Jim Kelly hopes to have a role in new Bills ownership


With each passing news cycle, more is being learned about the candidates to buy the Buffalo Bills.  And folks in Buffalo undoubtedly will welcome the official involvement of beloved Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly.

According to Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, Kelly and bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach met with the trust responsible for selling the team on Thursday.  But since neither Kelly nor Gundlach has the cash to buy the team individually (the controlling owner must be able to purchase without financing 30 percent of the franchise), they want to be matched with a larger group that would have the assets to buy the team, and that would involve Kelly and Gundlach minority owners.

While plenty of potential owners may not want minority partners who hope to have a major voice in running the franchise, Kelly’s involvement will go a long way toward persuading the locals that the team won’t be moving.

So, basically, maybe the two money guys in Toronto should dump Jon Bon Jovi and sidle up to Jim Kelly.