Rex Ryan: In Geno and Vick, Jets have “two excellent quarterbacks”


When he chooses between Geno Smith and Michael Vick to be his starting quarterback for the regular season, Jets coach Rex Ryan says he can’t go wrong.

That’s because Ryan believes both Smith and Vick are excellent options.

“We’ll just let this thing play out,” coach Rex Ryan said. “It’s our first preseason game. Obviously, we know we have two excellent quarterbacks.”

Smith is the current starter and the favorite to win the job, but Vick hinted after the preseason opener that he might get some playing time as a change-of-pace quarterback. Vick is the best running quarterback in NFL history, and even at age 34 he’s still fast enough to make plenty of plays with his feet. So it might make sense for the Jets to put Vick on the field occasionally, if for no other reason than to to give opposing defenses one more thing to worry about.

But Ryan added that he saw no reason for Smith to lose his hold on the No. 1 spot in the quarterback competition.

“I thought Geno played extremely well,” Ryan said. “He had a few throwaways. I thought he did a great job stepping up in the pocket a few times and protecting the ball.”

Either way, Ryan will be happy with his quarterback.