Edgerrin James mentoring Trent Richardson


The Colts have been uniformly optimistic about running back Trent Richardson as he prepares to play his first full season with the team and they are doing everything they can to make sure it is better than what they saw in 2013.

Among the plans on that front is having one of the best runners in franchise history work with him during training camp. Edgerrin James was at Colts camp on Saturday and said that he spoke to Colts owner Jim Irsay about giving Richardson “perspective on everything he is going through” after struggling upon his arrival in Indianapolis during last season.

Like many others with the Colts and Richardson himself, James thinks that the time Richardson has been able to spend with the offense this offseason will lead to better results.

“It was unfair to judge him because it is two different systems,” James said, via ESPN.com. “The terminology is totally different and he was just kind of thrown out there. You can’t really get an assessment because there is so much going on for him personally and the things you have to go through in order to be good in this league. This is the NFL; you can’t just sign somebody thinking they can come in and be a star no matter how good they have been. It takes time. Now he has a chance to put in the proper time and the proper work and get to know his teammates and know the different plays so he can go out and play like he did when he came out of the University of Alabama.”

Richardson had 13 yards on five carries when the Colts opened the preseason against the Jets on Thursday night, starting with an eight-yard burst and then scuffling along for the rest of his time on the field. Things will need to be better come the regular season because there won’t be any more easy answers for how to get Richardson going if a full offseason and extra help don’t set him on the right track.


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  1. Missing assignments or following the wrong lead blocker accounts for not knowing the system/terminology.

    It was of Trent forgot how to run the football.

    He was plodding along, averaging 2 yards a carry, and fumbling.

    He is who he is. Just an average back of should be a backup.

  2. Trading T-Rich was the high point of both Joe Bummer and Mike Dumbturdi’s NFL careers! That says a lot about Trent, Joe and Mike!

  3. There’s no raw hunger in Richardson. He needs to run like a man on fire. Until and unless he does, he will continue to be a disappointment.

  4. The Colts and their supporters can save face all they want, but it was still a bad trade simply because RB wasn’t a position of need, and certainly not worth your first rounder to address it. The Colts will continue to be successful in possibly the worst division in football, but until they address the defense and depth of the offensive line the playoffs will be hard on them.

  5. He had an 8 yard run up the middle with the starting Line. Once their starting center went out with the sprain, even Andrew Luck had trouble.

    Anyone that criticizes Trent again this year must not see the injuries the Colts have at Center, two guards and Tackle.

    Take your couch potato criticisms to NASCAR

  6. What I want to know is how the Cleveland Browns scammed the Colts into giving up a 1st round draft pick for this guy after they realized they blew it for the 99th time. The Colts should have known better.

  7. He was traded from Cleveland because is isn’t a drug user

    They needed continuity with Josh “Smoked out” Gordon, Johnny “8 Ball” Manziel and Donte “420” Whiner

    Highest team in the league

  8. jman2020: I totally agree with you Bro! This kid can run, he’s just in a slump! When he runs for well over a thousand yards this year! All the haters will be saying, man that was a good trade! Do they gave up a first rounder? Big deal, teams do that all the time! Besides who’s to say that “first rounder” wouldn’t have turned out to be a bust, or a mediocre player? Which is usually the case unless it’s Andrew Luck or someone of the caliber! I’m still not sold in “Clowny” being a “first rounder” he’s made on nice tackle in pre-season? Nothing more, nothing less! When he gets smoked by a Tightend in coverage! That’s when we’ll see “iron sharpen iron” when he has to drop back into coverage!! Just not rushing the QB! My point is, you know Richardson’s resume, he can ball! “I’ll take him on my team twice on Sunday!!” When you draft a player, first round or seventh, you never know how good they will play on the NFL level!

  9. Tired of the haters who know absolutely Zero, nothing about Football making comments!! I’m not a Colts fan, lol but I know talent when I see it!! Richardson has a boat load of natural talent, let alone taking that talent and applying it! James is perfect mentor for Richardson! But I’m sure peeps will say James wasn’t a good halfback ether, right? He sucked too, Right? I forgot James was a first round bust as well, Right? 4th overall pick is much to high for a halfback that’s just way, way, way to high, right? lol unreal!

  10. I still get a kick out of peeps that say. You have to throw the ball to win in this league lol lol so that’s why the Seahawks, 49ers, where the best 2 teams in the NFL by far! I think Green Bay finally realized that to win a championship. You have to be able to run the ball and play defense! I think Green Bay finally got the hint! So expect them to be one of teams in the mix to enter the tournament. Seahawks, 49ers, Green Bay, Saints, Card’s, Pat’s, and Denver if they can run the ball and play defense?

  11. It took Cedric Benson awhile and getting cut from the Bears before he started having 1000 yard seasons.

    I think Richardson is a similar case. Colts have the luxury of having Luck, so they can afford to give him some time to develop and James is a good mentor for him.

  12. I once watched this guy live when the Browns came to town against the Ravens that hole closed on him pretty quick because he was so hesitant to hit the hole. He had a huge sample size to do something with the Colts, failed predictably, i doubt if much will change this season.

  13. I wonder how much Josh Alper gets paid to steal all his content from SBNation blogs…You stole just about every one of Stampede Blues’s Colts stories.

  14. If I were going to pick someone to mentor a Young RB, Edgerrin James would no doubt be on my Short-List.

    Flat-out great RB, and my blueprint for what a great RB should look like. Big, strong tough, quick, and fast enough.

  15. doe22us says: Aug 10, 2014 2:40 PM

    I once watched this guy live when the Browns came to town against the Ravens that hole closed on him pretty quick because he was so hesitant to hit the hole. He had a huge sample size to do something with the Colts, failed predictably, i doubt if much will change this season.

    Agreed, he needs to hit a hole whether there is a crease there or not.

    Hit the hole first, then cut in the hole. If the hole isn;t there, so be it.

    He is a power runner, not a shifty change of pace runner.

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