Blandino’s visit to Cowboys’ bus was a short one

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Peter King has an intriguing footnote to Friday’s overblown non-story that NFL V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino spent time socially with Cowboys COO Stephen Jones.

King, who confirms and updates the PFT report that no teams have complained to the league about Blandino doing with Jones what Blandino does with every team and every member of the Competition Committee, shares the explanation Blandino has provided to the powers-that-be at 345 Park Avenue.

“He met Stephen Jones, a member of the league’s Competition Committee, for dinner in Los Angeles,” King writes.  “After dinner, Jones suggested they get a drink. Blandino accepted.  They went to a bar and had a drink.  From there, Blandino parted ways with Jones and others in his party.”

That meshes with what we’ve separately heard — that, while Blandino was on the bus, he wasn’t there for long.  And he was long gone by the time TMZ shot images of Jones entertaining a group of females on the bus.

And so this overblown non-story remains a non-story.  End of non-story.

23 responses to “Blandino’s visit to Cowboys’ bus was a short one

  1. The league could give the Cowboys a three touchdown lead to start games and with that D they’d still lose.

    Keep in mind they were the 32nd ranked D in the last year with Sean Lee, D Ware, and Jason Hatcher.

    Mind you they didn’t play the whole season but what do you think will happen this year?

  2. If it looks like a rat, smells like a rat, and guess what it’s a rat. A short visit? Define short.

    So Dean was just hanging out and Jerry saw him on the street and just gave him a ride a couple blocks down the street?

  3. How is it a non-story? PFT has obviously devoted another article to it. And it looks shady as hell. The only thing keeping the NFL Illuminati from gifting the Cowboys another trophy is the fact that their players/coaches/front office suck so bad.

  4. @kam the chancellor:

    Agree 100 percent. The emphasizing that the end of non story and the insistence that the NFL has received no complaints on it suggests cover up and sweeping this story under the rug

  5. If Tim Tebow was spotted within 10 miles of Cowboys training camp there would be 17 posts about it over the next 4 days.

    But this is being aggressively pushed as a non-story?? Something doesn’t add up.

  6. The Tebow/Farve/Redskins stories are something then?

    How can this be a “Non-story”? Is it because you say it is?

    The tail is wagging the dog here.

  7. After the League office burned the Patriot’s videotapes following Spygate, they don’t get the benefit of the doubt anymore.

    Try telling your wife that while the camera shows you leaving the cat house on the edge of town, your visit was a short one. See how far that gets you.

  8. Everything the NFL does is a story. So to say this is a non-story is just crap. Maybe last year this is a non-story, but this year the VP of officiating will be ruling on every close play during the game. So not sure how it’s a non-story that he is getting down on the party bus with young women. And the write/owner isn’t doing his job. This is a story because he his taking time out of his day to write about it, if it wasn’t a story then there would be no need for this article. And we have no idea if the league office is reviving calls from nfl execs, because one report says they are and execs are “fuming.” Not sure who you are trying to convince pft but this is a story and you should do you job and dig into it because you want to tell everyone how this isn’t a story. ITS THE NFL, ITS A STORY

  9. Anyone wanna make a bet Dean Blandino never shows up on TMZ getting out of an owners bus again?

    O I forgot the league built on gambling doesn’t condone betting and likes to distance itself from gambling.

    Poor choice of words on my part

  10. all of u need to calm down. Stephen Jones is part of the competition committee. did everyone miss that part in the article? if this would’ve been the rams or the patriots u guys would still complain about it.seems to me none of u aren’t happy unless you are whining about something.

  11. Maybe in the photos with the strippers, Jerry was just demonstrating some of the “illegal contact” calls for defenders this year to Blandino.
    “Hey VP of officials, if a defender grabs a WR like I’m grabbing this chick, would I get a flag?”

    It all makes sense now.

  12. First JJ is paying off the officials. Then he’s having a freak party on HIS bus. Man who cares. All I care about when it comes to JJ is Winning football games.

  13. Did Jones provide the league with any official NFL products or slick sideline tablets, like the Microsoft Seahawks?

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