Eagles not worried about Nick Foles’ pair of picks


On Friday night, Eagles quarterback Nick Foles matched his total interceptions for all of the 2013 regular season.  After the preseason contest at Chicago, coach Chip Kelly didn’t seem to be worried about Foles throwing two interceptions.

“We’re not concerned,” Kelly told reporters.  “It’s one preseason game, you got ‘X’ amount of snaps.  We’ll make corrections and go from there.  There’s a lot of things to look at.”

Still, Kelly had some general observations on the turnovers that Foles generated.

“We’ve got to be smarter with the ball and make the decision to throw the ball away; stop forcing it in there,” Kelly said.

Foles admits that he had a bad showing.

“I didn’t play well tonight,” Foles told reporters.  “As an offense, we can’t hurt ourselves.  I threw two passes that weren’t good decisions that were picked off. . . .  It’s one of those things.  I’m going to learn from it.  I’m going to get better.  It’s correctable.  I knew exactly when I made the pass what I should have done.  I’ll learn from it and move forward.”

He described the first interception as a “bad throw” that came after he felt some pressure.  On the second, he concedes that he forced the a poorly-thrown ball while trying to make a big play.

“Me, personally, it’s a sick feeling in your stomach,” Foles said. “At the same time, I know I can correct those.  I’m going to go back to work and get better because of it. . . . I’ve done that in games before and I’ve gone back out and executed.  It’s one of those things where you never want to have it happen.  It happened tonight.  You just have to play through it.  You can’t let it affect you.  I know I’ll throw a certain way in 24 hours, but I’ll move forward.  I’ll correct it.  It’s not the first time to throw two picks in a game.  I’ve done it before, so I know how everybody’s going to look at it.  I’m going to stay positive.  I’m going to learn from it.  I know the situations and put them in a database in my brain.  Hopefully I don’t make the same mistake twice.”

His ability to avoid making many errors in 2013 make Friday night’s mistakes even more glaring.  As Foles becomes a Week One starter for the first time, the ability of defenses to force him into more blunders based on his film from 2012 and 2013 will be one of the major angles to watch for the 2014 Eagles.

45 responses to “Eagles not worried about Nick Foles’ pair of picks

  1. The first quarter of the first preseason game will override his great performance last year, at least with the naysayers here who have nothing better to do.

  2. These guys haven’t seen game action against a live opponent in a long while, and Foles was clearly a bit rusty. Preseason is a time to sharpen your tools and shed bad habits, and even though the games don’t matter yet…I bet Nick Foles is harder on himself for those 2 INTs than anyone else possibly could be. Nobody in their right mind is worried about a couple bad possessions from Nick Foles in the 1st preseason game.

  3. And you’ve now written as many posts about it as picks Foles threw last year.

    At this point, it’s a total overreaction to take much away from it. If Foles has poor showings in the next couple games, then I’d I’ll probably start to worry a bit.

    Frankly, I was more concerned with all the penalties and how sloppy the OLine looked.

  4. Foles Falls Flat!!! Plummeting back to earth is inevitable.Too many bad passes last year wound up being caught by his guys.

    Most TD passes didn’t have a defender in the same frame. 1/4 of his TDs came in one game. None of that will happen again.

    So Chip’s not worried? Of course he would say that.

  5. There were flags thrown on 30 plays. The game took four (4) hours to complete. There was no rhyme nor reason to this game.
    Well the reason was money, ok!

  6. I love how everyone comments saying that we should be worried. The O-Line didn’t help him the entire time and the bears played pass defense the entire time because the Eagles never ran with McCoy. When McCoy and Sproles are out there together we will see who has a bad offense then.

  7. Yea bc midget darren sproles is this nightmare of a problem for defenses. So much so that Super Bowl winning real offensive genius Sean Payton had no more use for him. Once again eagle apologists over rate their players like no other. Good solid back up. Nothing more.

  8. Im a true believer that preseason has no meaning other then experiment, get ready for full speed and to see what positions n rooks need what… but if this was Eli doing it, or Foles throwing 2 TD’s in that many possessions, all u eagle fans would b hyping him up or saying this is the best team in the NFC… But since he didn’t, all u philly fans r saying “its just preseason…”

  9. joeflaccoallday says:
    Aug 9, 2014 1:20 PM

    People just finding out last year was a fluke.


    The only fluke were the heavily overrated Raven’s Superbowls.

    Eagles fans are true NFL fans, unlike the Raven’s joke of a fan base, all a bunch of w@g0n Jumpers….

  10. To keep up with the theme I have laid out, there has been a year worth of film study on Kelly’s offense. It’s preseason, sure and the game plans are watered down on both sides. This could be a one off situation, but it certainly doesn’t disprove the theme.

  11. Foles doesn’t need to say so much about it. Him pressing trying to live up to 27/2 and not get sacked is certainly a possibility for what could hold him back. But nothing else can. If he doesn’t press he’ll be great.

  12. Well we know he wasn’t looking for Jackson because both throws were over the middle.. that area DeSean was scared to death of.. and as for his bad throws ya they were ugly.. so what? It’s preseason. . There are no schemes, I think a lot of QBs tend to make poor decisions under pressure while running their preseason offense.

  13. Again…..he faced by far the weakest pass defenses of any starting QB with at least 150 passes last year. Have fun with that division winning schedule this year, Nick.

  14. Philly fanbase says nick foles sucking against the ones is no problem. Preseason means nothing. Mark Sanchez playing well against second team is a sign of chip Kelly’s genius and sanchez having turned the corner in his career. Preseason is a great tool to judge players.

    What a fraudulent homer fanbase. Chip Kelly back to school in 2015.

  15. Let’s see, first preseason game, Foles looked lousy, first team offense looked lousy. So, it’s either because ( my personal favorite ), defensive coordinators have had a whole year to study his weakness’s and the holes in Kelly’s offense, or, his performance last year was against weak teams and was all smoke and mirrors, or………….just throwing this out here, he simply had a bad game. If you’re an Eagles fan, it’s only a preseason game, if not a fan, well, you told us to be prepared for the inevitable doom and gloom and are gonna have some fun with it. Think I’ll hold judgement till about week 8 of the regular season and see how the Kelly’s offense and young Mr. Foles is doing.

  16. GBwomenrhot says:
    Aug 10, 2014 12:36 PM
    Bears D without J Allen kicked their back side, plain and simple….

    Their Heavily underrated Probowl CB, Tim Jennings didn’t play neither….

  17. God all you idiots know nothing of football. I have seen Wilson throw 2 picks in PS last year. what ended up happening? IT MEANS nothing. Actually its prob better to look poor in ps than it is to look great. you fly under the radar, you see what needs fixing before the season starts (every team has a weakness). Etc…

    All you guys who are so biased against the Eagles and Chip are going to look very very dumb very very soon…

  18. After 1st Dallas game last year everybody gave up on him, said he wasn’t ready for prime time. What’d he do? He comes back and lights up the Raiders top ten D for 7 touchdowns. Don’t count him out yet.

  19. “Raiders top 10 D.”


    Only in the mind of an Eagles fan does Oakland’s defense suddenly become ‘top 10’ in order to fit an argument.

  20. Honestly its like Eagles fans are in such denial that defensive coordinators aren’t studying his game tape from last season and will have new and better game plans for him this season. They just expect him to put up the same numbers this year.. Its hilarious.

  21. Honestly it’s like eagles haters are in such denial that the eagles offensive coordinators and foles don’t watch the same game tape that other teams around the league watch and won’t be also making adjustments based on the same tape that they know other teams will be studying.

    It’s hilarious.

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