As the Alouettes turn: Troy Smith reportedly benched, Jeff Garcia named QBs coach


As the NFL regular season approaches, the CFL campaign is in full swing, and one Canadian club is having a rather drama-filled 2014.

The CFL’s Montreal Alouettes — who you may well know as Chad Johnson’s current team — have had one busy Monday.

First, the club announced several coaching staff changes. Ex-NFL and CFL quarterback Jeff Garcia, hired as a consultant last week, is now the quarterbacks coach. The Alouettes also tabbed ex-Boise State quarterback Ryan Dinwiddie as offensive coordinator and ex-Bengals quarterback Turk Schonert as wide receivers coach.

Then, later Monday came news of a quarterback change. According to Didier Orméjuste of, the Als have benched 2006 Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith in favor of Alex Brink. What’s more, Orméjuste reports the Alouettes want to place Smith on the six-game injured list — but Smith is said to be against the move.

As for Johnson: He departed Friday’s loss to Edmonton with a possible concussion, according to the Montreal Gazette.

However, for all of the Alouettes’ issues, they are still just one game out of first place in the CFL’s East Division, which would get along well with the 2010 NFC West, from the looks of it.

34 responses to “As the Alouettes turn: Troy Smith reportedly benched, Jeff Garcia named QBs coach

  1. That wasnt hard to figure out based on Troy’s stat’s when i first read that headline a couple of days ago. With that being said my lifetime comments on the CFL are done.

  2. Not a lot of people are familiar what an Alouette is. It’s the french version of a bagel.

  3. Now I know….there are two team names I’d slit my wrists over if they represented by home town…the “Alouettes” and the “Browns.”

    In case you didn’t know, “Alouette” is a popular French Canadian children’s song about plucking the feathers from a lark. I kid you not. “Browns” is a modern American tradition of blowing a first round draft pick on a QB that should actually be a free agent backup.

  4. Is this the same Troy Smith that commenters on this website thought was a starting NFL QB? The one who unjustly had the starting job taken from him by Joe Flacco?

  5. Well, last I checked you Alouette’s had. Jarrod Johnson on their negotiating list. Perhaps now it’s time decide 25-year-old who they can develop the when the Edmonton Eskimos developed Warren Moon so many years ago. Another the it comes to mind is Dominick Davis I think he also has the skills to develop into a very high quality CFL quarterback. One name I would not include on this list would be Josh Freeman. I don’t believe Josh Freeman and his Ego, would allow him to consider coming up north and playing in Canada IMHO.

  6. CFL news? Read between the lines, folks.

    The NFL has orchestrated a Toronto sale of the Bills. This place is just following orders.

  7. “I kid you not. “Browns” is a modern American tradition of blowing a first round draft pick on a QB that should actually be a free agent backup.”


    Coincidentally, the word for that in the Norse languages is Vikings.

  8. There is some excellent football in the CFL. Shame there are those that would rather mock it than give it a shot. I’ve been watching since I found it as a 12 year in 1983 on Channel 57 in Philly and this year I am finally going to my first Grey Cup game in Vancouver. Give it a fair look people.

  9. What I find interesting is they were actually decent late last season with basically the same personnel.

    Then they changed coaches, hired an OC who was fired before the season, then installed some other guy as OC without the title and no experience. Troy smith wasn’t particularly good last year, but he was a lot better before they changed the offense twice and installed coaches it seems (from what I’ve read) the owners wanted but the GM probably didn’t particularly want. The GM was a better coach last year than this year’s coaches, it appears.

  10. Difference between the NFL and Canadien “Football” – NFL = Bears, Lions, Vikings, Bengals, Raiders, Rams… all intimidating names vs CFL = Alouettes, Eskimos, Roughriders, Argonauts LOL.

  11. The NFL should split into 2 leagues like it used to be. But still be one entity. And they should have an NFL championship and an AFL championship. And the winner of that plays in the SuperBowl. That would be dope.

  12. There’s been a lot of drama in Montreal since Trestman went to the Bears. I didn’t think Smith looked that bad, however, Brink also looked decent at times for the Bombers.

  13. LOL at flacco loyalists STILL nervous about their boy.

    Guess what. He got his huge contract. His job is safe. Enjoy the next few years of all the teams offensive talent being severely under-utilized due to his inability to read defenses and make accurate, timely throws.

    Ray and Ed aint around to carry the team to another Super Bowl. Better hope Steve Smith can play the Boldin role bailing out bad throws with amazing catches.

  14. if Terrelle Pryor gets cut, maybe he can go there and start. i would like to see Vince Young play in the CFL, but i doubt he will.

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