PFT Live: Browns talk with Mary Kay Cabot, PFT Planet calls and tweets


The Browns have to wait one more day to kick off their preseason schedule, but that may just serve to let the excitement build even more for Johnny Manziel’s first professional action.

While Manziel won’t start against the Lions and Brian Hoyer is expected to get all of the playing time with the starters, it’s a safe bet that the first-round pick’s play will be the most scrutinized part of the evening’s activities. Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer will join Mike Florio on Friday’s PFT Live to let us know what to expect from Manziel, Hoyer and the rest of the Browns when they play their first game with Mike Pettine as head coach.

We’ll also close the week with another round of questions from PFT Planet. Send them in on Twitter — @ProFootballTalk — or by giving a call to 888-237-5269 during the show and Florio will give you his replies.

It all gets started at noon ET and you can watch it all live right here.

9 responses to “PFT Live: Browns talk with Mary Kay Cabot, PFT Planet calls and tweets

  1. There’s way to much interest on a 53 man roster the backup QB is no better than the 26th man on the team

  2. I’m interested in anything that Mary Kay Cabot reports on, she’s always interesting. And if Ross Tucker isn’t available then somebody has to step up and deliver the news!

  3. Mary Kay Clueless: all of her reports come from reading Tony Grossi or what national reporters have offered. Nice smile, but clueless about the real aspects of NFL football.

  4. Insights from a reporter who declared last year that Seneca Wallace was the Browns franchise QB. I am amazed that so many of these media “experts” remain employed.

  5. Mary Kay is always right. Here’s why. She usually says something like “Player X may be the starter. But maybe not because Player Y has made a lot of progress.”

    Browns fans understand that she reports what team management want reported on any given day. And it can change 180 degrees on the next day.

    For some reason Cleveland sports channels use her as a contributor for their Browns programs. She is a nice person but few people understand why she’s covering the NFL.

  6. Shill for Johnny much?

    The Browns, as an organization, seem to be pushing for Manziel to start sooner rather than later. meanwhile, the players on the field, who actually see what both QBs do up close, seem to overwhelmingly support Hoyer when they’ve spoken to media.

    Translation: “We don’t care about winning- we just want to ride the wave of jer$ey $ales and ticket$ being bought because of Manziel’s media popularity, so let’s do whatever we can to get Johnny in there.”

    Mary Kay Cabot, being nothing more than a puppet for Browns brass, is trying to push that idea and plant that seed.

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