Buccaneers already benching linemen after bad start


When a position group plays as poorly as the Buccaneers’ offensive line did in the opener, you can count on someone getting offered up.

So Jamon Meredith, come on down (to the second string).

According to Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune, Meredith has been taken out of a starting guard job and being worked as a backup tackle now.

“Jamon didn’t play as well as he needed to, so we’re going to let him concentrate a little bit more at the tackle position and give that next group of guards an opportunity,’’ Bucs coach Lovie Smith said.

It appears first-year pro Jace Daniels is the next man up for that opportunity. The former undrafted rookie from Northern Michigan spent most of last season on the practice squad, but in Sunday’s practice, took all the reps at right guard with the first team.

“In order to get to the first team … you have to do some good things at practice, and Jace has been doing that throughout, whether it be at center or guard,’’ Smith said.

At the moment, it appears Oneil Cousins has played well enough to keep the left guard job, though that’s subject to change as well.

With the free agent money spent on a left tackle and a center, the Bucs are going to have to keep looking for answers inside. If the 49ers ever dangle Alex Boone in trade, expect them to crop up on the list of usual suspects, as their interior line is suspect at best.

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  1. I’m not so sure the Bucs would trade for Alex Boone. The team appears to be going away from the direction of high cost guards after the Carl Nicks debacle (remember, it was an ugly turf toe injury that did Nicks in and not the MRSA). Boone would require the Bucs to give up at least a mid round pick and then extend or modify his contract. And while Boone is a good player, he took a step back last season.

    The guards were terrible against Jacksonville, but ultimately its a position that doesn’t require the most significant financial investment. It’ll be the next guy up for the Bucs and if the situation is still as dire as it was a few days ago, I think the team will hit the waiver wire later on this month before they consider giving up a valuable draft pick. Keep in mind, this is practically a brand new team, so it’ll take a few weeks for everyone to gel.

  2. Meredith was bad against Jacksonville, but Oniel Cousins was utterly godawful. He could not have played worse. Meredith showed at least some vague signs of competence last year, so I still think he has a chance to bounce back a little, but there’s basically a couple rookies from smaller schools on the roster at this point.

    This is the point where I try not to rant about how Tampa, already stocked at RB with Doug Martin, Bobby Rained, and Mike James (all of whom showed they were at least decent), picked up RB Charles Sims in the 3rd round this year, instead of getting a guard. Sure, they took a few later, but . . . why are you taking somebody at what is your most loaded position, when you have a screaming need at guard? ARRRRRGH.

  3. Guard play must improve.
    If the price is right for Boone, the trigger must be pulled. You can bet the Bucs are gonna draft guard next year anyway. Might as well use a mid round pick for Boone.

    Hate to say it, but Incognito needs to be looked at too. We have enough leadership in the locker and with Lovie to keep him in check.

  4. Don’t be surprised when you see Jags D line against Bears this week. 2 starters from SB winning team and a lot of hungry young players. Alualu, Branch, Coleman and the best D graded player of all in the league – Marks. You will not see super stats on one player, but as a rotating group it will give every team a lot of problems. Go Sacksonville!

  5. When the Bucs O-line can’t even keep a poor Jaguar defensive line from getting to our quarterback, it is time to start looking for some replacements. Most folks say you can’t panic because it’s only pre-season, but everyone in Tampa has been concerned about the O-line and now everyone’s worst fears were realized Friday night against a below average Jacksonville defense.

  6. Lovie is a great defensive coach but when it comes to anything dealing with the offense he needs to step away and let somebody else make the decisions. I cannot remember a single year when Lovie’s Bears had a competent o-line. He swapped OCs all the time and nothing changed. My guess is that Lovie had to be the man and made all the decisions and told the coaches what to do. If so, the Bucs are in trouble. Let the offense-minded coaches do their thing. All Lovie needs to do is lead and get them what they need.

  7. Oniel Cousins appears to be the Bucs’ version of Frank Omiyale.

    Sorry to say but Bucs fans, you were warned. With Lovie, the OL is strictly an afterthought.

  8. There’s a reason he didn’t make it in Buffalo when their o-line was in shambles.

    He is terrible…and frankly, should be cut.

  9. And yes I’m shocked that Cousins wasn’t benched. Easily the worst performance out the bunch. Would really like to see them playing Kadeem Edwards and Patrick Omameh. Guaranteed they can block better than Cousins.

  10. Yes, the Bucs uniforms are embarrassing. The numbers look like they were copied off of Atari Missile Command.

    Yes, the Jags helmets are awful. Make up your mind, black or gold. The Pimp owner who leaped out of Donkey Kong can afford an entire can of black paint.

    Yes, the Bucs OL was awful — but it was 100% the guards. This can be fixed by trading Doug Martin to SF for Alex Boone.

    The Bucs do not need Martin. They have James, Sims and Bobby Rainey.

    And Glennon is definitely better than McCown. The sooner Lovie accepts it, the better.

    The defense was swarming the way it used to under Kiffin/Lovie/Herm. That was good to see.

  11. Get a deal done with alex boone now you fools! Bradenton is not too far from ray jay, dont make me come up there cause heads will freakin roll!

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