Jets reach out to Asante Samuel

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With a pair of cornerbacks suffering injuries at practice on Sunday, the Jets need help at the position. Their list of potential replacements includes a former Patriot.

Asante Samuel, whose dropped interception set the stage for David Tyree’s helmet catch in Super Bowl XLII, was contacted by the Jets, according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. Per Mehta, it’s unlikely that Samuel will be signed, since the Jets plan to go younger.

Samuel, 33, appeared in 11 games with 10 starts for the Falcons in 2013.  He spent four years with the Eagles after Super Bowl XLII and five before that with the Patriots.

40 responses to “Jets reach out to Asante Samuel

  1. There is a deep hatred in my heart for him because it hit his hands and he dropped it. We would have been 19-0 I hate my life. #nosuperbowls since spygate will haunt me forever

  2. He lives………and dies……….by the big play.

    Guess which one happens more often.

  3. why would a team even contact a guy if they don’t plan on signing him or not thinking about it. Personally they should be looking at trade options but they are looking at getting younger so a 1 yr deal on a guy like Samuel may not be a bad idea.

  4. Great signing if your looking for a CB that:
    Only plays zone
    Plays 8 yards off the line
    Always jump hook routes hoping for a pick 6, even on stop n goes
    Doesn’t tackle
    Wants way too much money

  5. Going younger sounds great, except you need enough healthy players to play on Sunday.

    Pretty sure Rex would sign Asante just to make the Patriots watch him twice a year.

  6. When you have daily pronouncements of the greatest defense minded Head Coach, a top 5 NFL QB (Geno was so modest), the greatest LB, the fastest RB, etc… then you are still talking Super Bowl.

  7. Asante Samuel was the guy who was supposed to be covering David Tyree….so the guy screwed up twice on that fluke drive by the giants.

  8. Should have reached out to Revis instead when you had the chance Idzik-I mean IDIOT.Now we are gonna SUCK

  9. Pats fans look at Asante the same as Billy Buckner. ’86 World Series was a win for the sox until that slow grounder to 1st base went through Bunker’s legs late in game 6. Mets then won it all in game 7. Mets then the Giants.

  10. The jets are a laughing stock of an organization.

    I can’t wait to hear the excuses from Rex this year.

    1. We are a young team we are going to make some mistakes.

    2. We can’t have players making the same mistakes.

    3. We have to do better as a coaching staff. This one is on me.

    4. Sometimes you have to make your own breaks. I thought the onside kick and going for it on 4th down in the first quarter was a good idea.

    5. The Patriots are always the hardest team to beat. If we beat them once it’s like winning a playoff game.

    6. I know I’m a better coach. We just did not have the talent to complete. Next year will be better.

  11. I believe Asante was a Free Agent after the ’07 season. If he had caught that ball, he would’ve been signed the next damn day. But noooo, he had to let it slip through his hands.

  12. Hate when Red Sox fans always make idiotic comments about the Buckner play, the series would not have ended on that play. It was a tie game, his error allowed the winning run to score

  13. pats1944 says:
    Aug 10, 2014 8:11 PM
    There is a deep hatred in my heart for him because it hit his hands and he dropped it. We would have been 19-0 I hate my life. #nosuperbowls since spygate will haunt me forever


    I wonder if you had “deep hatred in ur heart for him” the previous 2 playoff games before the SuperBowl when he had a pick 6 2 weeks in a row?

    And yup #nosuperbowls since spygate will haunt u forever!!!

    Just Not all Asante’s fault!

    A game is never lost on just one play, if you look back at it there was always other opportunities and things that could have played out differently.

  14. Haha to all you gmen haters out there . Fluke or no fluke. A wins a win. Isn’t that what winners say haha #neverforget #18-1 #spygatechumps
    #SoNiceTheyDidItTwice #7-9 #27picks #IStillbELIeve
    #ManningToTyree #ManningToManningham #ManningToOpposingD

  15. I heard Bucker was so depressed after that game that he almost got hit by a bus…..luckily for him it went right through his legs.

  16. That so-called dropped INT would have been quite a difficult catch. Stop making it sound like it was a duck.

  17. He didn’t drop it. The ball was past him when he tried to close his hands.

    It got on him faster than he thought it would and/or it was in the lights.

    Either way, it was a missed attempt NOT a drop.

  18. All the talk about A. Samuel being a ball hawk is funny. At the height of his career for every interception he had, he also gave up an equal number of touchdowns.

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