Matt Scott plays his guts out for the Bengals (twice)

Getty Images

Quarterback Matt Scott is still a longshot to make the Bengals roster, but at least he’s leaving it all on the field in the preseason.

Via SB Nation, Scott threw up on the field twice last night, but also threw two touchdown passes and converted a two-point conversion. (Click this link only if you want to the video that might spoil your breakfast).

Scott would likely have to replace sore-armed draft pick A.J. McCarron for a roster spot with the Bengals, but he performed well, completing 7-of-11 passes for 66 yards and two scores, while rushing six times for 68 yards.

Scott missed games because of concussions in college at Arizona, and had a few issues of barfing on the field there. The hope is that he’s well, and didn’t take another shot to the head which caused the latest sickness.

Otherwise, he’s gross, but effective.