Buccaneers announce they will have no blackouts this year

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The Buccaneers might or might not bounce back from a 4-12 record this season.

But if you live in the Greater Tampa-St. Petersburg area, you’ll be able to see it regardless.

The team announced that ticket sales were such that they have ensured that all of their 2014 home games will be broadcast on local television, including the upcoming preseason games.

The Bucs are projected to pass the 85 percent threshold, which means they might not have to buy many tickets (at 34 cents on the dollar) to keep the games on free local television.

They made a similar announcement last fall, but were regulars on the blackout list from 2010 to 2012. Opting for the lower threshold is a good move for a team trying to rebound, and rebuild a fanbase that’s been suffering for several years.

17 responses to “Buccaneers announce they will have no blackouts this year

  1. Too bad their starting QB is a journeyman backup who had 1 good half-season and their backup is a complete dud who stunk it up last year to a 4-12 record and gets replaced by a 35-year old never-was QB Josh McCown. The Bucs’ problems are almost unfixable.

  2. Let’s hope it holds. They need to rebuild the brand by making the games available to all the fans. Blackouts just leave a bad taste in fans’ mouths and do nothing to force people to buy tickets.

  3. .
    Most Tampa residents would have preferred to see the best neutral game as opposed to the Bucs. They are headed for a very long season.

  4. I’m not thrilled about the o-line. But hey, I’m excited about the D and were used to great defenses and crappy offenses (dungy days). Let’s win ugly! (Better than losing pretty like some of these teams).

  5. No, opting for the lower threshold is something more and more NFL teams are doing, and will have to do, as the League squeezes the last of the gold from the goose.

    Once the average NFL fan wakes up, sees the value for what it is….mediocre, and he has better alternatives like his 60″ screen at home, the gig is up and all the teams will have the 80% rule in effect.

  6. Man this season is gonna be torture. Our defense should be sick but I dont know about that offense. Not to mention if mccoy or lavonte david goes down that will guarantee a top 3 pick. Glazers should save their money because by week 4 everyone down here wont be watching the bucs.

  7. Lucky Tampa Bay fans. They get to watch a one hour football game played in three plus hours. That’s over two hours of play under review, talking heads at halftime and commercials and of course the endless refs discussion about the last flag thrown.

  8. The Bucs really had no choice and announce this because the option was, no one would pay attention. Think, the last time Tampa made the playoffs was when Gruden was coach. That was a long time ago…

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