Maurkice Pouncey won’t be charged with battery on Friday

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Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald reported that Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey could be charged with misdemeanor battery as early as Friday as a result of his actions at a Miami nightclub on July 12.

Pouncey may be charged, but it won’t happen on Friday. That’s the word from State Attorney’s Office in Florida, which is charged with reviewing the evidence gathered by the Miami Beach police and determining the next course of action.

“I guarantee you there won’t be a charge today,” State Attorney’s Office spokesman Ed Griffith said, via the Herald. “We will be reviewing all of the evidence from the police, as well as any evidence presented by attorneys of the related parties.”

According to Beasley, the police feel there is enough evidence to move forward with a charge against Pouncey. The Steelers center has been accused of punching a woman, one of three victims suing Maurkice and his brother Mike, who won’t be charged, for their actions during the altercation.

29 responses to “Maurkice Pouncey won’t be charged with battery on Friday

  1. all the trash needs to be taken out… not just the smellier one

    the Pats effect on the league is going to kill it… things like these twins need to be out of the league

    all Urban Meyer players should be investigated prior to being draft eligible

  2. They aren’t the only ones, what just happened to
    Ray Rice??? Just 2 games, and it’s all ok. What a load of rubbish. All over the league players are getting in trouble, it isn’t only the Pouncy’s just look around. The 49ers, Baltimore, Cleveland, Dallas, I guess just keep going.

  3. Two ways to go with this one…

    1) Will he be charged tomorrow instead?

    2) What will he be charged with?

  4. Idiot Twins.

    I’m done with these Hernandez Clown Cohorts.

    Guilty on this one or not, it’s clearly a matter of time when you’re this stupid.

    Trading block please.

  5. Sucks for all the haters lol. They have to put that joke they’ve been saving back in their back pocket for another day

  6. Guilty on this one or not, it’s clearly a matter of time when you’re this stupid.

    Good thing you’re not a judge. You seem to be taking this way too personal.

  7. I guess there are empty saddles on a lot of Raven high horses since this report came out. Say you are sorry…after all aren’t you the fan base that wanted to wait for the video evidence?

  8. The chick’s name on twitter is like momoney or some stupid crap.

    Just another blood sucker trying to use this stupid tort system in the US to shake down people with money.

    Besides, precedent is set. If Rice (from the Baltimore Criminals) gets 2 games for knocking out his fiancee, then Pouncey should only get, what, a 1/2 game? He did not even knock her out or even drag her down the hallway. Roger, you gotta treat everyone the same, right Roger?

  9. How long does it take to gather evidence in a simple case like this?
    Rumor has it that officials haven’t been able to watch the surveillance tape because they can’t locate a VCR. Everyone’s probably just standing around looking for a VCR app on their smart phones.

  10. He won’t be charged. You know how I know? The Steelers haven’t released him. If there was even a hint of deviant behavior, the high-class Steelers would’ve got rid of him. Their track record speaks for itself – Santonio, Chris Rainey, etc.

  11. Even if he eventually gets charged, reports say it would only be a misdemeanor. That means there won’t be any suspension and it doesn’t even seem like much of a distraction. There’s really not much of a fire here for all the smoke being blown.

    Drama queens gotta drama.
    Gold diggers gotta dig.

  12. For people who read this correctly he will not be charged with battery. But what about assault. In the court of law assault is making someone be scared.

  13. My brother’s neighbor’s wife heard from her cousin in Miami (reliable source) who was talking to the plaintiff’s lawyer that police have “sufficient evidence” to charge Maurkice! You can trust this report about as much as a used Yugo car salesman.

  14. Will they plug him into the wall outlet instead? Get it? Guys? Hello? I’ll show myself out.

  15. Maurkice is the new Bones Jones. He can destroy 3 people by himself.

    Miami PD is going to charge the Steeler and let the Dolphin walk. Yeah right. This has been bogus from the beginning.

  16. Rice and now this guy.

    He needs to be suspended for 2 games too.

    I hope the Steelers don’t applaud when this woman beater walks out of the tunnel on opening day.

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