Gus Bradley “wouldn’t count on” Blake Bortles playing with first team this week


Jaguars rookie quarterback Blake Bortles played well in his preseason debut on Friday night, leading coach Gus Bradley to say that the team may change plans to keep Bortles from playing with the first team until the final preseason game.

If they do make a change, it doesn’t sound like it will happen in the team’s second preseason game. The Jaguars face the Bears on Thursday and Bradley said on Saturday that no one should expect Bortles to take any snaps away from Chad Henne in the immediate future.

“I wouldn’t count on it this week,” Bradley said, via the Florida Times-Union.

Bradley found some mistakes in Bortles’ performance, but “not too many” and praised the rookie’s “good poise and good command” while assessing his overall performance. That poise and command isn’t shaking their commitment to letting Bortles start his career on the sideline, although more strong preseason work will make it much easier for the team to shift gears if they find Henne lacking come the regular season.

30 responses to “Gus Bradley “wouldn’t count on” Blake Bortles playing with first team this week

  1. Good move by Guss you don’t put your rookie out there if you think he is not ready. Guss see him at pratice everyday and he knows what he can do, thanks for not listing to the fans about playing him now stick with your plan and let him develop. Playing against second and third team players can make him look good, but please lets take our time with this one don’t need to become another BG by playing him to soon.

  2. I think Gus is more worried about the O line protection this season. I believe Henne is going to get pounded and Gus doesn’t want to kill his new QB this year.

  3. Aaron Rodgers sat three years behind farve, aid off dearly as he’s one of the top 5 QBs. Sometimes it takes patience to develop a franchise QB even if your team endure losing seasons. A case can be made that a lot of QBs no longer in the nfl was rushed in too soon and fail, teams want to win now and end up starting these guys even when they’re not ready. Well some of these same teams are still trying to find their franchise QB and if the jags play it smart, they may have their guy in bortles.

  4. Not a stretch to say that this guy is probably already better than Henne. 15 years ago, this rookie might have sat on the bench for a while. In today’s “win now” NFL, hard to imagine a scenario in which Bortles is not under center by week 5 the latest. If there’s any truth in that at all, it would make sense for this guy to have as many reps with the 1st team as possible.

  5. Gus Bradley might not know what hes doing. Its not like Gus Bradley has ever developed a quarterback. Or has any credibility when it comes to anything. Hes the former coordinator of a Seahawks defense that got better the year after he left. If he doesn’t start the best quarterback the players will know hes clueless tune him out and he will be fired.

  6. They definitely didnt draft Bortles to sit for a year. They do not have another year to wait, the fans are tired of losing and lets be honest, Henne is a backup and if the line sucks that bad its gonna suck until next year….I see Bortles starting soon.

    And guy commenting on Rodgers sitting for years, that was different he was behind a betterwinning qb Favre, Bortles wiont be learning much from Henne.

  7. I said it before the draft and after Bortles is the best qb in this last draft. It’s not close. I had him having the same rating as I had on luck and Wilson coming out. He should be the starter right now and I think he helps the jags get to 6-10 7-9 this season and to the playoffs next.

    Now on to the important stuff, can the jags please stop with these uniforms. They are the worst. That is all

  8. Let Bortles sit and learn this year. We are ready for our team to win but we know there’s a bigger picture and a potentially 10-15 year career at stake. Sit, learn and maybe next year play, if he’s ready. Keep Henne another 5 years for Bortles sake anyway. Sounds like they have a mutual respect and a decent relationship.

  9. I am not going to say keep Henne for another five years but Bortles can learn from him. Most of you that talk about playing him now are sitting at home watching not going to the games and supporting the team, you guys talk about having a winning team but you want support the team. This is Jacksonville this is your team.

  10. @49erjohnny
    Pretty sure Gus built that D, they didn’t just get good after he left, players develop. Everyone of them lived Gus, which is why they followed him to jax, their D will be legit.
    They did the right thing, took the pressure off bortles right away compared to what the browns and vikes did.
    We know he will be in sooner then later, real jag fans are prepared for the rebuild, no rush

  11. If you want to win now, start Bortles. He had a great outing, and some passes were dropped. Dont be afraid to play him bc Gabbert didnt work out.

    Their defense is underrated. They could steal a few games this year

  12. @49erjohnny

    Another 9er troll, imagine that. I thought you guys just trolled the Seahawks threads but apparently you spread your ignorance around the league.

    Bradley’s defense in Seattle was good enough to make Kap look like a high school qb & Vernon Davis was just plain scared after that shot form Chancellor on the sideline. Nothing but alligator arms everytime they’ve played since then. Now Bradley is building his own team that I’m sure will be more than capable of making Kap look like the hack that he is. I can’t wait to see that.

  13. Steve Young backed up Joe Montana. Tom Brady backed up Drew Bledsoe. Aaron Rodgers backed up Brett Favre. And for those that say Bortles has nothing to learn from Henne (who, granted, is not Montana, Bledsoe, or Favre), here’s the thing:
    People can learn good things from anyone. I wouldn’t want a rookie that thought he couldn’t learn anything from Chad Henne. Even Carson Palmer backed up Jon Kitna.

  14. @kferguson2002.

    Colts are in for a dose of reality this year. That defense you guys are sportin’ is absolutely nothing special.

    The very definition of overrated!

  15. Bottles day will arrive as the starter after the coaching staff sees how poorly Henne can execute the game plans. His inability to connect on third downs and the ever present stigma of blocked passes will plague the coaches in the first five regular season games. Then it happens!

  16. No problem with letting Bortles sit for a year, especially if they don’t have an OL to protect him well. Some of the best qb’s have sat for more than a year before starting. This blind rush to start rookies is ridiculous.

  17. Gus doesn’t wanna pull a Falcons…

    Win way too soon during a rebuilding period – you wind up in the 20s area during the draft instead of the top 15 picks.

    bite the bullet for a few years (3 or so) and get all the awesome players at the top of the draft, get loaded like seattle did before getting Wilson.

  18. Gus knows what he’s doing. Just because he is better then Henne doesn’t mean he’s ready the start. I like the idea if the rookie Qb getting use to his surroundings before getting thrown to the wolves.

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