Ingram gets contract year off to a good start


The Saints decided not to pick up the fifth-year option on fourth-year first-round tailback Mark Ingram.  It means that Ingram currently is playing for a new contract, in New Orleans or somewhere else.

Ingram has gotten the preseason portion of his contract year off to a good start.  He has generated 83 yards on eight carries in the first half of Friday night’s preseason opener at St. Louis.  The effort includes a 22-yard touchdown run.

It hardly means that Ingram is destined to become the guy he was in college at Alabama, especially since the Saints prefer a revolving door at tailback.  But if Ingram makes the most of whatever reps he gets, he could be more likely to find a team in 2015 that will let him do more than what he’s been able to do in three years with the Saints.

For his career, Ingram has gained 1,462 yards on 356 carries.  He has scored 11 touchdowns.

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  1. I hope that he comes on home where he belongs!!! His Dad was a member of our ’90 SuperBowl Championship team and his tough downhill running style fits Big Blue to a T. He looked great tonight, too bad in NO he just won’t get many touches with the way they use 17 different RB’s every season.

  2. Good for him if it can translate into regular season success. I was against us drafting him from the beginning; in the manner that we did it. But I’ll eat crow if he turns it around with us. Because that’s the only way this pick will make sense for us to have re-entered the first round, to get him.

  3. Yeah I am watching that game and I was a bit surprised. I mean its just pre season so I’m not over thinking it but the Rams might get ran on a lot this year. New Coordinator Gregg Williams might need to institute a bounty system….oh wait…….sorry was that too soon?

  4. panthrobro–

    Too soon? No, your attempt at being witty and clever was about two years too late.

  5. ” the Rams might get ran on a lot this year”

    If they don’t improve, yeah.

    Seems unlikely, though. How much stock can you put in the first preseason game.

  6. Dude just needs to get on a team whose offense is predicated on padding Drew Brees’ stats and helping him chase records.

  7. While it is true that its only preseason. Ingram picked up where he left off. It wasn’t about the yardage, it was about his effort. He looked good.

  8. Alabama garbage… The preseason is like when they pad their stats against Northeastern Appaloosa state…

  9. Five years later idiots are still talking about the Bounty Program, meanwhile the saints are marching into another playoff year…

  10. tae323 says:
    Aug 9, 2014 12:13 AM
    To be fair a lot of that was against Rams 2nd and 3rd units



  11. Ingram has averaged 4.1 yards per carry in his carrier, what more can you ask for?

    Just give him the rock.

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