McNair didn’t think Manziel would “fit in our system”


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones may regret passing on quarterback Johnny Manziel.  Texans owner Bob McNair apparently won’t.

The Texans passed on Manziel with the first pick in the 2014 draft because, as McNair explains it, the Texans “had questions as to how well he’d fit in our system doing what we wanted to do.”

McNair knew that, with Manziel on the Texans, things would have gotten a little hectic in Houston.

“I knew with Manziel it would be a frenzy,” McNair said, via Tania Ganguli of “And probably even if he didn’t succeed at being an outstanding NFL quarterback for a couple years, the fans would have been frenzied.”

He thinks the fans will join McNair in having no regrets, if the team can rediscovery its winning ways.”If you do what’s best for the team and the team succeeds as a result of it, the fans are going to forget those other things,” McNair said.

McNair knows what it means to pass on a more popular player.  In 2006, the last time the Texans had the first overall pick, McNair’s team passed on Reggie Bush and Houston native Vince Young, taking defensive end Mario Williams.

It ended up being the right decision.  Eight years from now, we’ll know whether the Texans made the right decision again by taking linebacker Jadeveon Clowney over Manziel.

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  1. “Eight years from now, we’ll know whether the Texans made the right decision again by taking linebacker Jadeveon Clowney over Manziel.”

    Don’t you mean 8 weeks from now?

  2. That’s odd. I figured they’d get better quality coke in Houston, being on a port of the Gulf of Mexico and all.

  3. and I can’t wait to see JM, drinking wine while dancing with half of dozen hotties, in celebration of your soon to be firing for negligence.

  4. Bush played a big part in New Orleans Super Bowl
    Year. I guess winning a Super Bowl isn’t important .
    It’s a team sport seems to me bush helped New Orleans more
    Than Williams because it’s all about winning
    A championship.

  5. Given Manziel’s comments about being better in games it sounds like he doesn’t really want to fit into Cleveland’s system, either. He just wants to run around and impress everybody with his athleticism. And that’ll work great right up until he has no clue what coverage the D is in and throws a pick or gets creamed by a defender who he wasn’t fast enough to outrun.

  6. “skawh says:
    Aug 8, 2014 4:37 PM
    and I can’t wait to see JM, drinking wine while dancing with half of dozen hotties, in celebration of your soon to be firing for negligence.”

    That made absolutely no sense, at any level.

  7. While I think drafting Mario Williams was the right decision, I can’t help but wonder … Would the Texans have more than one playoff win if Reggie Bush had been on the team instead?

  8. Taking Williams over Bush made him look like a genius. Not saying Bush is not a good player. But Mario has been a force in the NFL since day 1. If Manziel or Teddy would have fell to second round, Texans would have drafted one of them.

    People hate a lot on Clowney because of last season. He was playing while injured, facing double/triple team most plays and was still a beast(stats just didn’t show it). That Texans front 7 is a nightmare for opposing coaches.

    Texans made the proper pick drafting Clowney 1st overall. That is gonna be a fun defense to watch!

  9. If they wanted Manziel it would have been right to trade down and pick up huge value in addition to getting Manziel at a lower salary cost than the 1st overall pick commands. And if they could have found other players as backup choices they liked in case they traded down too low that somebody took Manziel before them, then that still could have worked out well for them. To take Manziel #1 was never a possible choice from a pure value maximization standpoint. That would have been foolish considering all the circumstances in play. If you can’t find elite prospects by strategically paying less for them while picking up extra draft material, then you aren’t good at deal making which a good GM can appreciate.

  10. How long before the Texans get a franchise QB? 5 years, 10 years, never like some teams? Gunna need a qb to win a SB. Better hope crablegs is there next year when you pick near the top again.

  11. I thought the Texans were moving in the right direction a few years ago (Schaub playing well, Arian Foster being one of the leagues best backs, drafting Watt, etc). Now they appear to be lost and a long way from being contenders.

  12. @skawh -How is McNair the owner of the team going to be fired for negligence?? He made the right call on Johnny Eightball…good luck with that.

  13. It was the right decision this time. The spoiled brat is going to fail miserably and set an already disfunctional franchise back even further. ESPN ( who championed sports into a huge mainstream giant, only to become creators of news as opposed to reporters of), is the only reason he is a story.
    Don’t believe me? What did he win in college other than 1 game against Bama and a Heisman because 2 guys from the same team (Bama) split votes.
    Better yet what has he done in the pro’s? Gotten snaps with the first team and performed horribly.
    Yet Bob McNair is supposed to be regretful he didn’t draft him?

    Love u Florio, but you are treading into the same waters.

  14. “and I can’t wait to see JM, drinking wine while dancing with half of dozen hotties, in celebration of your soon to be firing for negligence.”

    It’s comments like this that demonstrate so well why everyone hates not only Johnny Manziel, but also his weird bro crowd pop culture worshippers.

  15. Can’t game plan for a guy who is a “gamer.”

    Manziel’s best plays are the video game ones where he runs around.

    Coaches are notorious control freaks and when the leader of your team is just “making it up as he goes along” its not their ideal situation.

  16. “fans would have been frenzied”

    You don’t say. Jacoby Jones and Trindon Holliday might have some opinions on that. Then there’s the whole buying a Matt Shaub jersey just to burn it after he (And the team) had a bad year after a good year.

  17. What they really needed was a GM with guts who would move up two lousy spots to nab Teddy Bridgewater. What a draft that would have been, Clowney and Bridgewater.

  18. Why wouldn’t any owner want Johnny Football?!?
    Look at the skills…
    He can roll a 20 dollar bill with the best of them
    He takes world class selffies
    He has a budding bromance with Bieber
    He has his ” money phone” thing going on
    He hangs with king meathead Gronk
    He’s even trademarked a nickname.
    All this and he hasn’t even played a down of regular season football.

  19. If it wasn’t so pathetically sad, it would actually be funny. Tim Couch, Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden, and now Johnny Manziel. How can Browns fans actually be optimistic? Is it any wonder that they haven’t won a playoff game in twenty years?

  20. I wonder who scored more TD’s since joining the league. Mario Williams or Reggie Bush? And…isn’t it the team with the most points that wins?

    I wonder who would have scored more points in Houston…Clowney or Manziel? I’m sure Houston will be just fine with Foster’s back problems and Fitz at the helm. GM is a genius!

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