason”, when they celebrated like it was the Super Bowl last year when they beat the Broncos in Preseason.

    …And then we celebrated when it was the Super Bowl and we beat the Broncos…. badly.

  60. Denver fans aren’t excited about a preseason win . . . they are excited about the development of some great free agents, the return of quality starters from the IR, and the development of some exciting young players. . . people that have been following the team are happy to see progress on these fronts. Ware looked good. Yes, it was the preseason. But he looked good. So did the entire Denver pass rush.

  61. I just do not see Seattle repeating as super bowl champs. Their offense is very one dimensional they lost Rice and and Tate. Tate might be the most underrated wide receiver in the NFL they guy just doesn’t drop anything. Granted they got Harvin back, but their offense looks very one dimensional. I think they are a wild card this year only because they are in the same division as the 49ers. I can see Seattle going 11-5, 12-4 and losing a divisional tie breaker. But going to a place like Green Bay or New Orleans I cannot see them winning in the playoffs there.

  62. Seriously laughing at all the Seahawk fans writing 2 pages of explanation of how this game doesn’t mean anything.. If it doesn’t then why spend so much time blathering on?

  63. Give me a break! What Broncos fans are excited about a pre – season win? No Broncos fan posted the article! Seattle fans trying to re – write the narrative saying that Broncos fans are too excited over a game that means nothing. Speaking of re – writing narratives, they want to talk about how it wasn’t any sort accomplishment by Ware because Seattle had their “backups” in. They seem to forget 1/3 of the Broncos starters did not play in the Super Bowl, including an all – pro left tackle and an all – pro linebacker. Does that make 43-8 less impressive? I know you fans are all excited because you won and you have no tradition to fall back on, but really? Trying to make it sound like Broncos fans are excited about a pre season game to fit YOU’RE narrative? Grow up, Hawks fans!

  64. Speaking of backups, how many starters was Denver missing in the SB? Yeah seachickenpuke fans dont ever talk about that.

  65. Seattle’s great advantage in the play-offs was having home field advantage. However the home games only count for 8 wins. Should Seattle not get enough road games to secure home field throughout the playoffs it will be a difficult road to haul. Add in the fact of the dreaded super bowl hangover, and the loss of some good players, I think it will be extremely difficult to repeat. However if they do get back to the super bowl, I think they have a better than even chance of winning it.

  66. Seattle sat out 18 of their two deeps. That’s almost half of their 1s and 2s.

    That included the entire O line other than Sweezy.

    That included three starting LBs from the SB included the SB MVP. An undrafted free agent started at MLB.

    That included Bam Bam who caused Denver’s receivers to alligator arm after the first SB series.

    That included the Beast.

    Seattle didn’t blitz once in the first half while Denver blitzed on the opening Seattle drive and many times thereafter.

    Denver played their 2s the entire second half while Seattle went to their 3s and 4s.

    And even after all that, on Denver and the thin air, Denver won when a 4th string RB for the Hawks couldn’t catch what would have been the winning screen pass.

    Congrats Broncos. Congrats

  67. these donkey fans are ridiculous. Seattle had ONE OLine starter in last night.
    Ware wont last more than half the season.
    Miller wont last either, unless he gets away with a few more PED cycles
    Manning looks good – except when he hears the feet of the defense. then he panics and throws a duck.
    donks are in for a very long season, even with the new manning rules the NFL has decided to “start enforcing”

  68. Did I just read a “Peyton stayed away from Sherman” comment? Yeah, he did, because Sherman wasn’t covering Demariyus Thomas, Peyton’s top reciever

    You know where he is. Why play Thomas away from him if he’s so easy?

  69. Just wait till he gets injured for most of the season, then tell the Cowboys what a mistake they made.

    Thats all we’ve heard as Cowboys fans for the last 3-4 years from Ware….”I’m the healthiest I’ve everbeen”, then plays most of the season injured and ineffective.

  70. Ware might have been playing against inferior talent but boy did he look FAST. Fast translates into the regular season.

  71. So I come on here and see that all these Seahawk fans are saying stuff like “He was playing against 2nd and 3rd stringers… way to go.” You all are saying that Denver fans are getting excited for nothing, yet 90% of these posts are you dumb Seahawks fans trying to defend yourself!
    Nobody is saying anything, except for what the media is reporting!
    It’s also funny to see how many more Seahawk fans are on this site now… Where have you all been? As a matter of fact, where has the 12th man been all throughout these years? You guys are fair weather fans, and you just can’t even argue it.
    On the other hand Denver has had their stadium sold out for the past 30 years. Get a life! And come up with something better than “43-8” you are all a bunch of arrogant fans.
    We will see you week 3.

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