Bill Lazor on Ryan Tannehill: He’s coming


Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill completed all six passes he threw in the team’s preseason opener against the Falcons, an encouraging start to a big season for him even if we add all the disclaimers about preseason performances being of varying accuracy about future outings.

Those completions came as Miami ran their offense at a quick pace that forced Tannehill to make quick, precise decisions about where to go with the ball. Offensive coordinator Bill Lazor liked what he saw from his charge, especially in terms of the footwork that’s been a point of emphasis for him at practice this summer. Lazor also liked Tannehill’s leadership and said he will keep the pressure on Tannehill to continue building him as a quarterback.

“My job right now is to push him. I’ve got to make it very hard for him out here on the practice field,” Lazor said, via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “I heard a rumor that some people have reported we’ve made it hard for him on the field. That’s on purpose. That’s how you build a quarterback. He’s coming.”

Lazor also said he thought the team was better in pass blocking than they were in run blocking. While they’d like to better across the board to field a balanced attack, better pass protection should only help Tannehill grow as a quarterback after getting pressured so often last season.

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  1. yeah, if you had a wife like his you would be too Lazor. Stay out of Tannehills personal life.

  2. Do Dolphin fans realize there is a quarterback in their division named Tom Brady who arrived a long time ago? And until he retires I take no team seriously out that division. Keep thinking a converted receiver, one year college qb starter is gonna get you to the promised land.

  3. It’s only been a year, and Chip Kelly’s coaching tree is already making an impact in the NFL.

    I expect Pat Shurmur to get more than 1 head coaching interview next offseason.

  4. He’s played well against the Pats since he came into the league. The biggest problem the Fins have had was a terrible Oline that didn’t give him enough time and often left him running for his life.

    If they manage to get decent play from their Oline this year the Fins will be a lot tougher.

  5. The two top areas of concern for the Dolphins to have greater success were pass protection and Tannehill taking the next step. Even though it was just one drive, it was far better than any last preseason, and he didn’t even have his top targets on the field, Wallace, Hartline, and Clay. The Lazor effect appears to be working. This team looks like it’s highly underrated.

  6. Funny to refer to Lazor as someone from Kelly’s “coaching tree” since the only reason Kelly hired him was because Michael Vick recommended him as a good choice to help transition his college playbook to the pros. Lazor’s been around a long time, independent of Kelly, and I think you’ll see now that he finally is getting a chance (and we all know that’s more about who you know than what you know, otherwise guys like Bill Musgrave wouldn’t have been playcaller so many times to predictable failure) that he’s a very good coach.

  7. That drive was without Hartline, Wallace or Charles Clay. Jarvis Landry is going to be a beast.Say what you may but this team has a ton of talent.

  8. Offense may improve.

    The questions for me are on defense.

    Can they stop the run?
    Can the LBs tackle?
    Can they get pressure on the QB when it matters?

  9. Lazor says there ain’t no offense like a Scranton offense, cuz a Scranton offense don’t stop.

  10. One pre-season game, and Polan announces Tannehill the greatest,,,”No Thrill” Tannehill was 7-35 last yr in passing over 25 yds. Lets not get our panties wet just yet. One drive with a couple of short passes doesnt make him Marino like. Lip stick on a pig?

  11. It’s comical how many non-fans check in on a post about the Dolphins, you guys need to find either a team to pull for or new hobby.. Sharing your hopes of failure or negative views isn’t gonna make your team better or change our excitement about the coming year..

  12. Progress is good, be it footwork or OL pass protection.
    But…improvements in the running game will help Tannehill’s just as much as his own personal improvement.

    Keeping a defense honest with a decent running game helps keep Our offense relying on ol’ hot wife, former WR. backs like Danny Woodhead, LeGarrette Blount even Stevan Ridley have helped a top QB like Tom Brady…

    We gotta light a fire under Lamar, Knowshon and the rest of that group. Last year’s excuses and performances won’t cut it this year.

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