Rex Ryan on illegal contact emphasis: Let guys play


Jets coach Rex Ryan hopes the NFL doesn’t get too restrictive with the increased emphasis on illegal contact this season.

“Let guys play,” Ryan said. “If it’s a penalty, then call it. If it’s not, then let them [play]. Guys should be able to compete for the football and things like that down the field. The game is great as it is, but if it’s in the rules then you’ve got to play within the confinements of the rules and I have no problem with that.”

The defensive-minded Ryan was glad that this year the NFL added a rule to protect the legs of defensive players on cut blocks, but he seemed skeptical of the focus on illegal contact. However, Ryan realizes that his defensive backs will need to be ready for the increased emphasis.

“Oh man, again that’s what’s being called and we’ve got to recognize it and do a better job of it,” Ryan said.

That’s what defensive coaches around the league are having to tell their players, even if they’re not happy about it.

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  1. The parade of flags during the Denver-Seattle and Pittsburgh-New York games was excruciating. It constantly brought the game to a screeching halt. Surely someone at the league office realizes what a disaster this is…right?

  2. I agree w Rex Ryan. Party boy Dean Blandino amd the NFL have convoluted the rules so much, its no wonder games are taking 3.5 hours now.

    Seems likeany more there are 5 rules to apply to every play. It shouldnt be that complicated.

  3. I have no problem with DB’s putting their hands on WR’s as the receivers do it all the time. It’s the shoving to the out of bounds line I have a problem with. Let them play football.

  4. I agree, holding is holding, that will and should be called every time. But illegal contact call has to much of a grey area and is a judgment call which never ends up consistent.

  5. I had to turn off the Eagles game because it was getting ridiculous. There was one call on Maclin for a facemask where he didn’t even touch anyone. Every other play was a flag. Wasn’t much different in the other games either.

  6. Some practice games are being ruined by over-officiating. The mandate has come from Goodell that he wants to see the Offense on top and that means more penalties – he doesn’t want the Seattle style Defense to dominate like they did in the Super Bowl.
    For once Rex is right. Just let them play. Goodell is no longer just protecting the QBs, his mandates to the officials are now ruining the game.

  7. Typical coach speak. There is a difference between playing the ball and blatant holding. Coach blowhard, how about teaching them to cover and not grab, restrict, obstruct???

  8. In fairness to the defense which the NFL never does. Lineman putting hands outside the shoulders is not legal. They need to call this holding more. And anytime there is a WR in the area, just throw the flag because everyone of them holds.

  9. Translation: Our quarterbacks suck so let our defense slow your offense down so we can keep up…

  10. I happens, people. Ya win a SB mugging guys downfield, with comments like, “hold on every play cause they won’t call 30 hold penalties in a game” and this will happen. Hey if it’s called correct then who cares? A longer fairly called game is better than a shorter flawed one…

  11. Wouldn’t it just be easier to limit the defense to 10 players? Sounds absurd, but that’s essentially the effect the NFL seems to be after here. I agree with Rex – Let the guys play.

  12. This new penalty makes the games close to unwatchable…

    In fact, penalties suck all the way around… Is there not a quicker way to enforce them?

  13. .
    Thanks, Pete Carroll. You couldn’t have just won the Super Bowl. No, you had to embarrass Peyton Manning and now every fan will suffer the consequences.

  14. Holy crap!!! I actually agree with Rex Ryan. For the first time ever.

    Well, ok, the second time. I really like pepperoni pizza, too.

  15. If you thought games are long better brace yourselves, also a lot of screaming and shaking of heads with the statement “that’s a flag” ? What a doozy this season will be and I thought flags were thrown inconsistently last season.

  16. This is basically the “Seattle” rule. Plenty of teams do it, but Seattle’s Db’s hold on every play.

  17. Breathing air within 3′ of a receiver = 5 yard penalty

    Looking at a receiver with a mean or angry look on your face = 10 yard penalty

    Soon these and other wonderful new penalties will be in the nfl rule book

  18. Another day, another Rex Ryan quote. I think he’s quoted more often than Caddy Shack or the President! He’s not as funny or as important!

  19. Manning didn’t throw for 600 yards and 7 touchdowns against Seattle so now we’re going to get a season where defenses aren’t allowed to defend the pass. Good call Roger!!!!!!!!

  20. Getting pressure on the quarterback will never be more important than this year, goodell has created flag football. Just hope he gracefully resigns before he ruins the best league in the world further.

  21. they should allow WR and DB’s to make hand contact down the field. The only thing that they shouldn’t allow is for the DB to grab or hold a receiver or jump into a receiver with his back turned to the ball. Other than that a DB should be able to use hand contact.

  22. In 2003 the Patriots crushed Peyton in the playoffs and they created this rule against any down field contact. Fast forward to last year and Peyton gets crushed in the Super bowl and surprise surprise a new emphasis on down field contact. I am so sick of the league trying to pump up this all time choke artist!

  23. Hmm, I believe it was a NE game against Peyton Manning, and then in the SB against the Rams, that first caused the rule changes. This year because of Peyton, they’re making it a point of emphasis again. Wow, Peyton seems like a cry baby.

  24. And sorry to comment twice but it was Peyton’s decision to come back from a major neck injury. You didn’t have to come back and if you did that doesn’t mean the game needs to be tailored to your preference; this isn’t your league. He is becoming a bigger cry baby than Archie was and shame on Goodell for ACTUALLY listening to Peyton’s demands. I’m a Jet fan and I’m even starting to like Brady over Manning.

  25. Pink tutus for the receivers. Touch the tutu = 5 yards. Interfere with the tutu = 10 yards. Make fun of the tutu = 15 yards.

    Welcome to Roger Goodell’s National Penalty League!

  26. Tell ’em Rex.

    As far as Seattle goes, the NFCCG and SB were very clean db games. Maxwell doesn’t hold and Sherman has done plenty of clutch and grab.

    SB it was DThomas that pushed Sherman down at the 5 yd line when Sherman would’ve had a pick.

    When Maxwell punched the ball away from DThomas on the fumble that Malcolm Smith recovered, it was DThomas that pulled Maxwell’s jersey for holding.

    Both of those were blatant Denver penalties. I re-watched both games multiple times looking for all of the clutch and grab that any fan wouldn’t seen.

    Guess what? Seattle was clean. It was the fear of Kam that had Crabtree doing alligator arms and Wes Welker and Eric Decker to shake in their boots.

    Those are the facts. Don’t believe me? Go watch the film. I know. It’s time you know, too.

  27. I agree they should let them play as long as the players play within the rules. What the Seahawks and several other DBs do every play is a penalty and should be called.

    The league’s “emphasis” is dumb. That implies that the rules are arbitrary and the referees have sole discretion. BS. If there is a penalty, call it no matter what the game situation or teams involved are. Initially there will be some slow games but the players will have to adjust or cost their teams.

    If the officials would call every legitimate penalty they see then strategies like “just hold every play to get an advantage because the refs will not want to bog down the game” would not exist.

    Why is it so hard to play within the rules? Accidents are inevitable but some of these guys do this stuff routinely. Maybe they should add a player specific threshold. Get three penalties of the same kind and sit for a while (penalty box kinda deal)

  28. Brandon Browner is the biggest culprit of that style of play and he didn’t even in what, the last 6 or so games of the season.

    Now New England has the PED clutch and grab because he’s slow.

    Browner is now worthless but down the stretch, all this clutch and grab is so overblown as Seattle didn’t need to.

    Besides it was Seattle’s front 4-5 that kicked tail and made it easy for the LOB. Avril, Bennett, Clemens, Mebane and even Cl.Mcdonald played well. They didn’t clutch and grab.

    Once B.B. was gone, the Hawks didn’t need to grab. They’re a top 3-5 D of all time. All time, folks so let’s get some facts for a change and then pop off.

    Enjoy your day

  29. Let’s see how Rex feels when the defenders are mugging his own receivers and Geno’s highly ineffective offense goes down yet another 3 and out.

  30. It’s amazing how many idiots turn EVERY article into a Peyton bash. You all must sit there and spell Peyton over and over in your alphabet soup. Get a life.

  31. The rule was changed because megahead received a thrashing from Seattle in the SB that he’ll never forget. That’s right, forehead, keep getting the rules changed to your benefit so that you can finally walk away with a ring.

  32. For every ticky tacky call they make, there is at least one grievous one they miss. Making lots of calls may get them to play cleaner so quit whining about them. It’s going to be painful to watch for a time because players and coaches are hard-headed and they’ll keep doing it until it costs them so much that they have to stop. It will take a few games but they’ll get the message eventually. It’s a worthwhile effort.

  33. One time great game, Göd-el continues to have fans, players and coaches shake their head at. To many rules , to many different refs at their discretions throw a flag, nothing consistent.

  34. All you Seattle haters keep trying to say that Seattle won it all only because of what brought on this rule change.

    Yeah, the only reason your team didn’t win it all last year is because you didn’t cheat. That’s the ticket! You are just like the classless bronco fans all chanting “SUPERBOWL CHEATERS” last week after getting curbstomped 43-8. Yeah the seahawks cheated…that is why you lost *eye roll*. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

    “Richard Sherman holds on every play so call it.” and here you are trying to psychologically explain why he isn’t better than YOUR cornerback.(p.s. he is better, even primetime agrees).

    Smh, psychology is a crazy thing. Raw emotion(hate) doesn’t work well with logic and rationality.

    The idea that a rule change is going to affect the MOST talented secondary in the game more than anyone else is a really bad one and not thought out well.

    We all saw Roger fuming in his seat every time they showed him during the SB. Like he was a Denver/Peyton fan…


    The LOB will handle any rule changes as well or better than anyone in the league.

  35. For once I agree with sexy Rexy…… wait I also agree with Rexy the buffet at Golden Corral is pretty good too. NO wait three times…Jennifer Anniston’s feet are sexy!!

  36. The buffet at the golden corral is NOT good BTW. Made the mistake of finally trying that last year.

    Everything is dry and bland. Even the ice cream was mediocre…like Crabtree.

  37. I gotta agree with Rex on this one. Defense wins championships and to make championship defenses exciting you gotta let them play as physical as possible. After all the offensive players still are allowed to push off and do rub routes why not let the defense do what they want to the receivers?

  38. scw1993 says:
    Aug 10, 2014 1:31 PM
    The rule was changed because megahead received a thrashing from Seattle in the SB that he’ll never forget. That’s right, forehead, keep getting the rules changed to your benefit so that you can finally walk away with a ring.


    What would you get when you cross the Forehead with the Neckbeard?

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