Giants lineman Eric Herman suspended four games for PEDs


The Giants were in the process of rebuilding an offensive line anyway, and now they have one fewer piece.

The league announced that offensive lineman Eric Herman was suspended four games for violating the league’s performance enhancing drug policy.

In the team-issued statement, this sounds a lot like another Adderall excuse.

“The NFL requires a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) for permission to take certain medications,” Herman said. “I have a TUE for one medication, but not another stimulant that treats the same condition. Unfortunately, a stimulant for which I don’t have a TUE was in my body, and the rules are very strict, so I am taking responsibility and I sincerely apologize to my teammates, coaches and the club. This won’t happen again, and I will spend the four weeks working hard to be ready to return to work.”

Last year’s seventh-round pick from Ohio, Herman spent most of last year on the practice squad.

He’ll still be able to practice and play in the preseason, but will be ineligible for the first four games of the regular season.

17 responses to “Giants lineman Eric Herman suspended four games for PEDs

  1. We read about this happening on almost almost every team. As a multi-billion dollar business, why don’t team trainers have the ability to test their own players to advise them to back off when they reach certain limits of a particular substance? Especially helpful if it falls outside of the approved list.

  2. As usual, some team other than the Seahawks wants to act like they don’t have a problem. Seattle dealt with their issues…still waiting on the rest of the league to catch up.

  3. I’m am far from a Giants fan, but this is just BS. 4 games??? Is this his first offense?

    Rice gets a 2 game suspension for, as the raven’s fans put it…”his wife tripped on something in the elevator, and hit herself on her own head until she knocked herself out.”

  4. Is Ray Rice going to get mentioned in the comments for every PED suspension? PED suspensions were collectively bargained by the league and the players union. It’s not solely up to the commissioner to decide upon the suspension. While Rice’s actions are more morally reprehensible, they don’t affect the game on the field. PEDs do.

  5. Hey Sherman, this is Herman from NY. Yeah I was wondering what you did to beat your PED suspension, I plan on appealing and could use some tips from a pro at beating the system. Thanks!

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