Peppers splits reps between linebacker and end


Saturday night’s Nashville slopfest included the debut of Julius Peppers with the Packers.  His 10 snaps may have provided a strong hint at how he’ll be used this year, his first in the 3-4 defense.

Via Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Peppers had five snaps at linebacker in the base defense and five at defensive end in the 4-2 nickel look.

It’s a distinction without much of a difference.  Peppers has made his living as a pass rusher, and he needs to get back to being a better pass rush to justify the living he’ll make in Green Bay.

In 2013, Peppers’ sack production dipped to 7.0, his lowest output since getting only 2.5 in 2007.  For his career, Peppers has 118.5 sacks, good for 17th on the all-time list.

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  1. Peppers looked like a beast out there in the limited time. You can see his crazy athleticism in a 3-4 defense. I was surprised to see him launch their tackle down to the ground on a running play after they locked up.

    It’s clear he is still a physical freak who was trapped on a horrendous defense in Chicago.

  2. Linebacker/End… doesn’t matter, just point at the QB and tell him to go get ’em.

    It’s Clay that’ll be allowed to be free to drop back, blitz from the Middle or outside – Peppers will give him the freedom that Dom gave Woodson.

  3. Packer fan: Peppers is going to have a career year at age 34 regardless of fighting the usual nagging injuries and regardless of switching positions for the first time in his career and regardless of playing in a 3-4 defense for the first time……

  4. Q: “Is he better in that position than what they had last year?”

    A: “Yes.”


  5. He looked pretty much the same as he did last year with the Bears. Invisible for long stretches except when badly overrunning his assignments to allow for big plays.

    I was watching the local broadcast and the sideline reporters kept talking to other defensive players trying to get them to talk up Peppers and none of them would. Then they talked to Peppers and he didn’t seem real excited about being there either. I see him being nothing more than an average player in an average defense this year. He will contribute, but not be an impact player.

  6. This life long Packer fan was watching him closely on most of his 10 snaps. He didn’t even try to mix it up. I really hate to admit this, but he looked like he was doing a walk thru. No effort whatsoever. Got stood up, pushed wide, and neutralized on every play. This guy did not look like he even wanted to be out there.

  7. Hopefully he doesn’t dog it like he’s obviously been doing the past few Seasons in Chicago…DO YOUR JOB!!!!

  8. Peppers was a phenomenal athlete but has no heart to stay consistent throughout a season. He completely quit last year and am so happy he is on the Packers and the Bears got Allen (who will never quit).

  9. It’s only the first preseason game so I wouldn’t give up on Peppers too soon. I’m sure when the regular season starts, this over-the-hill has-been defensive end who is now playing linebacker will start dominating. It may seem like a crazy idea on the surface, but Ted Thompson has never let us down before.

  10. Who wouldn’t love seeing this future HOF’er get a ring with the most decorated franchise in NFL history – the Green Bay Packers.

    And Packer fans have been deprived of ultimate glory long enough. A 2nd Lombardi Trophy in 5 years seems just about right.

  11. The players who weren’t in danger of losing their jobs acted like this first preseason game in the rainy muck didn’t matter. They’re right. No point in going all out and then getting injured in a preseason week 1 muck contest.

  12. Peppers is so old he cant even do the day to day stuff anymore…They have to rest him for Sunday. Then he takes half the plays off, makes 1 tackle and considers it a good outing

  13. In consideration of the high number of Viking trolls commenting on this thread, I would have to think the Packer game must’ve been televised in Minneapolis. Would ratings and popularity have anything to do with that? Wasn’t there a long-ago story about a big wooden horse rolled into the enemies camp? Sounds like the same thing.

  14. ……virtually every packer forum starts with viking trolls commenting first, and usually more often than the packer fans… these dolts even realize how pathetic that is?…..probably not…..since they’re dolts….

  15. I remember many years ago, the Vikings had
    Alan Page on their defense. Page was a beast
    for many years. Then, at the tail end of his
    career, they traded him to my Bears. By that
    time he was a shell of what he once was.
    Peppers reminds me of that deal, with one
    exception. Alan Page had more character in
    his baby finger that Peppers has in his entire
    body! I have always had a ton of respect for
    the Packers organization, but I believe they
    might have messed up on this deal.

  16. Almost every post on here is from a poor delusional, never won a championship fan of the Vikings! I think you all have Packer envy, you should know exactly what that is, right “little” guys. The posts about Thompson being a poor GM are hilarious. Just think, he already has more Super Bowls in his 8 years as GM as the Vikings have in their entire history. It must really suck to have to lash out every year at the class of the NFL and just “hope” you can have a winning season.
    Seahawks, Saints, Packers dominate!

  17. I’m sure Peppers is looking forward to contending for the Packers NFL record 14th World championship. Good luck Julius!

    The Green Bay Packers.

    Better football for better people.

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