Brian Hoyer: The Browns are my team, until I hear otherwise


Cleveland quarterback Brian Hoyer says that he still views himself as the Browns’ leader and starting quarterback, and he has no reason to believe that Johnny Manziel is moving ahead of him on the depth chart.

“To me, this is my team until someone else tells me otherwise,” Hoyer said.

Hoyer sounds confident, although he acknowledges that he was mediocre in the preseason opener at Detroit: Hoyer completed just six of his 14 passes, for 92 yards, and the three drives he led yielded two field goals and a punt.

“Just continue to get better, know the system better,” Hoyer said. “Going back and watching the film [from Saturday night], there are a few reads I would have liked to read differently. So you learn from those mistakes and you try to build on it.”

If Hoyer wants the Browns to remain his team, he’ll have to show more than he did against the Lions. If he can’t, he’ll soon hear that the Browns are Manziel’s team.

87 responses to “Brian Hoyer: The Browns are my team, until I hear otherwise

  1. Keep the circus going. We all know the browns will play the rookie, that’s their style. Without Gordan, he’ll under perform. Fans will cry and Hoyer will start….same story, different names

  2. This dude choked and went 6/14 in his golden oppurtunity, basically fell flat on his face until Johnny Football came in and tore it up. When Johnny has a repeat performance and Hoyer stinks it up again in the 2nd preseason game, Hoyer will eat his words.

    Johnny Football >>>>> Hoyer

    any day of the week.

  3. If manziel gets time with 1st unit this week that will b it for hoyer it will b Johnny footballs team by week 3 of the pre seasona

  4. You would be amazed at the view I have from in here. I am glad to report my prostate is healthy as can be…. Brian

  5. Sad for Hoyer, he’s going to lose the starting job to a guy that rolls up dollar bills in the restroom and hangs out with Justin Bieber.

    P A T H E T I C !

  6. barsfordays-

    67 yards passing in one half against 2nd and 3rd stringers is nothing to be proud of….

  7. It is his team. He played better. 6/14 and two bad throws with 3 drops. One of them a touchdown that I think 100% Gordon catches in reg season (if he plays). Manziel had great runs and a few good passes and his runs are more exciting for sure, but he didn’t maintain the pocket, took off running very fast and quite frankly no one is mentioning the two penalties he got for delay of game. Hoyer is ready now and can lead this team onto an NFL field. Manziel, who i think will bust or be very average long term, isn’t ready today.

  8. barsfordays says:
    Aug 11, 2014 6:14 PM
    This dude choked and went 6/14 in his golden oppurtunity, basically fell flat on his face until Johnny Football came in and tore it up. When Johnny has a repeat performance and Hoyer stinks it up again in the 2nd preseason game, Hoyer will eat his words.

    Johnny Football >>>>> Hoyer

    any day of the week.


    Barfsfordays…Scamziel played against 3rd string players, some players that will be gone with the first cut….if that’s tearing it up in the NFL you’re odd in your thinking in what a good QB is.

  9. Hoyer: 92 yards passing, with a longer per-pass average, against the first team defense, in 3 series worth of time on the field.

    Manziel: 63 yards passing against the 2nd string defense, shorter yards-per-pass average, played more than half the game.

    You have to love biased reporting.

  10. Brian, Bubbie… stop with the “my team” crap. It isn’t a question of if you’re getting replaced, just a matter of when.

  11. Hoyer: 92 yards passing, with a longer per-pass average, against the first team defense, led team to 6 points, all during 3 possessions.

    Manziel: 63 yards passing against the 2nd and 3rd string defenses, shorter yards-per-pass average, 2 delay of game penalties, led team to 6 points, played more than half the game.

    But, uh, whatever you say, PFT. I mean, you guys obviously don’t have an agenda…

  12. Hoyer: 6/14, 92 yards (3 drops – 1 was TD). Accurage on all but two balls. Moved ball efficiently, found 2nd, 3rd options easily and quickly. No penalties

    Manziel: 63 yards passing / 27 rushing (one noticeable drop, the other he hit the guy in the knee). Took off running very quickly when in pocket instead of throwing to open receivers. two delay of game penalties.

    Manziel is way more talented athletically than Hoyer (and Manning, Brady, Brees, Tannehill, etc). Athletic ability doesn’t equal success.

    I don’t get the rush to play him. The runs are fun to watch, but long term you ain’t winning that way and he is gonna get killed. He aint Cam Newton or Kaepernick size.

  13. It’s Johnny Football not Brian Football. It might come as a shock, but you are probably a road bump and Johnny Football is heading straight for you in a big truck. Please don’t squeal when he drives over you. Save your money and try to be supportive. You were Tom Brady’s backup, it’s not like you don’t know how to play the role.

  14. Johnny could use some tutoring from Bridgewater on how to keep calm in the pocket and throw.

  15. Hoyer has the right attitude but the deck is stacked against him. It seems like across the NFL in the first preseason game the initial QB struggled against the defensive first team and the backup QB did well against the defensive scrubs.

    The Browns may have already had a quality starting QB on the roster in Hoyer but they would never admit a mistake by drafting Manzeil – not even if he were caught publicly doing coke.

  16. At some point this season they will turn this AWFUL team over to Johnny Cokeboy, and he will lead it until he gets decleated while screwing around outside the pocket, and it will by Hoyer’s team again…. by then the season will be unsalvageable though.

    Good luck Brian, seeing as you haven’t had any so far, you deserve it.

  17. Does it matter?
    Hoyer had a drive ending beautiful deep out dropped at the 9 by Austin, and had anther drive ending pass dropped inside the 5 by Gray

    As long as the Browns lead the league in drops no QB will excel.

  18. That’s good, I was just heading downtown Cleveland to grab me an Andrew Wiggins Cavs jersey, might just as well grab a Hoyer jersey, and maybe a Justin Masterson one while I’m at it.

  19. Since everyone else has already mentioned the whole “Hoyer played better against starters than Manziel did with Backups” deal I’ll just further it with this.

    Colt McCoy went 8 for 9 for 102 yards and a touchdown against 3rd stringers. Why aren’t they doing stories about Colt Football and the Redskins QB controversy?

    How about seeing what Manziel looks like against actual starters before he gets his Hall of Fame jacket the media is trying to get him. The only thing proven on Saturday is he isn’t Tim Tebow and can throw an accurate pass.

  20. New drinking game! Watch NFL Network. Drink every time they mention Johnny! Jeez… change the name to JFL Network. Johnny Football League. In two months it’ll be Johnny Injured Reserve….

  21. Pettine should listen to the fans and media and start Johnny Football, after all it’s not like the Browns would fire a first year head coach……

  22. Well if Pettine’s press conference after practice is any indication he took a subtle shot at Johnny. Hoyer appears to be the starter as of right now, with his “starting QB has to be earned”comment.

    It’s funny the Steelers DC knows who the better QB is with his comment about he’s preparing for “Manziel to be the starter in week 1” but his own head coach doesn’t. This is why the Browns are the Browns.

    You could tell these idiots who to play and they would still take the other guy

  23. He played WITH practice squad players on offense as well. I’m not biased either way, but the whole “He went against 2nd team defense” is not his fault. That was a very..VERY small sample size. Let him play with starters next week and see what he does. Rather have him be terrible in preseason with starers than week one. Hoyer has little to lose in not starting preseason seeing as he has been in the league so long and been there done this before. So why not see what Manziel can do against ones before making a decision?

  24. They’ll both start multiple games this season. Neither is going to be good enough nor healthy enough to keep the job.

  25. Hoyer really? I mean how long has he been in the NFL? He had his chance & he has showed nothing. Why draft a talent like Johnny & sit him on the bench? Hoyer is not winning the SB this year or ever!

  26. Manziel: One look, pass or run on every single attempt.

    Hoyer: reached his 3d checkdown on 9 of his 13 attempts.

    Anyone who can break down a game intelligently can clearly see that Hoyer is light years ahead of Manziel.

  27. Hoyer will be the starter for the opener at Pittsburgh.

    His trial runs three games, until the bye week. If Hoyer lights it up and the Browns win two or three games, he keeps the job.

    An 0 and 3, or a 1 and 2 start means that Manziel takes over.

    Pettine says the QB that gives the team the best chance to win, starts. I believe him.

  28. I’m willing to give Hoyer a pass on the first preseason game. It was his first live action in 9 mos. following a torn ACL. Hoyer still gives the Browns the best chance once live bullets start flying. When the reg. season starts JFFs head will be spinning at the speed and deception of NFL defenses compared to preseason.

  29. Someone said let him play with 1’s and we will see what he will do…

    I can already tell you…

    He will dance around in the pocket and if his 1st read isn’t there (pistol read option anyone?) He will keep the ball himself ( not securing it by the way) instead of passing it off to his safety valve and running it himself while taking a dive had first…

    In other words he will do the very sane thing he did with the 2’s & 3’s

    His only salvation and the only thing that will make a difference is he will have the teams number 1 receiving corp. If he can’t get it to them it will be the same performance we saw Saturday…

  30. Hoyer: 92 yards passing, with a longer per-pass average, against the first team defense, led team to 6 points, all during 3 possessions.

    Manziel: 63 yards passing against the 2nd and 3rd string defenses, shorter yards-per-pass average, 2 delay of game penalties, led team to 6 points, played more than half the game.

    But, uh, whatever you say, PFT. I mean, you guys obviously don’t have an agenda…


    Uh, Hoyer also played with a first string offense surrounding him, Manziel played with a second/third string offense around him and still outperformed Hoyer IMO.

    – Not a Browns fan, but a JF fan!

  31. I don’t know if it’s only me, but Hoyer comes off as a bit of a jerk. As far as I’m concerned, he is in no position to claim that anything is his. This guy has been around the league for more than a minute now & he hasn’t shown that he is capable of being an everyday starter. He flashed some signs of hope last year, but that went up in flames with his knee injury. This isn’t a guy who took over in-season & led a miraculous about-face of fortunes for the Browns last year. In my opinion he hasn’t earned anything & he shouldn’t consider himself the starter of anything. He should just be happy that he is in camp with a team & has the chance to showcase his abilities and possibly get some playing time when the games count. More likely than not, though, he is going to be where he belongs & that is serving as the second string QB on a bad team. If this were in fact “his team” then the Browns wouldn’t have had to spent a first round pick on another QB. He comes off as the type of player that once he isn’t named the starter, he will whine & complain to the media & cause a rift in the locker room all because he thinks he’s better than he really is. Someone should teach this guy a lesson that playing NFL football is not a right, it’s a privilege, and he needs to start having a little more gratitude for the chance he has been given.

  32. Every pass, Manziel drops back, if his first read is covered he runs. Every time.

    Never looks off coverage.

    Never looks to 2nd WR

    This kid needs 2 years to develop, or his career wont last 2 years.

  33. Maybe after Johnny takes over the Browns can send Hoyer to Houston where he can team up with Bill O’Brien. The Texans need someone because what they have isn’t good. In the end, whether it be this season or next, either Ryan Mallet or Brian Hoyer will be starting for the Texans. I’m sure the Browns hope it isn’t Hoyer & he rips it up down there & Manziel becomes a bust. I don’t think Manziel will wind up being a bust, I think he’s a special player, but Hoyer being successful with the Texans & Johnny sucking has to be a nightmare that Haslam has woken up in a sweat from at least twice since draft day.

  34. While I agree that Hoyer or any starting QB needs to show like they belong, doesn’t Johnny Manziel ALSO need to show something?

    Because he didn’t show anything in his first game that makes me think he’s starter material.

    I know at some point every team needs SOMEONE starting, and maybe being a 1st round pick means it’ll be him.

    But he sure hasn’t shown anything. Any QB can throw 5-10-15 yard passes against backups. You can’t win in the league as Captain Checkdown with an occasional 15 yard slant.

    As for running, he’s pedestrian slow.

    He also took some big hits and looked to be hurting.

    For the love of all that is holy I have never seen so much made of someone getting under a hundred yards combine for running and passing which led to a total of 3 points.

    Take away the lucky run and he literally has a 2 yard per carry average.

    All those risky hits just to garner in a half what good offensive teams yardage wise get in under a quarter without overextending themselves like Manziel was. At some point the hype will wear off.

    Well he starts next game, and he’ll probably play the whole first half, if it goes like most 2nd preseason games go.

    Just remember James the Grim Reaper Roper once got knocked out by an overhand right by Irish Terry Conklin. Is it hope or hype?

  35. Manziel is more than likely going to start this season, but…. He is not going to last long. He looked so tiny out there. How is going to take hits all year. I don’t know who thought that was some spectacular performance by him. It was mediocre. Nothing special…. He will win this job for the sand reason WWE wrestlers are crowned champions. Popularity.

  36. Sadly the writing is on the wall. The Browns didn’t draft Manziel to have him carry a clipboard all season (or is that an iPad now days?).

    Hoyer’s opportunity was lost when he got injured last season. He was riding a big wave of momentum and it might have carried him all season but for that injury. I expect he’ll be on another team by this time next year and he’ll likely be vying for a back up job. Too bad cuz I kind of like his spunk.

  37. I’m no fan of the dim little runt, but nobody deserves that humiliatingly stupid, hokey, B-movie nickname Johnny Football!

    There is no quicker way to turn someone into a complete doosh than sticking him with the ultimate doosh name.

  38. I hope u hold on to the job Hoyer, but with all the media including this site pulling for the silver spooned brat, I doubt u will get the chance to hold on to the job

    I’m rootin’ for ya to succeed Hoyer

  39. Manziel played against the Lions second, third and fourth string defense and only had 63 yards passing in a quarter and a half worth of work. He has a long way to go before he is anywhere near as good as a lot of people think he is.

  40. Hello McHoyer

    Anybody Home? Think McHoyer.

    You were showed up by a rookie scrambling around for his life playing a second team defense.

    It is obvious to everybody outside of Cleveland that you should start, but have you forgotten this is Cleveland?

  41. Unfortunately, the performance leash will be much shorter for Hoyer than Manziel. If Hoyer has a bad game, he’s on the hot seat. If Manziel has a bad game, it will be “that’s to be expected….just trying to get better….yada yada yada.” The sheer wait of the fact that the franchise is hoping Manziel does beat him out, may make this a self fulfilling prophecy. If that happens, Hoyer will be the last to know it’s not his team. I am hoping he grabs the reigns and holds the job, and any Browns players dogging it for Manziel will be exposed.

  42. Manziel tore it up? Must’ve watched a different game than I. He played average against guys that will mostly be out of the league and on practive squads. Yet only managed 3 points in several posessions. I wouldn’t try to run Hoyer outta town yet.

  43. A DROP is not a TD, it is a drop in the end zone. It doesn’t count for anything.
    Now I want Hoyer to start, but Manziel has gotten better and if his 2nd team line didn’t o-lay block like a rookie bull fighter, he might have had a little better time in the pocket. I’d like to see them switch with the one’s and two’s and see what we get. If Johnny looks good and Hoyer doesn’t then we can start the twitter poll to find out who should win.

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