O’Brien doesn’t rule out a change in quarterback rotation

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When new Texans coach Bill O’Brien last spoke to the media, on the heels of a 32-0 loss at Arizona, he called his team’s performance “terrible.”  He addressed the situation more specifically on Sunday.  Sort of.

Asked whether he’s rethinking the rotation at quarterback, where Ryan Fitzpatrick is the starter, O’Brien offered a general, but ominous, reply.

“I think you’re always thinking about what you can do to make the team better,” O’Brien said.  “So any time you have a chance to review things and regroup a little bit on a day off like it is today, as a head coach, you’re always thinking about things that can make the team better, whether that’s a change in the depth chart, a change in a scheme, a change of a position of a player, whatever it may be.  We’ll continue to discuss that today.”

While hardly an admission that Fitzpatrick’s position is in jeopardy, it definitely opens the door for a possible change.  Especially since, when given a chance to address the positives he saw in the game, O’Brien didn’t mention the starting quarterback.

The good news at quarterback, if there is any, is that rookie Tom Savage remains available to practice and play after being checked for a concussion.

“After the game they go through a whole concussion test protocol and they felt like he would have been able to, if the game had continued there, he would have been able to go back into the game,” O’Brien said.

It’s hard not to think Savage eventually will be going into games as the starter, unless the Texans make a trade or sign a guy who gets cut.  Unless the guy who gets cut is Matt Schaub.

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  1. There’s that old saying, when you’ve got a Ryan Fitzpatrick as your starting QB then you’ve actually got no starting QB.

  2. Unless that change involves a QB not on the roster yet then who cares same results….guess its time to over pay for Mallett

  3. Give Vince Young a look see, local kid beloved by all Texans and likes cheesecake. Also maybe more washed than a whale on the beach. But still better than anyone on the roster at that position well to me.

  4. Plus they have Case Keenum you can’t rule out. All you can do is hope they don’t take too long in getting around to letting the best one play. What a great problem to have 3 choices to pick from if you aren’t sure you have a franchise QB.

  5. Regretting already not taking Bortles or Manziel. You can’t win in this league without a real NFL QB. They don’t have one on the roster.

  6. If that disaster the other night is any indication… wow. That is one bad football team.

  7. Suddenly Blake Bortles #1 to the Texas doesn’t sound like such a reach after all.

  8. Vince Young has been out of football 2 years. Tim Tebow has been out of football for over 2 years. Yet there are fans falling all over themselves for these players. I guess they bought their jerseys and they want to get their moneys worth out of them.

  9. Vy10 and Tebow have better career winning % than Fitzpatrick, just saying. I know it doesn’t matter seeing as how both are far from pro style qbs but still that should raise a red flag to some Texan fans.

  10. Fitzpatrick, Henne, McCown. What r these teams thinking! All these GM’s need to be fired. U r a journeyman Qb for one reason and one reason only…you suck!

  11. Not really sure what it was about the last 4 years of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s body of work that makes you say, “Oh yeah, this guy can help change the losing culture around here.”

  12. Texas native John Skelton is available, if they shy away from giving Tebow a decent chance.

    Any move would be a positive one for the team.

  13. As a Seahawk fan it never ceases to amaze me that no one wants Tavaris Jackson. Let me qualify that statement. I’m under no delusion that he’s the future of any team but he has tremendous arm strength & the one season he was the starter in Seattle he played the whole season with a torn pectoral muscle on the throwing aside of his body. It really affected his accuracy but he could still throw the ball 70 yards flat footed. Them when the hawks picked up Matt Flynn the same season they drafted Wilson, Jackson wag the odd man out & he ended up in Buffalo. After training camp that season even the Bills didn’t want him, the Hawks had released Flynn by then & were more than happy to bring him back to backup Wilson. Like most people I’d always be nervous to see Wilson go down but I’ve seen Jackson play so well I’ve never trusted a backup qb more than i trust Jackson. As i said, he may not be the qb you’d build your team around but there’s at least half a dozen starters that, imho, Jackson could play circles around. I’m glad he’s our backup but i would like to see him get another chance to nee the man. Had he not had that torn pec in his only year as Seattle’s starter who knows how different the Hawks last few seasons would’ve been. I saw Fitzpatrick play against my Hawks last season as the titans qb after Locker went down. I’ve never seen an NFL qb with a weaker arm. The Hawks are desperate for quality O lineman. If i was king of the world I’d be on the horn with the Texans grunt office trying to work put a deal. Cleveland is another team that he would nee an upgrade among a handful of others. Just my opinion after 4 years of watching Jackson closely.

  14. Lol O’Brien is getting what he deserves. He’s a tool. I’ve never seen a coach so quick to name Ryan Fitzpatrick as their starting QB in my life.

    O’Brien is a clown

  15. Both Kubiak and Schaub deserved a chance to prove last season was a fluke. They had the Texans as strong playoff contenders not long ago.

  16. Sorry about all the typos in my last post. I’m on a galaxy & sometimes the Swype feature has a mind of it’s own. Normally i proofread. Now i see what happens when i don’t. Stupid Swype.

  17. Vince Young has been out of football 2 years. Tim Tebow has been out of football for over 2 years. Yet there are fans falling all over themselves for these players. I guess they bought their jerseys and they want to get their moneys worth out of them
    honestly, can it be any worse than Fitzpatrick?? but with that said, i think they should either trade for Kirk Cousins or Ryan Mallett. sure Mallett wasnt great in his last game, but at least he has a strong arm, knows the offense and will have more weapons to work with than NE has. as for Cousins, again, at least he has weapons there and he’s better than Fitzpatrick. really i think Keenum is better than Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick is smart, but he doesnt have the talent to win alot in the nfl.

  18. Just what did they think they were getting with Fitzpatrick? Schaub may very well have had to go, but Fitzpatrick is a definite downgrade no matter how bad Schaub was. Dude has, and continues to be, one of the worst NFL quarterbacks out there. I still don’t understand what took them so long to select a QB in the draft. O’Btien should trade a pick for his boy McGloin. Don’t laugh, he is far better than what he has now.

  19. Mallet for Andre Johnson is a win/win. You’re not going to get more than a #4 for Johnson at this stage in his career. And with Mallet Houston get a potential light years ahead of anything they have. And yes I saw Mallet play last week. I live in New England. Not great. Not bad. It looked just like a preseason game by 2 teams practicing basic stuff. And trying to hold injuries down at this early stage. Ryan Mallet is a QB that is better than 50% of the QBs in the NFL. His potential is on a scale with Joe Flacco. And Andre Johnson needs Brady & Belichick badly. He will be wasted in Houston without a Mallet type potential. So a net win/win if it happens.

  20. Poor Andre Johnson…

    I think O’Brien will turn that thing around if they give him 3 years, but they are going to struggle again this year… Their only hope is that when Johnson and Foster are back on the field they can move the ball…

  21. Mallett’s biggest problem as a pro has been that Brady is completely unwilling to give ANY snaps to a backup. It is what it is. He just needs playing time. Everyone knows he has talent and the “character issues” were non-existent coming out of college.

  22. When you have Fitzpatrick and two unproven QB’s on the roster you have sunk to the level of Cleveland, Buffalo, Miami and Jets of the past… all we would need to complete the circus would be TEbow to go with the other clowns

  23. Malletts biggest problem is that he sucks

    dude is one that looks the part but simply can’t play at all…. can’t deal with pass rush or defenses that disguise what they are doing… would be good in a no rush/limited defense league

  24. As a Pats fan, I would love, love, love to swap Mallett for Andre– but if I were the Texans I’d trade a 2nd round pick for Cousins. He’s head and shoulders better than Mallett. And I’d hang onto Johnson!

  25. Kirk Cousins looked good and is probably available for the right price. Mark Sanchez also looked really good and probably should still be a starter some where, plus Matt Barkley’s arm strength looks to be back so the Eagles might also let him go for the right price… maybe not though. Kirk Cousins would be my top choice I think.

  26. QB Needed, Apply Within

    We saw what happened to the Bills when they went with Fitzpatrick as their starter. This team has bad news written all over them. They may not even be able to fight for the distant second in the division. If it wasn’t for their weak division they would have a chance to challenge Detroit’s record.

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