Cardinals offense gets off to blazing start


The Cardinals defense carried a lot of the load on the way to 10 wins last season, but their offense’s first showing of the preseason suggests they’d like to change things around this season.

Carson Palmer completed all five of his passes on the opening drive, piling up 84 yards and a touchdown to Larry Fitzgerald that made a strong opening statement. Arizona got catches from tight end Rob Housler and wide receivers John and Jaron Brown (playing in place of Michael Floyd and Ted Ginn) on a drive that saw the Texans offer little resistance after an early sack by J.J. Watt.

That sack came after Watt beat guard Jonathan Cooper, whose play has been a disappointment to head coach Bruce Arians thus far. He didn’t do anything to help himself on that play, but he wasn’t noticeable for the rest of the drive as Arizona drove their way to a touchdown.

The defense did pretty well too, forcing a three and out on Houston’s first possession, to hand the ball back to a different looking offense. Palmer and the first-teamers other than Cooper were done after four good minutes.

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  1. Palmer catches a lot of crap for his interceptions. Before his injury, he was on his way to elite status with a pretty crappy Bengals team. He never had talent around him in Oakland either, but played well enough to keep them in games (yes sometimes untimely interceptions did the opposite). It does not surprise me that late last season and going into his second season with a consistent system, the same teammates, and improved offensive line play that he moved the ball well. If you don’t like Palmer throwing picks, then you probably did not like the way Favre played. As a Raiders and Cardinals fan, I have been happy to watch Palmer lead my favorite teams. May not be Peyton Manning out there, but I still think he will lead the team to a playoff birth and surprise some people in the playoffs this year.

  2. “If you don’t like Palmer throwing picks, then you probably did not like the way Favre played.”

    Throwing INTs doesn’t make a QB Brett Favre. . Palmer is not in the same stratosphere as him.

  3. If Palmer can stay healthy, they have a chance to be in the playoffs. I really see San Francisco taking a step back this year. They peaked two seasons ago. Age, injuries, holdouts, and suspensions are going to catch up to them. I can see the Cards taking their playoff spot.

  4. 20 – 0! And it’s only half time. Ha ha! I have said it early and often, Bill O’Brien is in over his head. He is one of Belicick’s overrated protege and McNair and Smith just set the Texans back 5 years. My prediction when O’Brien was hired was that he will be FIRED next November (2015) and I still stand by that. If the Cardinals can whoop us like this, I don’t want to think about what the Colts and Titans will do to us. People need to stop talking about O’Brien like he’s some offensive guru…he’s NOT! He did not improve Brady’s number in anyway. Instead, his hard nosed personality caused numerous friction between the 2. How many coaches have you seen Brady lash out at? He went 9-4 in his first season in a weak Big 10 and people anointed him the next great coach. 7-5 in season 2 in a weak conference does not scream competent. Moreover, he did not have any discernible success while OC at Duke or GeorgiaTech. So, what qualifies him to be the Texans coach? And this is what frustrates Texans’ fans like me!

    Signing Fitzpatrick and proclaiming him number 1 before the training camp is asinine. Fitzy is a turnover machine and collapses when expectations are high. Drafting a strong-armed, but unready, QB is also stupid. Why not pick any of the elite QBs in the first round? Or even McCarron early in the second? Clowney, clearly very talented, is a luxury pick (to me). Mercilus is coming along fine and we could have got another rush LB in the later rounds to pressure Reed. I hope Keenum gets a fair shot at starting cos he seem’s to be the most likely to succeed (at least this year).

    While I wish O’Brien the best, I just hope that McNair doesn’t wait till next year to fire him if he doesn’t deliver the desired results.

  5. kamthechancellor says:
    Aug 9, 2014 10:07 PM I can see the Cards taking their playoff spot.
    Or the Seahawks??

  6. Bayoor75- The cardinals whooped the crap out of the colts last year and i would bet money they would probably do it again this year and i know they would walk up and down on the titans.

  7. The Cardinals look good. For those excusing Palmer’s downward spiral of his career prior to the 2nd half of last year, what have you been watching. He was not good since 2008. He should just count himself lucky that he got away from the Raider train wreck after they fired Hue Jackson for the incompetent Dennis Allen staff and is now being coached by a first rate offensive mind in Arians. I said it before he coached a game last year, Arians will be this generation’s Marv Levy, the older coach who has great success once he finally gets his shot with a good roster. His track record as an OC should speak for itself in not only being Peyton Manning’s and Andrew Luck’s original tutor, but also what he did with Roethlisberger before the Rooneys stupidly fired him.

  8. In the 4th quarter now; I have to say I’m VERY surprised at how good Logan Thomas has looked at QB – even though of course he’s playing against he Texans 2nd/3rd stringers, he looks confident and is throwing lasers. Not at all like the rookie stumblebum I expected. Could he actually have a future in the NFL?

  9. I think the Cards are legit this year. That’s going to be the most exciting division in football by far.

  10. It’s a coaches league not necessarily players league. I mean you have to have talents too but if the coaches do not know how to coach or get the best out of those players, then the team sucks period. Looking at Bruce Arian’s career he’s been good every where he’s been to. Give the guy credit for last year’s Cardinals’ success and they will be better this year. Who beat the Champs? Cardinals.

  11. The Bengals made Palmer the highest paid player in football and he cried about losing, as if he had no part in the losses. Palmer is a whimp and I’m glad Mike Brown called his bluff and got rid of him. The Cardinals will lose a couple of games this year because of a Palmer fumble or interception in the red zone.

  12. Oh man we really looked good. And I know it’s scrubs time but Logan Thomas looked good. I hope he continues to grow.

  13. This could be the Cardinals year… They got off to a slow start but they were as good as any team in the league the last 10 weeks of the year. They beat Seattle in their own house late in the season. They were glad to being playing the Broncos in the SB. We lost 2 great linebacker’s and I hope they fill those spots with talented players. If our defense can play as good as last year with the improvement to the offense I think we could give Seattle and San Francisco a run for the division championship. That’s why they play the games. December will be fun to watch.

  14. The Cards finally have a real NFL Head Coach and some authentic NFL assistant coaches like Tom Moore who know how to evaluate talent and develop a talented prospect.

  15. The Cards look like the hungry “eye of the tiger” team in the NFC West this year. I still think the Hawks can struggle through this season to take the division, but the Cards, as well as the Rams, look very hungry this year. They look like very tough outs in 2014.

  16. It’s clear now that Arians+Luck was the reason for the Colts success.

    Arizona might win the best division in the NFL this year. Wouldn’t surpise me if they beat Cheattle twice.

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