Tharold Simon ejected for punch as Seahawks-Broncos becomes a flag fest

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The preseason edition of the rematch of Super Bowl XLVIII between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks has become a bit ugly at times with flags frequently flying and a player ejected.

Seahawks cornerback Tharold Simon was ejected in the third quarter for striking a Denver player after a touchdown run by Kapri Bibbs.

Bibbs fumbled on the play after crossing the plane of the goal line, but the loose ball led to a scrum with several players fighting for the ball. Simon seemingly took offense to Gerell Robinson trying to get into the pile late and pulled him from the fray, which led to shoving back and forth before Simon delivered a somewhat innocuous blow to the Robinson’s face.

Simon was immediately flagged and ejected by the officiating crew. It was Simon’s first NFL game experience of any kind after spending his entire rookie season unable to participate due to injuries.

It was one of many flags thrown so far in the game.

Through three quarters, the two teams had combined for 20 penalties for 196 yards. Included in the total number of penalties have been an unnecessary roughness, a taunting penalty, a chop block and a facemask, in addition to holdings, procedural calls and pass interference penalties.

Despite the focus on Seattle’s secondary and wondering if they could adapt to the changes in emphasis regarding illegal contract and holding on defense, it’s actually been the Broncos that have struggled the most with those fouls.

Even though it’s only preseason, these teams certainly don’t seem to want to get along.

Denver leads Seattle 14-13 through three quarters.

41 responses to “Tharold Simon ejected for punch as Seahawks-Broncos becomes a flag fest

  1. Wow. Glad I can get here before all the sour Vikings fans bash the Seahawks for dominating the Super Bowl last season w some guys who they didnt steal but the Vikings thought they were better off without. … of who reached his dream and retired (Sidney Rice)…..something the Vikings have NEVER done despite the division titles Pftpoet loves to point out.
    Despite how pathetic these penalties were in the preseason at least the Broncos have a great Qb and respectable knowledgeable fans.

  2. I think the refs can look forward to tons of flags being thrown when teams play the Seahawks this year; I am not debating whether it was right or wrong, I am simply stating that last year Seattle was always the most physical team on the field. Teams they face this year plan on playing the game the way the Seahawks did.

  3. Names that probably wont make the roster, let them have their moment. Preseason sucks, good for 1 min watching as long as starters are in.

  4. Just finished watching the entire game – it was not testy at all. Not sure who you spoke to Curtis but you obviously did not watch yourself. The Simon play was the only play in the game that could be classified as ugly and it actually wasn’t that bad. Tons of flags yes but at no point did it “become a bit ugly” any more than a normal NFL game.

  5. It was a butt-ugly start to the exhibition season, from the long lightning delay to the ugly performance by our second-unit offensive linemen. At times, we looked like the Minnesota Vikings starters out there.

  6. Yeah the broncos are screwed come week 3 . Playing Seattle in Seattle with the other half of the team actually playing and beast mode with all starting wrs spells trouble .

    Denver did live the ball decent though even if they held out a few players they still did a decent job going at Maxwell . I have a feeling the Seahawks will be amped and dominate once again with physicality . But that’s a little homerism in me . Glad for the most part everyone came out injury free .

  7. The Denver D really made seattles offense look like they’re in trouble. The first team only scored because of all the flags Denver’s D committed that drive… and not-so-great calls either. Seattle fans should be nervous about defending their title this year, simple as that.

  8. Passion and team loyalty are admirable traits, but you’ve got to keep your head on straight when you’re surrounded by referees and cameras.

    Going to be a long, awkward trip home, Simon, just gut it out, learn from it and have a great practice this week; you’ll have your chance to make up for this screw-up.

  9. Illegal contact calls when DBs merely are touching the hip of the receiver, as they should be.

    I won’t watch NFL games anymore if they truly do not allow DBs or LBs to touch receivers. There’s a difference between contact and illegal contact, Goodell shouldn’t get that twisted.

  10. I for one am glad the Seahawks won the Super Bowl, so we don’t have to listen to their fans cry about the refs for 8 more years.

  11. “We are embracing the new defensive holding and interference rules!” – Richard Sherman and the legion of boom

    Yeah, doing a real good job embracing that!

  12. I hope a WR torches Sherman this year. I also hope this said receiver goes on to call Sherman a mediocre DB throughout the whole season. That wouldn’t be obnoxious or anything.

  13. Word has it Peyton Manning demanded the Lombardi Trophy be sent from Seattle to Denver immediately because “We won it back, just like a title belt.”

  14. The hissing sound you are hearing from the great Northwest is the air escaping from the Seahawks inflated heads.


    Get used to it Seattle !!!!!!!

    One – And – Done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Stinker of a game. Hawks have a few things to patch up, not the least of which is the O line. I liked what I saw with em tho, for the most part. Denver looks improved, or at least healthier, on a couple fronts. Hard to tell – I might have seen more but all those flags were blocking the view.

  16. From listening to the Bronco TV announcing team, that game apparently made up for losing the Super Bowl by five touchdowns.

  17. The game was a flag fest for sure, and both teams had guys held out making it not a true head to head challenge. It was however, more than just a pre-season game. Both teams were playing fast and hitting harder than you typically see pre-season.

    I don’t want to hear ‘vanilla defense’ BS, cause the Broncos are also using a ‘vanilla offense’ in pre-season.

    Denver had to win the first quarter, starters to starters and they did it handily. The lightening delay was the only thing that saved Seattle from a 2 TD gap by half time. Once the delay was over both teams were playing at a lower level, adrenaline wears off and does not come back the same after 45 minutes of delay.

    This game in now way made up for a horrid SB showing last year, but it did show the league and Seattle that Denver isn’t the same team this year and you had better not look past them.

    I am looking forward to DEN in SEA more than any other game on the schedule. If we’re really lucky both teams will be undefeated when DEN heads in.

  18. I have no dog in this fight but the donkeys are a classless bunch, led by a sore loser, choker of a qb and people just soak up this guy’s “aw shucks” act. 43 – 8

  19. Hysterical how many Denver fans think winning in the preseason matters, or that playing the hawks with less than 5 offensive starters on the field (and still getting a TD scored) will matter at all in September. The best part was watching the legion of boom rule only work in Seattle’s favor. Anybody count how many times we were called for PI? And we still managed a pick. Looking forward to a very competitive season.

  20. Haha, settle down Bronco fans. It was the first preseason game. Seattle was playing about half of its starters and both teams were running vanilla schemes. This was a hardly any indication of what to expect in the regular season.

  21. The seahawks looked scared? Uhhh. First, why would they be scared? Honestly? Second, they werent, they were just bored and KNOW ITS PRESEASON. The Denver players were all jacked up after routine tackles after 5 yard gains, etc. They held, PI, illegal contact, etc, they were dead set on winning this meaningless game. Kudos i guess…

  22. Lets just face it…. Seahawks fans are mad because the Broncos played physical footbal and the Denver 1’s beat Seattles 1’s ! seattle can say they dont have their starters but Denver Didnt use some of their defensive starters either! Seattle is mad!!!! hahah

  23. Seattle sat out 18 of their two deeps. That’s almost half of their 1s and 2s.

    That included the entire O line other than Sweezy.

    That included three starting LBs from the SB included the SB MVP. An undrafted free agent started at MLB.

    That included Bam Bam who caused Denver’s receivers to alligator arm after the first SB series.

    That included the Beast.

    Seattle didn’t blitz once in the first half while Denver blitzed on the opening Seattle drive and many times thereafter.

    Denver played their 2s the entire second half while Seattle went to their 3s and 4s.

    And even after all that, on Denver and the thin air, Denver won when a 4th string RB for the Hawks couldn’t catch what would have been the winning screen pass.

    Congrats Broncos. Congrats.

  24. “Lets just face it…. Seahawks fans are mad because the Broncos played physical footbal and the Denver 1’s beat Seattles 1’s ! “…

    You do know this was a preseason game and the first teams played only the first quarter. It’s not like a certain game that happened back in February that was just slightly more important.

  25. Not a Denver fan but I am a shehawk hater, I live in Seattle, biggest bandwagon city in sports. As soon as they’re back to 8-8 or 7-9 and it might take 2 years or 10 either way Microsoft will be back to buying tickets to prevent blackouts…

  26. LOL, these comments from Bronco fans are priceless. The best part is all the Bronco fans who didn’t even realize Seattle didn’t have the 1’s in all game. No starters on the OL, no Harvin, no Lynch, none of the starting LBs, etc.

    They’re going to head into Seattle talking smack and all high on a 4th quarter win by their 2’s against our 4’s, and suddenly realize that whole physical thing wasn’t just a one-time occurrence.

    It’s all good. Keep talkin. Just makes it that much sweeter when you limp out of the Clink with a big fat L on your heads. Ha ha ha ha!!


  27. A win is a win a loss is a loss. Seattle fans always have an excuse for losing! Take the loss and eat it! Denver did. You don’t hear them crying about losing. They took the loss and made adjustments. Learn something!

  28. All these Seahawks fans are busy crowing about this being preseason… I remember the trash talk last year about how the Seatrolls won the preseason so they will win the super bowl… Even when every intelligent fan base told them they were overreacting. I think this is preseason and has no use… But I love how much the seatrolls changed their tune on this thread! Normally I would not care but for these Dbags its worth telling them their last offseason better be worth it cause there sure won’t be a repeat this year!

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