One of Greg Hardy’s defense witnesses on sidelines at camp


When Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy talked to the media at training camp following his conviction on assault charges, there was a noticeable lack of remorse, only saying he hated being a distraction to the team, and joking with reporters for supporting him.

And rather than distance himself from the situation revolving around his assault of a former girlfriend, it keeps circling around.

Via David Newton of, in the area of the practice field reserved for family and special guests at Panthers camp yesterday was Laura Iwanicki, who testified in Hardy’s defense at his trial.

Iwanicki was a nightclub co-worker of Hardy’s former girlfriend, Nicole Holder. During the trial, Iwanicki said she was an occasional companion of Hardy’s personal assistant. She also pleaded the fifth when asked if she used cocaine with Holder the night of the assault.

She also took a photo of the futon covered with guns that Hardy was accused of throwing his girlfriend onto, and said: “I thought it was strange. I’d never seen guns like that.”

Hardy has appealed, and his jury trial is scheduled for Nov. 17.

After practice, she chatted with a number of players.

On its face, her presence there was a minor distraction — as attractive women in sundresses at a football practice occasionally will be.

But Hardy’s inability to distance himself from the situation, or even acknowledge that he might have done something untoward, makes it clear why the Panthers never even hinted at signing the franchise-tagged pass-rusher to a long-term deal before or after the arrest.

16 responses to “One of Greg Hardy’s defense witnesses on sidelines at camp

  1. With guys like this becoming more and more common in the NFL, it is becoming harder and harder to to be a fan of any team.

  2. So many of these players have ‘violence towards women’ issues. The NFL needs to get a psychiatric firm on retainer.

  3. Let’s assume he really didn’t “beat” a woman. She definitely doesn’t seem credible… he called 911 and in my opinion, the main reason he was found guilty in district court is because the judge was a woman–not because there is profound evidence suggesting that he assaulted a female. As a fan of football and justice… I stand by Hardy!

  4. Rather than paint an entire league, each situation must examined and investigated on its own set of circumstances. Professional athletes are often targets schemers that include women who will say and do anything to get paid.
    I don’t know weather Hardy is guilty or not, but he’s one individual who represents only himself.

  5. I foresee no more problems in Mr. Hardy’s future. He will have a long and storied NFL career, and will be a model citizen that everyone will view as a fine role model.

    Or maybe not.

  6. I don’t agree with hitting a woman but at the same time when I tell someone to leave my home that is what I expect. Another question I have is why were the cops not there before this happened I understand Hardy called them 10 or 15 minutes before the incident. Just pointing out that Hardy isn’t the only guilty party here.

  7. Funny how this person can testify in Hardy’s defense and yet plead the fifth when it’s convenient. I bet they weren’t even interested in charging her but that would have led to a bunch of other questions which probably would have been bad for Hardy. So this escort, who obviously is a credible witness, can lie on the stand and when she doesn’t want to answer pleads the fifth. Let’s face it….our justice system has nothing to do with justice. It’s like Carl Sandberg said over 100 years ago. A jury trial has nothing about justice. It’s about twelve people deciding who has the better lawyer. Just ask OJ.

  8. I’m not sold he actually assaulted her. I think they got into an intoxicated rage. They were probably both doing cocaine lets call that what it is. I’m not saying she’s a gold digger but well yeah she looks like a gold digger and is probably making most of this up for either money or fame or both. Or… He did it. But I doubt it. Had he punched her or choked her I’m sure there would have been visible evidence I mean he’s not a horse jockey.

  9. Shouldn’t he wait to acknowledge anything about the case specifically until after his appeal?

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