Report: Maurkice Pouncey to be charged with battery, Mike Pouncey won’t be


The Pouncey brothers have maintained that they were not involved in an physical altercation at a Miami nightclub that left three people injured, but the lawyer for the trio says that Miami Beach police disagree.

Attorney Marwan Porter told Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald that police have indicated to him that Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey will be charged with misdemeanor battery as a result of his actions. Maurkice allegedly punched one of the injured parties in the face and, per the report, could be formally charged on Friday. Beasley also reports that Dolphins center Mike Pouncey is not expected to be charged.

A police spokeswoman told the Herald that a final meeting between police and prosecutors is still pending and that no charges would come until it takes place. Jeff Ostrow, the attorney for the Pounceys, said that he did not believe that an assistant state attorney had been assigned to review the case.

“Until such time, no charges can be formally filed against either of my clients,” Ostrow said. “From what we’ve discovered, the evidence supporting the battery claims is flimsy, at best.”

Ostrow added that he thought the flimsiness of the evidence would lead the authorities to pass on charging either of his clients and has previously threatened a countersuit against Porter’s clients if they sue the Pouncey brothers.

75 responses to “Report: Maurkice Pouncey to be charged with battery, Mike Pouncey won’t be

  1. These two clowns are exhausting. I was stupid enough to buy a Pouncey jersey his rookie year. It should be locked away in an evidence room.

  2. I seem to recall a number of Steelers fans making fun of all of the trouble the Ravens had this year and boasting about how classy their players are.


  3. i thought men and women were supposed to be equal in this country?

    so i guess that means pouncey should get the same 2 games rice got

    oh wait women are allowed to do whatever they want without any retaliation from a man

  4. Ok so the Cops are not going to charge the “Hometown” player but someone has to be charged.

    Man you gotta love it what is the point of laws.

    Well Mike Pouncey is still under investigation for stuff a lot more serious that a fight.


  5. I want my center to be tough and nasty. However, this is not what I had in mind. I was very disappointed the Steelers extended him. It felt like the Woodley contract all over again at the time. Well, it’s not. It’s actually proving to be worse!

  6. Hey Ravens fans don’t get smug yet. It says the LAWYER for the accusers said it, not the police. Of COURSE the lawyer for the false accusers is trying to gin up sympathy. The COPS have had problems with all of your players this off season.

  7. And as a Steelers fan, to be fair, watching that first drive against the 49ers last night didn’t make me happy. Crap, it looks like Flacco might actually be able to run that offense… who knew?

  8. But this is acceptable right Steeler fans? He was provoked and the other guy deserved it right? It is OK because it was another guy he punched in the face and a guy can take it, right? Its not like he seriously injured the other guy, it was only a minor injury (in contrast Janay wasn’t injured and was released the same night).

    The irony of this is through the roof.

  9. Does anyone realize that if the athletes that play in the NFL were held to the same sort of justice that the common man is held to, that half of the NFL would be in jail right now…..

  10. I’m sure the charges are based off of the available evidence but it still looks bad that the local guy doesn’t get charged.

  11. I am not a Journalist and I could be way off base here but wouldn’t it be prudent to wait until the Police actually charge somebody regarding this incident than taking the word of the ambulance chasing Attorney?

  12. Since 201o the Ravens lead the league in number of players arrested. Roger overlooks that though and continues to show favoritism to his team.

  13. Since the Steelers were Tebowed out of the playoffs 0 winning seasons and 0 playoff appearances since.
    I am sure this makes him so mad he wants to hit someone! hey- you mad bro?

  14. First the “Free Hernandez” lawyer claimed unequivocally that the Pouncey were in no way shape or form involved in the fight bu were mere bystanders across the room while they sipped on their milk and passed out food for the needy and poor. Now that Maurkice will be charged get ready for the second lawyer lie claiming it was self defense. Either they were involved or they weren’t.

  15. I seem to remember their lawyer threatening a countersuit against the victim because it was nothing but lies. Does that mean he’s going to sue the police now?

    On a side now, how can you tell a defense lawyer is lying (or any lawyer representing one of Meyer’s former Gator players)? His lips are moving. No different here. Move along.

  16. There nothing more convincing than a statement from the attorney of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit.

    Except…..for an actual charge being filed in the case by the police. There’s supposedly video tape of the incident which the police have viewed and still no charges.

    It couldn’t be a case of a lawyer trying to pump life into a frivolous lawsuit, could it?

    Nah! That never happens.

  17. Seems unlikely he will get charged, either way, very dumb to even been in that situation on their part. Also, does anyone actually really care that they wore “free hernandez” hats? Or is it just more fodder for trash talking?

  18. A waste of tax payer money just so an attorney can bring a civil suit. Good luck sorting out a brawl for a criminal conviction. With each side claiming to have a lot of witnesses. No doubt Pouncey will claim self defense and has a few of his friends to back that claim up…….no convictions and Marwan Porter gets to sue Pouncey. Prosecutors should have the good sense to walk away from any charges in this brawl with multiple witnesses that conflict.

  19. I wished they never gave him that silly long term deal earlier, now I feel even more strongly about it.

  20. If somebody punches you in the face the only evidence is a busted face. Eye witnesses and videos can help in a conviction but if the tape is none existent and the eyewitness do not cooperate, the only evidence left is a busted face and the individual’s account of what happened. I’ve got no idea how the he said / he said arguments plays here and in the police report but obviously somebody is lying.

    Either Mike Pouncey cleans up his act or he will be traded from Miami.

  21. BTW – Mike and Maurkice are two different people. Maurkice is being charged – Mike is not. Stop acting like they are the same person. Mike is innocent of all charges.

  22. Hard to be a Ravens fan and not pile on after all the crap from Steelers fans. Admittedly, stupid players just beg for negative comments.

    Nonetheless, reveling in your opponents misfortune is classless. I will just say hope these two boys get help. They don’t seem like good guys regardless of who they play for.

  23. if the assault took place in a night club there should have been countless witnesses…what’s with the shoddy investigation? book these turkeys…and the slime ball attorney too while you’re at it!

  24. these kids are basically trash.. very bad reflection on the league.. neither should be getting paid

    NFL needs to find a way to take out its trash

    All Urban Meyer kids should be required to undergo “assessment” before becoming draft eligible

    Get rid of both P0unceys.. they are centers for crying out loud.. not worth the aggravation

  25. Here’s some information for all of you who think Ray Rice got off easy for what he did. Theses are some other arrests for domestic violence or abuse against women by NFL players going back to 2011 and the penalties (if any) those players got:

    Carolina Panthers DE Greg Hardy: 2 misdemeanor charges of assault and threatening his ex GF: Still awaiting news of any suspension

    Tennesseee Titans DE Adewale Ojomo: arrested in a prostitution sting: No suspension

    Minnesota Vikings CF A.J. Jefferson: Arrested 1 count felony domestic assault GF: 4 game suspension

    Cincinnati Bengals CB Adam Jones arrested and jailed for hitting a woman in a club: No suspension, went on to talk at NFL rookie symposium, got this ringing endorsement: NFL senior vice president of player development Troy Vincent told NFL Network. “He’s one of the latest stories in the news for off-the-field occurrences. We support Adam. I, my staff, we believe in Adam. The last thing we want to do is turn our backs on Adam.”

    Arizona Cardinals Daryl Washington Arrested for assault of GF 1 year of supervised probation: Was not suspended at all for this, but soon after was suspended 4 games for susbtance abuse, and then a full year for substance abuse. He got a ringing endorsement from the Arizona Cardinals that they would support him in every way.

    Cleveland Browns LB Quentin Groves: arrested in prostitution sting: no suspension

    Seattle Seahawks LG Leroy Hill: Arrested 2 felony counts of domestic violence GF: Went into a pretrial diversionary program, got suspended 1 game, but was able to serve it while on IR.

    Pittsburgh Steelers RB Chris Rainey: Charged with simple battery GF: No suspension

    Cincinnati Bengals DB Robert Sands: 4th degree assault, domestic violence with wife: No suspension

    NY Jets LB Bryan Thomas:

    Jets LB Bryan Thomas was arrested back in October and charged with aggravated assault upon his wife and possession of painkillers and marijuana paraphernalia.
    Thomas allegedly pushed his wife into a chair, punched her in the stomach, and grabbed her by the neck. Police also found a Havannah hookah, a pack of ZigZag rolling papers, a box of Phillies Blunt Cigars, and six small glass vials for marijuana in addition to an unlabeled bottle containing hydrocodone. As a first-time offender, Thomas has applied for a pre-trial intervention program to resolve the charges.: No suspension

    Miami Dolphins WR Chad Johnson: Misdemeanor domestic violence for Headbutting his wife: No Suspension

    Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant: midesmeanor family violence for choking his mother: No suspension

    Seattle Seahawks OL Jarriel King: Arrested after having forceable sex with intoxicated woman: No suspension

    Green Bay Packers LB Erik Walden: Arrested on suspicion of assault of GF: No suspension, but got a 1 game suspension for headbutting Delanie Walker in a game.

    New England Patriots WE Julian Edelman: Indecent assault and battery, groping a woman under her clothing: No suspension

    Minnesota Vikings CF Crhis Cook: Arrested on charge of domestic violence: Cook and Baker started arguing during a night on the town when Baker became angry with Cook for spending too much time with a lap dancer at a strip club, and he became angry with her for texting her ex-boyfriend. The fight turned physical at his Eden Prairie townhouse in the early hours of Oct. 22. Baker suffered a perforated eardrum and lost hearing for two weeks. She also sustained a bloody nose. Prosecutors said marks found on her neck and hemorrhaging in her eye were consistent with strangulation, but a defense expert disputed those claims. Cook said he knocked Baker into a wall and slapped her in the face, but only after she threw a shoe that hit him in the head and a lamp that missed. He denied choking her or intending to hurt her.: No suspension from NFL

    Green Bay Packers Brandon Underwood: charged misdemeanor disorderly conduct after ripping necklace off wife: 2 game suspension

    Washington Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth: Indicted on misdemeanor sexual abuse of female server: No suspension, but was later suspended 4 games by the Redskins because he didn’t want to play football.

  26. Remember this kind of stuff the next time someone like Richard Sherman annoys you…guys like him may be loud…but they’re not assaulting people, defending convicted murderers or beating women.

  27. stillers213 says:
    Aug 8, 2014 10:45 AM
    Can at least one NFL team go 1 full year without some supreme act of stupidity or criminal behavior?

    No. The answer is no, they cannot.

  28. Ed Bandell, your essay’s change no one’s mind. You’re wasting your time.

    #FreeMaurkice, from the money grabbers.

    Charge the Steeler player but let the Dolphin walk. Right after he signed a contract extension. Maurkice must’ve been like an MMA fighter to do all of that damage by himself. Jeez…

  29. You know, it kills me. I can’t even imagine what was going on in Gainesville when these guys were down there along with Hernandez. I mean, these guys say they “went to college.”
    I’m not a fan of Tim Tebow the football player, but have a solid respect for Tim Tebow the man, especially after being surrounded by douchetards like these guys.
    I’m a Steelers fan and hope he does well on the line, but wow, have we gone downhill since the days of solid citizens like Swann, Franco and Jack Ham.
    Dear God, what trash

  30. every single time any other player does anything its compared to ray rice… dudes… listen… cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it
    his wife spit in his face and punched him in the grill, and then, he didnt control himself for 1/2 a second [in admittedly the worst way] and then they Both got charged & entered into abuse programs

  31. bigskull says:
    Aug 8, 2014 10:48 AM
    And as a Steelers fan, to be fair, watching that first drive against the 49ers last night didn’t make me happy. Crap, it looks like Flacco might actually be able to run that offense… who knew?

    Did they even play any defensive starters. I don’t recall seeing any. At least none of note. I don’t know how much stock you can put into that. Well it’s hard to put any stock into preseason period.

  32. As a Steelers’ fan, I was not happy about the contract extension given to Pouncey. He hasn’t played a full year yet, injury prone and quite frankly can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

    Please don’t categorize all Steelers’ fans as condoning the extracurricular activities of players who flagrantly disregard the NFL Behavior Policy or human decency.

  33. “Ed Bandell, don’t forget about that loser Santonio Holmes who hit a woman in the face with a mug because she wouldn’t get up from his seat. I don’t remember how long he was suspended because the Steelers had the decency to release him.”

    I only went back to 2011. Holmes’ incident happened in 2010. He was never suspended for that, but was suspended for substance abuse violations. He also wasn’t released. Your team traded him to the Jets for a 5th round pick. Please don’t try to act like they took some high road approach.

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