Pettine hasn’t picked starting QB for Browns’ second preseason game


With one preseason game in the books and 13 days until the all-important third exhibition contest, the Browns’ QB competition between Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel is in full swing. But there’s no definite word yet on whom will start the second preseason game.

The Browns haven’t yet picked a starter for their August 18 exhibition at Washington, coach Mike Pettine told reporters on Sunday, according to Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal.

Hoyer started Saturday’s preseason opener, with rookie Manziel playing in relief. On Saturday, NFL Media’s Dan Hellie reported the Browns would start Manziel against Washington. That very well could still happen, what with time ticking on the Browns to make a decision. But Pettine didn’t make the call on Sunday.

According to the Beacon Journal, Pettine again said the club wanted to select a full-time starter before the team’s third preseason game on August 23 vs. St. Louis. However, Pettine also gave himself an out, indicating the timetable wasn’t permanent, Ulrich reported.

Pettine indicated Hoyer and Manziel will work with the starting offense in practice this week, per the Beacon Journal.

On Saturday, Manziel completed 7-of-11 passes for 63 yards and added 27 yards on the ground. Hoyer was 6-of-14 passes for 92 yards. Both quarterbacks led Cleveland to a pair of field goals.

41 responses to “Pettine hasn’t picked starting QB for Browns’ second preseason game

  1. Didn’t the first pre-season game just end? Shouldn’t we at least let monday begin before we start making up stories where there aren’t any?

  2. Honestly don’t see how it’s still undecided, if both have failed to separate themselves from each other, start the vet. Much easier to bench the vet for the rook once the season begins not vice versa. I dunno just my 2cents

  3. At least Hoyer has seen real time, regular season NFL defenses. These preseason Ds are pretty vanilla and nowhere near as intense. Better if Manziel witnesses live bullets from the sideline week 1.

  4. Based on what I saw last night, Johnny should start. Hoyer looked like the rookie not Johnny.

    Johnny gives the threat of the run that Hoyer doesnt. He’s a more accurate passer based on last night’s performance. Has a stronger arm.

    The one thing Hoyer does better is look off the defense but that will come in time for Johnny.

    But then again hard to judge pre-season since no team is playing all their players and no one shows all their cards on defense.

  5. From Buffalo.
    Great to see our neighbors getting it together. Bills/Browns AFC championship game.

  6. Hey did you guys hear that the Lions beat the Browns yesterday? I didn’t think so…

  7. Check out the highlights of the Lions-Browns game at 4 minutes long–3:50 of it is the Browns and Manziel and the last 10 seconds is the game winning pass from Moore to Fuller. Kellen Moore who played better than any QB on the field. This National Enquirer League coverage of the special people has got to stop!

  8. Just do it Browns. You know you want Johnny Football, we all do weather you like him or not. It took him 1/2 of a preseason game to show he is the right answer weather he is ready yet or not.

  9. I’m all in for Mr Foosball to start , get it over with , the Browns deserve a winner , and the sooner he is eliminated , the better !

  10. Hey , don’t get me wrong , i was impressed , JF was able to get to the sideline , under his own power , but if he continues to be JF , that won’t last long !

  11. Boy, if throwing nothing but 5 yard passes, and running for less than 5 yards a carry makes someone a starting qb things are really sad there. If there was indeed a rookie qb to talk about this past weekend it was Bortles. He performed far better than any other rookie qb.

  12. Option A = 4 and 12

    Option B = 4 and 12

    Pettine will be lucky to get two years, one more than the previous clown. 10 of the last 11 years have produced double digit loss seasons. Pathetic.

  13. Have to agree on 2 comments. Bortles was the best looking rookie QB, so far, and Moore was the best looking QB on the Lions field, last night.

    As a Browns fan, I’m hoping things get much better before game #2 but, again, I have some reservations about the coaching staff. I think it will take several years for them to get up to the NFL standard.

    The Browns special teams and the tackling by the Browns defense has got to get better….I mean you, Mingo!

  14. The Browns special team kickoff coverage was horrible.

    I really like Shanahan ‘ s play calling. If only the Browns had some WRs, although the second team WRS looked better than the 1s. That Charles Johnson had a really good showing.

  15. If i was able to live in my mothers basement until
    i was 40 , i would probably , be a JM fan , also !
    But she died , and i had to fend for myself ! Cruel
    reality , it happens ! But what the heck , go ahead and root for JM ! You lucky guys with young mothers , RULE ?

  16. Manziel = not as polished as Hoyer
    Manziel = going to throw a lot of picks
    Manziel = the dangerous choice
    They have to choose Manziel. It’s not even a choice. Cleveland is ready to give him a shot now, not in a year or two. If you believed in Hoyer long term, you chose the wrong rookie to draft as a backup. Start him and hope for magic…

  17. This whole QB conteoversy is ALL Weedens fault! And Gordon not being able to put down the blunt, yep… Weeden. Haslam and his legal issues, yeah thanks a lot Weeden! …. We had a good QB yet all we could do was blame all our our problems on him. I’m sure he’s glad he’s away from this mess

  18. Whats funny is last week, i think it was, LeBeau said hes preparing for Johnny to start week 1. The Steelers DC can figure out who the best QB on the Browns is, but our own HC cant.

  19. I saw Johnny Football go 7 for 11 but also I saw two receivers drop to well thrown NFL balls… One pass hit one guy in the knee and the other guy literally “alligator armed” another. So considering the dropped passes that any receiever will catch on any given Sunday I have JF at 9 for 11 passing with slightly over 100 yards. On one series JF drove the Browns to the opp 30 yd line and the rookie RB West fumbled. In my opinion JF played excellent in his debut and he is going to be around for a while. He has arm strength and he was accurate on every throw but one. Imagine if he had thrown to the FB in the flat when he scrambled for a first down. His passing stats would be 10 for 12… I guess you see this when you really watch a football game! Coming from a Saints fan.

  20. Does it matter?
    Hoyer had a drive ending beautiful deep out dropped at the 9 by Austin, and had anther drive ending pass dropped inside the 5 by Gray

    As long as the Browns lead the league in drops no QB will excel.

  21. The homeless guy has already named Manziel the starting quarterback for the season.

    He found an old Tim Couch jersey at the Goodwill store and taped Johnny’s name on it.

  22. Wait….you want the median to wait till Monday to create a Manziel story….they couldn’t even wait till the game was over! This kid is a scrawny prima dona that is going to get his butt handed to him on a silver platter because Cleveland can’t say NO to the hype! Hoyer (coming off knee surgery) is better than JM…. no questions asked. YES, Johnny can scramble……woohoo! And then what! He has an awesome run and then 3 straight bad plays! Geez

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