Bon Jovi’s group advances to final round of Bills sale

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Bad news, Bills fans.  Jon Bovi’s bid for the team, which appeared to be close to imploding last week, remains viable.

According to John Kryk of the Toronto Sun, Bon Jovi’s Toronto-based group has made it to the final round of the sale process.  The group will meet with the folks responsible for selling the Bills on Tuesday in Manhattan.

The development comes after the group’s initial bid was rejected and a second bid generated additional requests for clarification, specifically regarding its commitment to keeping the team in Buffalo.

While that clarification apparently was good enough to persuade the trust responsible for selling the franchise to proceed, Bills fans surely remain skeptical, preferring a buyer like Terry Pegula, who already owns the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres.

83 responses to “Bon Jovi’s group advances to final round of Bills sale

  1. The L.A. Bills…that name is already growing on me…

    I still can’t believe Bon Jovi…what’s next, Def Leppard going to buy the Panthers?

  2. jdog5428 says:
    The L.A. Bills…that name is already growing on me…

    I still can’t believe Bon Jovi…what’s next, Def Leppard going to buy the Panthers?
    You leave Def Leppard out of this – they would kick Jon Bon Jovi’s butt, including the one-armed drummer.

  3. Don’t sweat it Bills fans. All you need to do is hammer your politicians for that new stadium. Here is the chance to show and prove your support for the Bills. Put the heat on your elected officials and you can rest easy. Pressuring officials for a new stadium will go a lot farther than banning Bon Jovi music. Walk the walk.

  4. You’re right, bostonisthebestandyouallsukk, Boston is a great city. Good food, good culture, lots to do, the Sam Adams Brewery. Unfortunately it’s way overpopulated with people like you.

  5. STILL zero chance this team leaves Buffalo.


    Ain’t happening.



  6. @dalcow4: Welcome to Toronto. Sure, lets pretend that Toronto has a suitable stadium. Sure lets pretend that the Bon Jovi group will add another 500 million to the bid. Lets pretend that there won’t be a public relation disaster keeping the Bills in Buffalo for a few more years before moving to Toronto. I’m sure that the NFL won’t notice the brutal support Toronto has shown to the sport of football over the past few decades. Well were at it, lets all wish real hard that Toronto will just love the idea of PSL’s. Have you ever noticed that the people that push the idea of the Bills moving to Toronto never back up the case with any valid reasons of why it will happen. Introducing the new owner of the Buffalo Bills-Terry Pegula.

  7. This whole sale makes me wonder why the Wilson family just didn’t take the billion $, and sell the team to Pegula. Im sure the family is rich enough that a mil here or there really doesn’t matter.

    They could have directed this sale themselves if they really cared about the team staying in Buffalo.

    Time to stop blaming Bon Jovi, after all this is the process they chose for selling the team.

  8. If you know he is in finals, who are the others? Surely, the reporter knows that, as well. Seems kinda important at this moment.

  9. Yup ok… And the bid still isn’t close to Pegulas! Cash is king. And keep hating on Buffalo.

    We get it your city is hip and were blue collar, we don’t have the high rise buildings and overpriced under sized property’s. We live comfortably on a nice salary in a3000 sq ft homes with large backyards. We don’t have congested highways and smog, we have great fishing hunting hiking and nice beaches that are not over crowded with hipsters. We also have one of the best and up and coming medical corridors in the whole country, an expanding downtown and a burgeoning lake front.
    What we don’t have is a team that cheated their way to Super Bowl titles. I would rather have 4 losses than be known as the team that cheated and never won anything significant since they were caught. So hate on Pats fans.
    Talk all you want but you all know you never have won anything without cheating!

  10. I can’t even contemplate what the border crossing would look like on game day. I’m an hour East of Buffalo. Toronto is at least three hours, not counting time at the border. And I’ve sat at the border for more than an hour on more occasions than I care to think about. You could easily have to travel 8-9 hours to see the team that used to be your team.

  11. Toronto and L.A. should both have teams. It’s stupid that they don’t. Their media markets are on par with New York and Chicago. From a business point of view this is just wrong.

    I also think it’s unfair Buffalo has to compete with Toronto as they aren’t on equal ground. Toronto is much bigger with a much more robust economy and a higher average income. Buffalo’s best days are behind them (as a city) while Toronto is booming.

    That being said, I like an underdog and there isn’t a better underdog in the NFL then the Buffalo Bills. Let’s Go Buffalo!

  12. Logically speaking the other 29 owners would be strongly saying behind the scenes that the Bills must be sold to the highest bidder to help Jack up the valuations of their own team.

    As such, Goddell would be silently pushing the Bills out of Buffalo if that resulted in a higher purchase price.

    NFL is essentially extorting the Buffalo taxpayers to make up this difference by building a corporate welfare project aka a new stadium with public money.

  13. Pegula buys bills Delaware North pays for stadium downtown state doesn’t have to foot any of the bill. Pegula didn’t sell 1.75 billion dollars of oil property to go to the casino. Rest easy Buffalo Morgan Stamley has to save face, this is just another bidder so they can try to deflect the poorly handled media circus.

  14. Sell the team to Bon Jovi’s group, on the condition he can never sing the national anthem, ever.

  15. Jon Bon Jovi is WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE in the city of Buffalo.

    Bills fans are LIVING ON A PRAYER

    to cope with all of this Bills fans are taking some BAD MEDICINE

    And Bon Jovi and the Bills are about to RUNAWAY!

  16. If the city of Baltimore had made upgrades to the stadium, rosenbloom would have never traded the colts for the rams and the devil would have never owned the colts. Buffalo should have built a new stadium with luxury boxes before Wilson died. Only buffalo has themselves to blame for losing the bills which is going to happen.

  17. If the Wilson’s were THAT serious about keeping the team in Buffalo, they’d make whoever buys the team spend $1.5 billion or more, and turn around and build a stadium for them in Buffalo.

    Greed can only be so plentiful when you’re already profiting over a billion dollars.

  18. I honestly don’t understand you so called “nfl fans.” Why would you want to see a city as die hard and passionate about their hometown team lose them? That’s just unreal. New England was the worst franchise in sports at one time, selling 8 thousand tickets in December, with fans wearing bags over their heads. I hate the patriots and dolphins, but I wouldn’t want them to be moved. This is what the nfl was built on. Passion, not who can make a penny more here or a penny more there. Roger is changing the game to white collar, and it’s people like you allowing it. This is a blue collar hard nosed bad ass sport and nobody relates better to it then blue collar people. Not executives in a press box eating and drinking fine dining product while talking business. I’m beginning to hate football because of you people that are white collar corporates. I’d rather have 70,000 die hard mid class fans, than 500 rich snots who think they deserve lobster at a football game they probably aren’t even watching… RANT OVER… #gobillssteelersbrownsalltruefans

  19. Bon Jovi will move them home, to Jersey, like the other 2 New York teams. Lol. All kidding aside, i feel bad for buffalo fans. If they were real fans, all 260,000 citizens of buffalo would chip in the $12,000 each needed to purchase the Bills.

  20. This is bad because Bonjovi can’t be trusted. When he was part owner of the Philadelphia Arena football team he promised a free concert if they won the Championship back in 2009. We are still waiting.

  21. Sadly I think as soon as it’s possible the NFL will facilitate the Bills move to a city they like better. And even worse the Bills fans will have to watch Roger Goodell step to a podium and lie through his teeth saying it’s what the fans want. It’s his go to response for all the crap he has and will try to do.

  22. People who think the Bills will stay in Buffalo are naive. It’s all about the market and face it, Buffalo can’t compete when they’re so many better options out there. Somebody paying a billion dollars for a franchise with a dump of a stadium and a small TV audience will relocate the team and the NFL will be better for it.

  23. Before you guys knock Buffalo you might want to do your home work. The city is actually in great shape. Employment forecasts are strong, Tech companies are moving into the city, Manufacturing and health care. Billion’s of Dollars in Investments its easy to find you can do a Google search. $172 Million Dollar Harbor center development is the biggest in Buffalo’s History and its funded by one of the potential owners Terry Pagula. I don’t live in Buffalo anymore and the city was in shambles and in bankruptcy when I left. I am proud of my hometown however and where it is going. keep in mind there are owners who want to keep the team in Buffalo because it makes financial sense. I just hope the NFL gives them a fair shake

  24. I just want to point out if they’d just give Toronto the Jaguars, you could stick Toronto in the AFC East, move Miami to the AFC South and suddenly the divisions in the AFC would make sense. Problem solved. It should have been Shad Khan, not Ralph Wilson…

  25. There’s a lot of tough talk coming out of Buffalo, we did the same thing in Cleveland. We called Modell’s bluff and lost. Guess what, it’s a business and ultimately a new stadium was built for an expansion team, despite keeping the names and history in trust, it was a new franchise. Only one team in the NFL is owned by the community, all the rest are in the hands of a businessman or woman and they will do what they want as long as the NFL sees it as a benefit for the league. I’m pretty sure whoever takes over is going to want a new stadium and other perks from the city. You can go along with it and build them a monument or grab your pair and flip him/her off and probably watch them roll out. No sentimentality was shown when the Browns, Cardinals, Rams and Raiders moved, it was all about money and so is this.

  26. What happened to that self-serving, self-richeous, publicity-hound, comb-over king’s bid, you know the guy I’m talking about.

    “You’re Fired!”

  27. The more you deny what’s going on, the harder you’re going to fall when the hammer comes down.

    Hello, Toronto.

  28. The ‘assurances’ is just the league telling the trust to keep him in there to drive the price up.

    At the end of the day, his group with him as majority is capped, and Pegula can surpass that.

    Nothing to see here.

  29. Nothing unexpected. For anyone who has followed the process in detail and read about it from sources from outside of PFT, then you knew it was going to happen. And you shouldn’t be surprised. There’s a lot of reasons for this, none of which should supplant the optimism felt by Bills fans a week ago.

  30. This whole bid, then bid again, then bid again scheme is really disgusting and reeks of the 1% entitlement issues that plague the entire world….I wonder if this is what Ralph had in mind or has his family/handlers bastardized his intent?

  31. unclebluck says:
    Aug 12, 2014 8:13 AM

    This whole bid, then bid again, then bid again scheme is really disgusting and reeks of the 1% entitlement issues that plague the entire world


    That’s called an “auction.”

  32. NFL fans who have the most bleak future, in regards to inept team ownership:


    (Not necessarily in order)

  33. The Bills are not moving to LA. There is no committed stadium plan for LA. It is all smoke and mirrors plus if anything the Raiders will move there first. Regarding Toronto, first Canadians are too nice for the NFL. My goodness, the CFL bans tailgating and people accept it. In addition 60 percent of all merchandise purchase for Canadian football in the country is Roughrider gear. This shows me that there is more regional loyalty than national loyalty. Note that Saskatchewan is only 600k people.True the vast majority of the country’s population is in Ontario but the CFL gets you up for the start of the NHL season. I do not think moving to Toronto is that viable.

  34. As a Dolphin fan I for one have mixed feelings. I would like the Bills to stay in Buffalo for the tradition but if they move to Toronto it’s one less middle of winter snow game the Dolphins have to play every year. If I had a choose I guess I hope they stay cause that would suck so bad for all Bills fans, if that ever happens to the Dolphins i’d be sooo pissed. Go Phins!

  35. -Population trends swinging in the right direction for the first time since 1950
    -Budding development plans to bring commerce and new infrastructure to a massive plot of previously unused waterfront property within the city
    -More redevelopment projects currently underway than there’s been in the last 60 years combined, with several more slated to begin within the next year
    -Long term investments in the rapidly growing, lucrative and persistently viable medical research, healthcare, nanotech, biotech and other technological related fields
    -Several prospective owners with ties to WNY, clear intentions not to move the team, and the cash flush to contribute to a new stadium to minimize the hurt to tax payers

    These are all facts. Take a second to learn them. Or ignore the truth and keep saying Buffalo isn’t viable in the long term for the NFL. Whatever suits you.

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