Bill Belichick loves new technology, but only if it works


Patriots coach Bill Belichick’s sideline VCR clock is still reading 12:00.

The new tablet computers that the league has introduced this year could be beneficial to coaches on the sidelines, but only if they work properly.

That was an issue for Belichick during Thursday’s game at Washington, since a bad network connection kept his from working properly.

“The tablets have the ability to hold all the pictures in one tablet so you can kind of scroll through them. It’s certainly much more concise and I would say the quality of the tablets is good, the clarity of the pictures and all that is good, better than what we had,” Belichick said, via Erik Frenz of “The issues are those are wireless tablets down on the field, and so if the wireless — or Wi-Fi — isn’t connected or isn’t working or something happens, then you’ve got nothing. You’ve got zero. So that happened in our game, and it’s happened in other games from my understanding of talking to other people that have been involved.”

Belichick said he’s not the only one experiencing problems with the new technology.

“In the press box they’re good, on the field, they haven’t — to my knowledge, I don’t have a big sample here but with the people that I’ve talked to — there haven’t been a lot of instances where they’ve functioned for the entirety of the game,” he said. “At some point, they were down and they came back. I think there are some plusses to them, I think there are some things that we need to get used to in terms of using the product. . . .

“It’s really no new information, it’s not like we’re getting a new picture or a new view or a new anything we haven’t seen before. I’d just say the way that it comes on the tablets and it’s all together and easier to access is the plus side of it, and I’d say so far, overall, being able to count on it being all connected and working right is an issue we’re working through.”

Considering the Patriots’ history, it’s unlikely Belichick will find much sympathy with his signal suddenly going down.

So if he wants to talk about it more, he’ll just have to update his MyFace page.

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  1. I don’t think he was looking for any “sympathy” .. a reporter asked him a question and he answered it. .. ohyeah’ .. folks still upset because Pats broke a league wide memo asking them to stop videotaping coaches tapping their bellies and rubbing there visors from outside the designated taping area (coaches box) .. Let it go people.. it was the most overblown situation in the history of pro sports.. NYC media machine on full throttle during Spygate. ..and all the fools bought into it.

  2. New technology for Belicheat to manipulate to see what the other team is doing. He plays dumb, but he knew when and where the Redskins were running, throwing and farting on Thursday nite.
    Wi-Figate in 3,2,1,,,,,,,

  3. This is easy to solve – have wifi broadcast points on the field – redundant networks required for each game – maybe three or four access points per team (each team gets own dedicated access points). That way if there is any wireless that is not working, the team could switch to a better one during the game.

  4. “bill belichick loves new technology”

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    TRANSLATION: belichick and the patriots coaching staff hired a super-nerd from M.I.T. to hack all opponent’s iPads

  5. The greatest coach doesn’t need dysfunctional tablets on the sideline. He watches the game and knows what he sees.
    Not a pretty start the other night but he was just looking at the backup’s backups. There is a player named Brady who can make a bit of a difference.
    At a bare minimum we’re looking at a 13 – 3 season, even without the help of tablets.

  6. The NFL is makes billions of dollars yet their technology blows. This is one of the reasons more people are staying away from the Stadiums. The Stadium experience is a joke from a technology standpoint. When you can’t even text or get an Internet connection in the Stadium that’s a problem.

    I mean why would you even roll out these tablets for coaches to use if they don’t work properly. Instead of worrying about fining players Goodell why don’t you fix your technology problems.

  7. To be fair, the tech he was referring to allowed him to dial into all of the opposing team’s headsets and hear every play then coordinating it with what he had already recorded from a hovering drone during the other team’s practices…



  8. Most of the Patriot haters that talk about “SPYGATE” on a regular basis have NO IDEA what it was about, or the time table in question. It’s funny to me that they think it was cheating, or in anyway,
    negates the Pats 3 rings… Here is a history lesson for you so the next time you want to talk about “SPYGATE”, you actually know what happened!

    “SPYGATE” is in the reference to the illegal taping of defensive signals from the sidelines, for viewing AFTER THE GAME, which was deemed against the rules back in 2006.

    This new rule was established in a memo from Roger Goodell’s office and sent to ALL teams in the NFL. Not just the Pats… Let me repeat… This memo was sent to ALL TEAMS IN THE NFL…

    The reason being is because “SPYGATE” had likely been done by several teams in the NFL for DECADES, and NO WHERE IN THE RULE BOOK did it say it couldn’t be done.

    The rules clearly stated that you couldn’t tape from the sidelines t use that information for assistance DURING the game. It said NOTHING ABOUT TAPING FROM THE SIDELINES TO REVIEW THAT INFORMATION AFTER THE GAME. Which is EXACTLY what we are talking about!

    With that being said, the actual “SPYGATE” controversy is about the Patriots continuing to tape these signals from the date the memo was sent out in 2006, to their 2007 season opener against the Jets on 9/9/2007.

    Anytime, before this memo in 2006, including their 3 Super Bowl titles, IS NOT WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT.

    What is in question is the 2007 preseason and the 2007 season opener against the Jets. THAT IS ALL,, So if you want to call the Pats cheaters during that 1 year time frame, but all means. They were CHEATERS. Too bad for your hater narrative, all of the Pats 3 rings were won before 2006. So what they were doing at that time WAS NOT CHEATING!

    Fox NFL Sunday, September 16, 2007.

    Former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson said, “This is exactly how I was told to do it 18 years ago by a Kansas City Chiefs scout. I tried it, but I didn’t think it helped us.” Johnson also said, “Bill Belichick was wrong because he videotaped signals after a memo was sent out to all of the teams saying not to do it. But what irritates me is hearing some reactions from players and coaches. These players don’t know what their coaches are doing. And some of the coaches have selective amnesia because I know for a fact there were various teams doing this. That’s why the memo was sent to everybody.”

    Oh also, as for the AFC East being a cake walk, do some real research before ya’ll spout off looking and sounding totally clueless, and a mere make believe football fan

    Winning percentage per division since 2002:

    AFC East: .525
    NFC East: .518
    NFC South: .515
    AFC South: .512
    AFC North: .509
    AFC West: .488
    NFC North: .480
    NFC West: .453

    So deal with it, most successful NFL franchise in over a decade. The funny thing with these blogs are the ones that complain the most have never even been in sniffing distance of a championship.
    PS. I am not a Pats fan, just a fan of football period….

  9. Most WiFi networks run in the 2.4 or 5.8 Ghz ranges. What’s to stop any opposing team from planting a “fan” a few rows back of the other sideline with a pocket WiFi jammer? Tablets would be rendered useless for instant photo updates from upstairs. And yes, flame the Pats all you want, but all teams partake in covert ops.

  10. I love how Pats fans ALWAYS try to rationalize SPYGATE!!! You can put up all those figures and quotes all you want…… THEY CHEATED and it was actually covered up more than you know!!! Hello….Goodell (Kraft’s hire) destroyed the tapes!Who cares about what Jimmy Johnson said…… he called you cheaters way before SPYGATE when the Pats were stealing signals in a 1997 game!

  11. “I mean why would you even roll out these tablets for coaches to use if they don’t work properly. Instead of worrying about fining players Goodell why don’t you fix your technology problems.”


    Totally agree! They need to pull Jake from IT out of those meetings about player conduct and get him back into the datacenter!

  12. Bill’s initial concern over using tablets was the weight. When he found out they weren’t made of stone with inscriptions carved in them, he was quite relieved. But these ones are harder to get the hang of.

  13. If only there was some cell carrier to provide 4g connectivity along with Wi-fi. Oh well, scrap the tablet idea.

  14. he recorded opposing team practices

    Tell a lie loud enough and long enough, and fools will eventually believe it.

  15. I think Belichick is trying to send out espionage tablets to various teams to acquire their data and plays. It only makes sense when you look at what he’s about.

  16. I have no idea why the NFL cannot properly set up a WiFi network. A 12-year-old could fix this.

  17. @ skleech22

    You are simply ignorant of the rules and the culture of the league.

    Bill Cowher called Belichick guilty of arrogance not video taping. I concur. That means I agree.

  18. The Patriots won 69.3 percent of their games while they were presumably taping signals; they have won 75.6 percent of games since they were forced to stop.

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