Reid compares “dirtbag” Ricky Henry to Larry the Cable Guy

Getty Images

As the Chiefs try to repeat their unlikely playoff berth with an offensive line that lost 60 percent of its starters to free agency, they need someone to step up.

One of those someones could be guard Ricky Henry.  Officially listed on the unofficial depth chart as the third stringer at right guard, Henry has earned some first-string reps the old-fashioned way — by popping people in the mouth.

“He’s a tough kid, I’m not telling you it’s all pretty,” coach Andy Reid told reporters on Sunday.  “He looks like Larry the Cable Guy and plays like Larry the Cable Guy.  He’s kind of a dirtbag-type guy, he gets in there and he’s rough and tough and scrappy and all of that so that’s how he’s playing right now.”

Henry doesn’t share Larry the Cable Guy’s sense of humor, however.

“I don’t think he’s as funny,” Reid said of Henry. “I haven’t heard him say a word. He just does his job.”

It’s working for Henry, who entered the league three years ago undrafted and has bounced from the Bears to the Falcons to the Saints and now to the Chiefs.  Finally, he could be getting his chance to do that thing that Larry the Cable Guy always tells people to do.