Golisano joins the bidding for the Bills


Former Buffalo Sabres owner Thomas Golisano apparently didn’t submit a non-binding expression of interest by the supposed deadline of July 29.  But that won’t stop him from potentially buying the Bills.

According to the Buffalo News, and confirmed by the Associated Press, Golisano has joined the roster of prospective buyers.  Golisano’s involvement should be regarded as good news for Bills fans, since it’s unlikely Golisano would sell the team.

A potential wild card in Golisano’s bid comes from his recent engagement to former tennis star Monica Seles, who is much younger than Golisano and who quite possibly will inherit the team if the engagement results in marriage that doesn’t end in divorce before the vows otherwise evaporate, via natural causes or otherwise.

Golisano will now participate in the meetings with members of the trust responsible for selling the team, a process that is being coordinated by Morgan Stanley, who unlike former Patriots receiver Stanley Morgan is not a person but an investment firm.  For Morgan Stanley to justify its fee (perhaps generated on an hourly basis), Morgan Stanley could be complicating that which should be fairly simple:  Name a price, identify other key terms (such as a commitment to not move the team), and wait for someone to bite.

Instead, Morgan Stanley has put in place non-binding rules about non-binding bids and other nonsensical steps that obscure what this ultimately is — an effort to maximize the price paid for an extremely valuable asset.

17 responses to “Golisano joins the bidding for the Bills

  1. Either way, like I have been predicting for years, the Bills will certainly be moving to LA. LA is a city that can actually appreciate a team and will attend games and fill up luxury boxes. I’ve been saying for years that the Bills and the citizens of Buffalo are sub par and would do everyone a favor by moving to the amazing high class utopia that is Los Angeles. We have a better way of life here and will win this fight in the end as I have been saying.

  2. This really is over and has been. Terry Pegula will be the new owner of the Buffalo Bills. The money that these other groups are putting up, Terry found the other day under his couch cushion while his fifteen maids were cleaning his house.

  3. Great so he already has a backup owner in place that might be even more competitive than even he is. I mean we saw how she plays tennis it’s brutal for everybody else, 82.98% winning career winning percentage; I think she understands how to win.

    Welcome to the game people, wild cards are both welcomed and encouraged!

  4. People are forgetting that Terry Pegula is not going into this with a business mindset. He is a true fan with deep deep pockets. He is willing to far overpay for the team to keep them in Buffalo, because he loves the city, and quite frankly just because he can. Any hardcore fan would do the same thing if they had that kind of expendable cash, and their team was under the threat of relocation. He is simply living out a real life Fantasy Football team. Terry will be the next owner, no doubt in my mind.

  5. JackedUpSports says:
    Aug 8, 2014 10:37 AM
    no one ever heard of Los Angeles Bill or Toronto Bill. He was Buffalo Bill

    No one ever heard of a Los Angeles Laker either (because LA is a desert) until the team moved there from Minnesota.

  6. “Either way, like I have been predicting for years, the Bills will certainly be moving to LA”

    I am an OC resident and don’t want to see this happen. By the way every one has been making the same lame prediction you have. However the Buffalo has a contract that keeps the team in Buffalo until atleast 2020. Logic would dictate another team is more likely to move there with out that kind of contractual restriction. Also is this

    “LA is a city that can actually appreciate a team”

    Is that why the area lost not one but two teams, this area is a USC, UCLA region. Don’t doubt that the market will get a team but it will be second fiddle to the college teams. Lets just hope you don’t lose it to a metropolis like St. Louis next time

  7. Die-Hard Bills fan here … but this isn’t quite over.

    I don’t see Golisano winning here, Pegula has more liquid assets and property in Buffalo … and oh yeah a PLAN! to make it work …

    Golisano has plans and a partner who is a developer … The developer himself may be an anchor of Distrust to kill his deal.

    Bills fans need to be most leery of the bidders we don’t know about!

  8. Everybody keep ignoring the fact that the JBJ team resubmitted a bid recently.

    You can keep running from reality but eventually, it’s going to catch up to you.

  9. “According to the Buffalo News, and confirmed by the Associated Press, Golisano has joined the roster of prospective buyers. Golisano’s involvement should be regarded as good news for Bills fans, since it’s UNLIKELY Golisano would sell the team.”

    Uh, history says otherwise. Golisano DID sell the Sabres in 2011 to current owner and fellow bidder, Pegula.

  10. And yet another reason why the Bon Jovi group will have no chance of purchasing the Bills and moving them to Toronto. Golisano has deep pockets and will keep the team in Buffalo just like Pegula. Does anyone in Toronto really still believe they will end up with the Bills? Time to move along and look for your next target. Well your waiting, support the Argonauts!

  11. No one is running from reality or ignoring the fact that Bon Jovi’s bid was FAR below the front runner and has virtually no room at all for growth. It is quite clear that JBJ’s group is out of the running. Long live the Bills in Buffalo!

  12. All the city or county or state needs to do is build a new stadium as soon as possible, and stop all this fooling around. The worrying is very, very unnecessary. If you build it, they will stay.

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