Report: Josh Brent’s meeting with Roger Goodell goes well


49ers linebacker Aldon Smith isn’t the only player who met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recently.

Josh Brent also had a meeting with Goodell this week to discuss his return to the NFL after serving a prison term as part of the intoxication manslaughter sentence handed down for the car crash that killed Brent’s former Cowboys teammate Jerry Brown.

Jean-Jacques Taylor of reports that the meeting went well, although there’s no word on whether Goodell will hand down a suspension or if Brent’s time served will take the place of additional league discipline.

If Brent gets the green light to continue his playing career, he’s expected to do so in Dallas. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that there will be a place on the Dallas roster for Brent as long as he’s cleared to return to work by Goodell. Brent played 39 games for the Cowboys between 2010 and 2012 and the team’s need for defensive line help this season has been well documented.

30 responses to “Report: Josh Brent’s meeting with Roger Goodell goes well

  1. Hey served his time and paid his dues. His bestfriend died so he has to live with that for the rest of his life. If the victim’s family forgave him then I don’t see why no one else can. second chances are given.

  2. The kid made the smart move and retired from football while dealing with his trial. Effectively, he has served a 1-year suspension as well as his court-ordered prison sentence.

    The victim’s family has forgiven him, and even given him their blessing to pursue football again (which was a thoughtful and mature decision on Brent’s part to request their approval to move forward with this).

    Let him play. He’s served his time, and he’s going to have to deal with the mistake he made for the rest of his life.

  3. It seems like it’s never the drunk guy driving who dies in these crashes. I have mixed feelings on him continuing his career. Maybe his terms should be that a percentage of his earnings go to the Brown family.

  4. Really?? Yeah, this will teach him to be more responsible in the future….drive drunk and kill someone, still get a chance to play in the league.

    Kudos Roger, you are a champion for protecting “The Shield” (HEAVY sarcasm)

  5. Didn’t he have a DUI in college as well? And talked about mistakes etc… He’s had his 2nd chance… He should be in jail

  6. cue all the JJ haters. the victims family has forgiven him and from all accounts he seems very humble and remorseful. he did his time and he has gone about it the right way. he even asked the victims family for permission to try and return to football. horrible mistake that he will have to live with the rest of his life. playing or not playing football is not going to change that. hopefully he gets to play again and keeps supporting the family.

  7. Yes. He had a DUI in college. He also tested positive twice for imbibing alcohol and/or some other illicit substance while awaiting trial for killing that dude and even tampered with the monitoring device. Yeah, he really learned his lesson. He’ll do it again only next time maybe he’ll kill an entire family.

    They should work out a deal with him that he has to get tested every week for drugs and/or alcohol and if he tests positive he’s suspended permanently and goes straight to jail. I have no more tolerance for this guy. It’s likely only a matter of WHEN he does it again, not if.

  8. Let him play. He did the crime and served his time. If the family can forgive him and he can forgive himself, no reason to punish him by taking his profession away. If a plumber does the same thing, is he prevented from being a plumber? No. Plus he has already been punished. No further punishment needed.

  9. In this day and age how people still get behind the wheel after having a few drinks is beyond me.

    Josh Brent, who seems like a nice guy, had his friend killed, and his own life ruined by such a poor decision.

    And this is not just Football Players, this is America that has this issue.

  10. As someone who usually thinks people should be able to resume their careers after paying their debt to society (e.g. Michael Vick), I’m not sure how I feel about this. I think he should at least get another year’s suspension. I mean, he killed a person.

    Speaking of forgiveness, it’s interesting to see the difference here as compared to the aforementioned Vick. Many wanted him banned for life. But Brent? Hey, he paid his dues and he feels really bad. I don’t understand.

  11. Roger’s checklist:

    1. Does he play for Kraft or Jones? If yes, then he’s good to go.

    If Brent had been a New Orleans Saint, Goodell would have suspended the entire team for a year.

  12. Mixed emotions about this. If we are all about sending a message then you do one thing. If we are all about punishment and rehabilitation of Josh Brent then you do another cause I think his remorse is genuine. I don’t envy the choices Goodell has here especially in light of the slap on the wrist Ray Rice received.

  13. The Vick comparisons simply don’t work.

    Vick consistently, for years, had a total disregard for life. He killed dogs as a sport and gambled on which would lose their life first. He denied involvement with no remorse.

    Brent made a terrible mistake of too many drinks with a friend and not calling a cab. The worst scenario happened. He was remorseful, admitted he needed help, served his time and considered the Brown family before applying for reinstatement.

    Brent’s situation can happen to ANYONE. Vick’s situation takes a cold hearted killer.

    Any questions?

  14. Thank goodness he didn’t smoke pot!

    Getting drunk (alcohol is TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE BY THE NFL) , driving and killing a teammate isn’t that bad if as long as it’s your first offense (i.e. no “pattern” of bad conduct, like multiple failed drug tests).

    Based on the Josh Gordon suspension, I think Brent should be sat down for the first half of the first game, you know, to make him really think about his actions.

    It was the very first time Brent ever was drinking and driving (wink, wink), but give him credit. At least he was smart enough not to smoke pot.

  15. the dead guy’s family gave their blessing for him to restart his career in the NFL…. because… you can’t get millions suing an unemployed football player !!

  16. Enough with the family forgave him stuff. It is as irrelevant as the argument that Ray Rice’s wife forgave him. Brent was/is practically a member of that family as I understand it so there “forgiveness” is not that remarkable.

    He killed a TEAMMATE, an NFL employee. Then, as part of his pre-trial requirements, he was told not to drink–and he violated that at least twice. Remorseful? How has he shown remorse when immediately after killing his friend, he decided to do the same thing again? He may be remorseful now, or, he has an agent that is helping him say and do the right things to better his chances of playing in the NFL (and the agent getting more pay down the road). I understand and agree with second chances but this guy has had that already. Why should he be allowed back in the league? Why now instead of later? Wait until next year, if not later.

  17. Just to play devils advocate the other guy chose to get in the car with Brent, and was also intoxicated. Not to say what Brent did is right because it absolutely isn’t but the man who died made his own mistakes that night and that is why the family has forgiven Brent. If the other guy was not drunk and asked Brent for his keys but he would not give them up and got in the car that would definately be a different story and have a whole different feel to it.

  18. The guy after having been previously convicted of dui didnt learn and killed someone driving drunk a second time and while awaiting trial he drinks again after being told he needed to maintain abstinence and yet people say he is remorseful? People get a clue.

  19. He needed treatment for alcohol abuse. And he sought such treatment after serving his sentence.

    No life should be treated any different if he killed a TEAMMATE or a pedestrian. An NFL employee, or a McDonalds worker. That shouldn’t matter. He served his time dictated by a jury of his peers and deserves to continue life afterwards.

    I pray everyone throwing stones at Brent never makes a mistake in their lives. And that you don’t encounter someone just like yourself to berate you and beat you down.

  20. If he’s reinstated this would be the third player I know of to kill someone while driving impaired and come back and play in the league.

    Leonard Little
    Dante Stallworth
    Josh Brent

  21. Of course it did. It’s not like he got caught smoking weed. All he did was kill someone. He will probably be reinstated ASAP.

  22. News flash to everyone, like the 1st comment on here, that says anything about second chances.

    THIS WAS HIS 2ND CHANCE. And he ended up killing someone.

    Wake up people, he served his time and had the right to be a free man. By no means should playing in the NFL be a right.

  23. The guy is remorseful. He made the same mistake that more than half the people on this forum have done or will do, except his mistake he has to live with for the rest of his life. He has to remember he killed his best friend. He paid the price. He did his time. Nothing he can do now to bring his friend back but he can play and dedicate the rest of his career to his friend and family. No need to punish him for the rest of his life. His mind will do that for him. He still has his life to live. He still has his God given talent and if God allowed him to stay on earth, he may as well use it.

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