Blake Bortles making Jaguars think about his timetable

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So far, the Jaguars have insisted they don’t want to push rookie quarterback Blake Bortles out there before he’s ready.

But coach Gus Bradley did leave the door open after the third-overall pick turned in an impressive debut last night.

The original plan was to let Chad Henne take all the work with the first offense until the fourth preseason game, but Bradley hedged on that last night.

“We’ll keep evaluating it,” Bradley said, via Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union. We’ll see how it progresses — we’ll see how the fourth game goes. It could happen earlier, depending on how things go.”

That’s all a fan base needs to hear to whip itself into a lather, but Bortles himself wanted to take things slowly after his 7-of-11 for 117 yard performance (which included three dropped passes).

“I thought it was all right,” Bortles said. “It’s a process and it’s not going to happen overnight so there were some good reads and some bad reads, some good footwork and some bad footwork. It’s stuff I’ll continue to work on.”

Chad Henne’s just fine, and the Jaguars have maintained he was the starter. But that’s more about protecting Bortles and making sure he has time to develop properly than anything Henne himself has done to deserve the nod.

But the way Bortles played Friday night certainly appears to have given them something to think about.

24 responses to “Blake Bortles making Jaguars think about his timetable

  1. I know it’s only preseason but in his first live action Bortles looked like a six year veteran.

  2. @joeflacco,

    That may be true. However they’re all on rookie contracts. What’s the excuse for Baltimore’s crappy qb making $100+ million?

    Take my chances with bottles any day over what I know I’d get with the unibrow.

  3. As of last night watching the game, I say start the man!! We’ve finally hit a home run with getting our QB. Haven’t had a good one since brunell & garrard was pretty good too. But that O-line needs some work still, so I say start bortles when the line gets acclimated cause henne is well…henne. & jags fans know what that means. Either way, the buzz around DUVAL is exciting again & it’s a great time to be a Jags fan!! We’ll definitely be playoff contenders every year starting by 2015, but who knows, the AFC south is so bad, we can probably sneak a WC 🙂

  4. The Jags got a franchise QB. That dude is gonna be good. But they don’t need to screw it up. Take it slow, it’s not like they’re winning the Superbowl this season.

  5. I really hope this guy is as good as he seems to be. It’ll make the AFC South a really fun division for a decade plus. Luck/Bortles clashing head to head 2 times a season, plus throw in whoever the Texans will likely draft in the first round next year (Mariota/Winston?) and it’ll be a good time all around.

  6. I like Bortles but in order to be successful in this league he has got to shorten his release. He winds up almost as bad as byron leftwich. He drops the ball all the way down to his waist before throwing. That is going to lead to a lot of picks against first team NFL defenses.

  7. It was against 2nd stringers. The Jags are 100% correct in not getting ahead of themselves. Bortles will be good, but in time.

  8. It was against 2nd stringers that is true…also had a crappy 2nd string offensive blocking for him and with all their suspensions and injuries to WR he was throwing to 4th and 5th string UDFA receivers

  9. If there’s a single rookie QB whose ready for game one of the season that will be Bortles…remember you heard it here first!

  10. He looked pretty good last night. The only thing I question may be arm strength. I didn’t see any lasers but that may be by design. It just seemed like a few balls kinda floated in there (although the accuracy was good). I can’t say start him based on this but it does appear that the Jags may have found their long-term QB (assuming he progresses the average level). He was the most competent looking QB in that game

  11. Don’t know FinFan what you were watching…. I saw several well thrown down the field passes, a couple that were dropped.. Reminded some of us of Byron on the longer passes but he had touch for the shorter balls which BL never did.. He also stood tall in the pocket which our last 1st round QB never did….

  12. Brandon Weeden looked good, too. Bortles might become good eventually, but let’s pump the brakes a little bit, it’s still the preseason.

  13. Rookie hasn’t even seen how Defenses will morph as he steps under center. So far, so good.

    Read where Russell Wilson didn’t take 1st team snaps until the 3rd preseason game.

    If Bortles earns it, over a “functional” Henne, gotta let the kid drive the car. [/covers eyes]

  14. Uh, settle down kids. No controversy here. One or two series against 2’s and 3’s? He may be good to great, I sure hope so, but I’m not going to call for him to start against Philly on week one.

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