Chiefs working on ways to get all their outside linebackers on field together

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When the Giants won their two Super Bowls under Tom Coughlin, they occasionally featured defenses that had four defensive ends on the field at the same time in order to generate a furious pass rush.

The Chiefs are working on something similar at training camp this year. Kansas City has been working on a sub package that features outside linebackers Tamba Hali, Justin Houston, Dee Ford and Josh Martin on the field at the same time along with nose tackle Dontari Poe. Martin and Houston are positioned inside as defensive coordinator Bob Sutton tries to get his best pass rushers on the field together.

“Yeah, he’s just using the pieces like it’s chess and putting all his best players out there, allowing them to do what they do best,” Hali said, via the Kansas City Star. “About five guys, six guys that can rush the passer. We call it a ‘dog’ front. He wants to see a bunch of dogs go out there.”

The Chiefs used 47 sacks and 36 takeaways to help the team to the playoffs last season, so it’s no surprise that they want to continue coming up with ways to attack opposing offenses. If Sutton can hit on the right mix, the defense should be a thorn in the side of opposing offenses again this season.

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  1. Am i wrong,,

    or were the Eagles the only playoff team the Chiefs beat last year??

    get used to that stat KC.
    dude gets owned against better coaching.
    all he did in philly was beat up on non-playoff teams..
    his record is something like .300 against “good” teams that make the playoffs each year.

    Dee Ford is proof that his personell decisions and draft habbits haven’t changed. Why would anything else?

  2. You’re an idiot. Andy Reid is an excellent coach, and Bob Sutton struggled down the stretch last year, but he is a good defensive mind. Andy has turned it over to him, so he can do what he wants on the defense. Chiefs should be very tough to score against this year. Their offense is where Reid is going to imprint himself, and he is a mastermind by most accounts. I look for them to win 9 or 10 this year…

  3. tied the biggest turnaround in NFL history and won 11 games last year. they lost to 3 teams, the chargers, the broncos and the colts.

    calling andy reid a bad coach is ridiculous. next will be talk of his work with player personnel even though that is john Dorsey’s job

    they have a bunch o picks coming next year, a lot of the last 2 drafts have started to show up. looks like a bright future in KC. cap increase benefits teams like KC that has a lot of guys on their first contract. Poe, Houston, Berry will all be paid.

  4. As a Charger fan, I’m intrigued by this. A couple years ago, it might have worried me more, since all our passes were long bombs to Vincent Jackson/Antonio Gates/Malcolm Floyd, but our team has completely changed (for better or worse, I’m not sure) into a dump pass system, with Danny Woodhead/Keenan Allen/Eddie Royal. The bomb is still there with Vincent Brown and Ladarious Green, with Gates in the middle, but by and large, we’re tossing 5 yarders, so we might be able to work around this “Dog” front, but who knows, Rivers isn’t exactly known as a speedy QB…

    Can’t wait to see this Dog formation in action. Sounds like a winner.

  5. Reid’s idea is nothing more than a dime package, but with a couple of extra pass rushers. Sounds interesting. I bet it works great against some QBs and fails miserably against better QBs.
    As far as Reid’s coaching ability goes, I give him credit for the Chiefs awesome turnaround season last year. Not too many coaches pick up an extra 9 wins in one season. I’m looking forward to my Chargers playing against the Chiefs again and I know you Chiefs fan want to avenge those 2 losses from last year.

  6. Any of you football fans out there that think the CHIEFS aren’t going to be improved and thus playoff ready this year are in for a very rude awakening. The defense will be deadly and the offense explosive. Opposing QBs better be ready to run for there lives. Defenses better have your fire extinguishers handy because your going to get burned. GO CHIEFS!!!

  7. or were the Eagles the only playoff team the Chiefs beat last year??

    Before you cast stones, how many playoff teams did your Eagles beat last year?

    The 8-7-1 Packers and ???? LMAO

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