Richie Incognito says his agent has “had some nibbles”


Richie Incognito, the guard who was suspended by the Dolphins last season for bullying teammate Jonathan Martin, wants back in the NFL. And he claims there is some interest around the league.

Incognito told USA Today that his agent is looking for opportunities and “we’ve had some nibbles.”

But Incognito wouldn’t say which teams those nibbles have come from, nor would he say anything else.

“I’m not talking until I get picked up,” said Incognito. “I’m standing pat on that.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that Incognito “has been very responsive” to the NFL’s request that he go through a program apparently designed to make sure he understands that bullying teammates is unacceptable. Goodell’s comments suggest that Incognito may not face any further discipline if he returns to the NFL. Now Incognito just needs some team to do more than nibble, and sign him to a contract.

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  1. He should have every right to earn his spot back onto an NFL roster. Richie delete the twitter and never do or say anything stupid, the league will accept you back.

  2. He’ll play. Before the preseason is over some team will get desperate enough and he is still a good lineman.

  3. Aside from reputation problems, Cognito is still a premier OG IMO. I for one would not ind seeing him hook up with Oakland. They are building a new power line and his skills would be helpful. Reggie McKenzie also has the cap room and dollars available to sign Incognito. The only real question will be how RM views Incognito’s character profile.

  4. We’ll take him in ATL. No way his comeback is a worse horror story than what we’ve seen (Vick, Petrino, Eugene Robinson arrested night before ’98 SB)

  5. Colts need to sign him. Already lost LG Thomas for the year and depth is decimated. Grigson gives second chances with zero tolerance (see Chris Rainey). I would bet Incognito would NOT be a problem. Worth a shot.

  6. Dude was the scape goat for Martin, it was pretty clear that with Martin’s mom’s background as a lawyer she advised him to do this on purpose so he could leave the team and go back to Cali.

    There are far worse people in the nfl, most players stick up for Richie, wish he was back on that dolphins o line, but he will be a good player for any team who picks him up.

  7. A nasty NFL OFfensive lineman .. oh no … what ever will we do with him?

    Buffalo .. please take a stab at him .. OT/OL draft picks from 2014 look terrible.

  8. I think he’d be great playing on the line with Mankins in NE. That would be a line with some attitude. After seeing how the line played last night I wouldn’t mind that at all.

  9. I met him at a resort a couple years back and can say without any sarcasm that he was the nicest person we talked to all weekend. There were no cameras running and he could’ve been as big of a jerk as he wanted to be. The people in our group who don’t follow football were absolutely shocked that he had one of the worst reputations in a league full of guys with bad reputations. The point of this is that he’s probably a little more complex than the one-dimensional bully he’s been made out to be.

  10. From a talent standpoint you could do worse than him if trying to sign a lineman. From a personality and distraction standpoint you could no worse.

  11. If the Colts GM knew what was good for them, he would have signed Incognito to a vet minimum deal in the spring.

    1. They need interior line help, even more so after losing their startig C and backup G.

    2. They also need toughness and a little nasty, especially along the interior of the oline.

    3. They have a rock-solid locker room with Luck and Pagano.

    I also don’t think Incognito will cause any problems this year. He knows what it feels like to have it taken from him, and he knows he’s on his last chance.

  12. Not going to happen. How many chances has this guy had already? Look up his history in college, then with the Rams, then with the Bills, and then the crap he pulled in Miami. Sorry dude, you’ve made your own bed, now sleep in it, or bash it to prices with a baseball bat, whatever.

  13. I’m sorry Richie. I’m so sorry this country has become such a PC freakshow that you didn’t have a chair when the music stopped and got to be the whipping boy. I really, truly am.

  14. Some O line gets hard up enough and they will take him for the rest of the year like we did in Buffalo a few years back…but just like in buffalo…he wont be kept…..

  15. Biggest impediment to signing with the Colts is that Incognito got tub out of Miami because of the way he treated a former teammate/player of Luck, Fleener, Whalen, and Pep Hamilton.

    I can’t imagine that would be an accepting lockerroom.

  16. I would guess the Pats or Colts will pick him up, but I wish the Chargers would pick him up and throw him in the mix. Only because I live in San Diego and I’d like to see the media reports on him every day. I mean, San Diego Media such as it is, the “suck-ups to ownership.”

  17. Now now Ritchie… you should know better. Had you done something forgivable like beat your wife unconscious or kill a man outside a night club and hide the suit, we could talk about another chance. But you did the unthinkable. You bullied another 300+ lbs lineman who shouldn’t even be capable of being bullied because he’s a freakin’ 300+ lbs. NFL lineman! Inexcusable!!!

    I hope you come to Oakland… we embrace the gritty

  18. There are far worse people in the nfl,.

    scmem07 is correct: just look at Ray Rice. Richie only picked on men his same size. Ray only picks on helpless women! (Come to think of it, they are his same size too)!

  19. I have seen many posts talking about Richie is a top level guard and this or that team should sign him. But ask yourself this …. Why has Richie been with so many teams if he’s so good. Does he have talent no doubt, but so did t.o. and Chad ochocinco, the problem is their no worth the headache the billion dollar franchises want to deal with.

  20. we need him here in Tampa. give him a chance. there’s a lot of players with a lot worse baggage than his playing right now.

  21. 49ers aren’t an option considering Martin is on their squad (at least for now) but the guys is a horrible player. 4th play of the game last night he falls flat on this face and misses a block and the rb gets stuffed for no gain on 3rd and 1. Ugghhh. With Boone holding out they could def use a guard like Incognito but they’d have to get rid of Martin first. Stranger things have happened …..

  22. I still don’t understand how you bully an NFL lineman by sending them stupid tweets and text messages. By that standard I actively bully most of the Jets starting OL.

  23. So he’s learned to keep his mouth shut. Unless he gets back into football. Better he stay out and we don’t hear from him again.

  24. Amazing how society wants their 300 LB+ linemen to be all cordial, polite, and sweet. Not me, I want my linemen to be angry, mean, and filthy! Until he punches a woman, I’m good with Richie. He probably won’t get a job because of the emasculated PC world we live in.

  25. fumblenuts says:
    Aug 8, 2014 4:01 PM
    Not many will get this.

  26. So 31 other teams with 90 man rosters did not extend a camp invite? Ok Richie, whatever. Just keep buying those Ferraris..

  27. We could use a bully complete the 3 ring circus in NY that everyone seems to think we have. We have a dog killer, a foot fetish freak, and a bully would complete the show. If not him, maybe STL will cut Sam so we can pick him up.

  28. The Seahawks won the Super Bowl last year. Who were their guards?

    Incognito is not worth the headache for a position where you can plug and play most of the time.

  29. Damn this richie article got some serious clicks and responses. On that note, I hope the saints bring him in and put him on a shirt leash. Kari Evans and Ben grubs are both banged up already. Pay the dude league minimum and let him earn a roster spot and a new contract.

  30. Falcons should sign him just so Hard Knocks has another story line.

    Would like to see him in Raider camp if he really wants a chance at a job.

  31. Perhaps he had the wrong league, was it the Cleveland Mudheads of the Imperial Indoor Football League? A little cut on the pay – $200.50 cent a game + unlimited eats game day at the Golden Coral – he’ll take it!

  32. Packers should pick him up, with the luck they have with injuries they are bound to have someone else go down on the o-line.

  33. Jonathan Martin is a punk. Forced his way out of Miami because I wanted to go back home and threw his teammates under the bus in the process.

    Incognito is no choir boy but there are plenty of NFL players who have done far worse and got second chances. Not to mention the guy has passion for the game and a ton of heart. If you ask me I’d rather have a guy on my team that will run through a wall for me rather than some crybaby like Martin or a guy who just collects a check and doesn’t give me 100% on the field.

    Richie will get one more shot, hopefully he realized it’s likely his last shot and makes the most of it

  34. I can see Belichick picking him up. New England Patriots are an elite team that would know how to keep Richie out of trouble and extract value. If he has any gas left in the tank, he could add some experience in Foxboro.
    He would probably appreciate the opportunity to protect Tom Brady and win a Super Bowl.

  35. Not sure how that one chick, what’s her name? Jon Martin is playing and this dude isn’t? Sometimes talent doesn’t matter I guess.

  36. I’m not a GM but if I were I would certainly sign him as he is certainly a better player than 3/4 of the guards currently on NFL Rosters. You know he gives 110% and was well liked by the rest of the team including Martin if memory serves well.

  37. I cant believe no one has signed this guy. All the talk about the crap that happened in MIA has died off finally, he still still play well and you can probably get him on the cheap. I dont get it.

  38. Not one team since Nebraska hung onto him. But maybe your team will be different. Idiots.
    As good as they are the Pat’s have drank their own koolade when it comes to thinking they can make something out of a guys others couldn’t, especially attitude guys like Haynesworth. My guess they take a run at Richie and, about 3 months in when Richie starts to run his own show (and mouth) in bean town, Belichek will drop him.
    Or maybe Richie has changed.
    It’s a team sport, not Tennis.

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