Despite quarterback issues and 90 roster spots, Tebow gets no interest


Currently, NFL teams can have up to 90 players on the roster.  That’s 2,880 possible jobs.

And Tim Tebow continues to not have one of them.

Last week, Tebow talked about his new gig at ESPN’s SEC Network, making it clear that he hasn’t given up on returning to the NFL.  In the Associated Press story regarding Tebow’s unrequited love for the NFL, Panthers coach Ron Rivera supported the idea of Tebow getting a chance to return to the game.

“I’m a big fan of his and he knows it,” Rivera said.  “He has always given me fits when I’ve had to coach against him.  He’s a playmaker and he plays a different kind of football.  All the guy has ever done is win. . . .  He’s one of those guys if you were struggling at quarterback, hey, why wouldn’t you give him a shot?”

Of course, the Panthers were struggling at quarterback in the offseason, with Cam Newton having ankle surgery.  And the Panthers signed not Tebow but receiver-turned-quarterback-turned-receiver-turned-quarterback Joe Webb.

No one has signed Tebow.  In nearly a year since he was released by the Patriots, not one has shown any real interest in the man who took the Broncos to the playoffs and delivered  an on-target throw in overtime against the Steelers, allowing receiver Demaryius Thomas to sprint to the end zone for the winning score.

Apart from the distraction that comes from having Tebow on the team, with the media attention and the Tebowmaniacs clamoring for him to have a chance to play, Tebow historically hasn’t been a very good practice player.  Which is putting it kindly.

He’s bad in practice.  Bad enough at Florida, as the story goes, that the coaching staff would fret about the team’s ability to win on Saturday — until Saturday came and Tebow transformed into a guy who could get it done.  Bad enough at Denver that, as a rookie, there was talk he’d move to receiver.  Bad enough in 2011 that, before he was bumped ahead of No. 2 quarterback Brady Quinn and given the starting job, Tebow had fallen to No. 4 on the depth chart.  Bad enough in New York that former offensive coordinator Tony Sparano didn’t want to put him on the field in game situations.  And presumably bad enough in New England that the man who drafted Tebow in Denver, offensive coordinator Josh McDaneils, couldn’t persuade Bill Belichick to keep Tebow around.

And now he’s so bad that the Dolphins, who need camp arms given the injury to backup Matt Moore, have shown no interest in even giving Tebow a workout, opting instead to kick tires on Rex Grossman and other unnamed (for now) options to join a depth chart that includes Pat Devlin and Seth Lobato.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald makes the argument that Tebow should get a chance.  And for good reason.  Tebowmania officially arrived at the NFL level in 2011 at Sun Life Stadium, with Tebow bringing the Broncos back from a 15-0 late-fourth-quarter deficit in a hokey University of Florida national championship reunion game.

While still fewer than three years ago, Tebowmania is dead.  It can come back only if he gets a chance to get on the field.  Before he can get on the field, he needs to get on a roster.  And if that doesn’t happen now, when the rosters are at the largest, it perhaps never will.

72 responses to “Despite quarterback issues and 90 roster spots, Tebow gets no interest

  1. no were good in miami, though we could use an inline blocking TE, so if timmy wants to start practicing blocking….

  2. the reason Tebow doesn’t get a chance is the same reason that Dungy said he wouldn’t draft Sam is the same reason Ochocinco took his last snap in the NFL at age 32.

    The media distraction is not worth the football value derived.

  3. Tebow and Manziel can play in the Media Hype Bowl sponsored by PFT and all the other Football experts that have never played or coached in the NFL.

  4. Tebow isn’t an NFL starting QB, but look around the league at the 2nd and 3rd string QBs… You can’t tell me that he can’t make a roster as a 3rd stringer who could maybe win a game or two if pressed into action.

    The problem isn’t that he’s not good enough to make a 90 man roster, the problem is he isn’t good enough to put up with the constant media distraction. Nobody wants to deal with ESPN & NFL Network breathlessly reporting on every move he makes down to what flavor of Gatorade he’s drinking.

  5. Tebow had flashes but he also played with a strong defense in Denver. Is Tebow working on his craft? Does he have reps who are willing to go to teams to talk about his work? Just because the masses want to see him doesn’t mean it will happen.

  6. As a Bills fan, I was very impressed with “receiver turned quarterback-turned receiver-turned quarterback Joe Webb.”

    He’s obviously worked very hard to polish his immense talents.

    Webb made one bad throw against Buffalo but made numerous excellent throws and effective scrambles and looks to be a rising talent after a long developmental period.

    If I were a Carolina fan, I’d be pretty excited about Webb.

  7. A big part of it, to me, is that it seems like for all of his ‘humble’ act, he’s feeling like this should all just be handed to him. He’ll only play QB. He only wants to play for a contending team (or anyway that was what he’d said a couple of years ago- might be different now). Won’t go to Canada, won’t look into any other options… it’s starting NFL QB or nothing. And the result is… nothing.

    If he really wants this, he could stand to learn a few things from guys like Kurt Warner and Doug Flutie, and work his way up to the job rather than make demands.

  8. “He’s a playmaker and he plays a different kind of football. ”
    There it is. He plays a different kind of football, and that’s why he isn’t on a roster. You want players who fit your system, and Tebow doesn’t appear to fit any.

  9. The problem with Tebow is that if he’s not your starter he’s completely useless to your team.

    He’d be the only QB on the roster that’s anything like him…his completely inability to practice and make accurate throws means he can’t lead the scout team as prep for other running QB’s…having him as the #2 is pointless because his reps help no one including his development…

    No one is giving him a starting job and beyond that he holds zero value.

  10. Miami really is dumb and completely stupid. Why?

    They want a new stadium and could get it by signing Tebow on the chance he could succeed and make them money. IF HE SUCCEEDS there, then there would be ground swell of fan support for the new stadium Miami wants, but somehow no one wants to support, especially when it came out how they tried to arrogantly get a behind the doors, back office sweetheart deal for the stadium’s approval.

    Signing and giving Tebow an honest chance to win in Miami could get them their stadium, but then they are too dense to see this opportunity to get even richer.

  11. Two teams gave him a shot since Denver. They both thought he was not very good.

    The Florida team he played on had both Pouncey twins, Percy Harvin, and Hernandez on offense. That’s a ton of talent that probably masked Tebow’s weaknesses.

    The Steelers team they beat in the playoffs had limped in with an old and extremely injured roster that could barely compete.

    The truth is that Tebow is like a lot of college stars. Great at that level but lacking the physical and mental abilities for the NFL.

  12. In Teddy We Trust says:
    Aug 11, 2014 9:26 AM
    Don’t knock Joe Webb. Packer fans are still bragging about the time they were able to beat him in the playoffs, their only playoff win since 2010.

    4 7


    ever hear of the internet? you said that the Pack’s win over Joe Webb was their only playoff win since 2010.

    fact check

    In 2010 the Pack won 4 playoff games including the Super Bowl. they didn’t play the Vikes in the 2010 playoffs either.

    It was in 2012 that the Pack beat Webb and the Vikes.

    Yes, it was their last playoff win as they lost the following week to the Niners and then they lost in 2013 to the Niners too.

    So they are 0 & 2 in the playoffs since beating Joe Webb.

    They WERE in the playoffs last season though.

    At least get your facts, dates and info right please.

  13. govtminion says:

    A big part of it, to me, is that it seems like for all of his ‘humble’ act, he’s feeling like this should all just be handed to him.

    How do you know it’s a act?

  14. Do people think Tebow magically learned accuracy, quicker delivery and drop back skills after sitting out a season? Tebow is done…

  15. Every coach loves Tebow. Just ask them. They’ll say he’s a playmaker, a hard worker, etc… But nobody will sign him. He hasn’t had a whiff of interest in a year. That should Tell you something.

    The fact of the matter is that Tebow could have changed positions. He could have worked on his game in Canada. But no. It is NFL starting QB or bust.

    So much for that humble image.

  16. Good to Know that Rivera is no longer helping with player evaluations in Charlotte, the fans need to appreciate the GM more, the guy is good…Armando is a moron why would a team who only needs a back up QB to throw passes in camp sign Tebow? He can’t throw…..

  17. To me it is quite simple with Tebow and that is NFL teams don’t want the circus that comes with him and he just isn’t that good. Yes he had a decent half season a few years ago and won a playoff game but I think his game just doesn’t work in the NFL. He is like many great college QB’s in the past it just didn’t work out in the NFL.

  18. the reason Tebow doesn’t get a chance is the same reason that Dungy said he wouldn’t draft Sam is the same reason Ochocinco took his last snap in the NFL at age 32.

    The media distraction is not worth the football value derived.

    Tebow played 2yrs in Denver and one in NY and couldn’t make the Pats roster…..that’s 4 yrs and chances to make the team, Ochostinko last snap was probably a yr to late, he was washed up the yr he went to the Pats…Dungy wasn’t talking about those guys he was talking about a gay player distraction not players couldn’t play distraction…two different things….

  19. If the NFL scheduler could somehow find a way to let Tim play 16 games a year against the chump Steelers he’d be the second coming of Joe Montana.

  20. He should sue the NFL like Kluwe claiming he’s out of the league due to his religious views.

  21. Posmoo is correct, the media attention is not worth it. Tebow is his own worst enemy. The media attention negates anything he can bring to the table.

  22. I do agree that Tebow should be on an NFL roster but even as a third string QB he’s not worth the constant questions for a coach to have to deal with as to why he’s not playing.

  23. sportsfan, when you say “this was their only playoff win since 2010,” that acknowledges that there were playoff wins in 2010. Since that time, the Joe Webb game was the only playoff win. Why is that so hard to comprehend?

  24. Don’t be confused, he’s not just bad in practice. He was bad (really bad) in games, too. The Broncos were winners in spite of him, not because of him. The guy’s career completion percentage is under 50%. Not good, Bruno, and definitely not for sharing.

    You can add Tebow to the list of things I really wish you’d stop talking about (and apparently had a false sense of security that you had). The other thing on the list is the Redskins changing their name, if you’re tallying.

    In related news, I saw a guy in a Tebow shirt the other day. So there are still people out there that think he can play, despite seeing him play. Now THAT’S a miracle.

  25. Tebow isn’t an NFL starting QB, but look around the league at the 2nd and 3rd string QBs… You can’t tell me that he can’t make a roster as a 3rd stringer who could maybe win a game or two if pressed into action.


    Yes I can, and every coach and GM agrees. The 3rd string QB isnt sitting in a box marked “Break at last resort”. He needs to throw passes to other players for practice purposes. He can’t.

  26. The cowboys, the cowboys! Tebow should get a job there. There QB is going to have health problems, so Jones can sell jerseys and get the ‘Boys a high draft pick, at worst. Texas has a conservative constituency. He can not be worse than the defense was last year. Tebow to Dallas, please.

  27. Anybody who says he can’t play qb, devalue the qb position. If a guy who can’t play, takes a team that was dead in the water, with what most of you would consider a decent qb in Kyle Orton. That great defense gave up 40+ points five times that year. So anybody can play qb then if this terrible qb lead a team to the playoffs how important is the qb position?

  28. Go to hell!!!

    This guy is not worth our time!!!

    Also, as an offensive coordinator told Michael Silver “If it were me, I’d rather take T.O.”

    T.O. can at least play better at WR than Gator Boy can at QB. If T.O. caught a 40 yard pass from Russell Wilson how does that mean that he is unable to play?

    Also, who the hell wants a below 50% passer that won’t try short yardage goal line back and improve his special teams play with the caveat of him being an emergency QB??

    Pryor, TO, Joe Webb, Incognito all individually are worthier of roster spots than Gator Boy only wanting to play QB.

  29. I’m a little bit angry you even brought up Tebow. Thirty two teams aren’t interested in a player, it’s done.

  30. All the guy has ever done is win. Except in the NFL where he doesn’t have a wining record as a starter and has been on three losing teams in three years. No one else with that record gets called a “winner” – what’s up with that?

  31. If Timmy wanted one of those 2,880 jobs, he would have one. What he wants is one of those 32 starting qb jobs and that just ain’t gonna happen.

  32. Tebow’s mistake was confessing to be a Christian which did not play well with the media. Now had he confessed to being gay, the media would have been pulling for him to be on a roster.

    Can’t handle the truth…

  33. Please let this go. When he played for Denver they had to dumb down the offense because T bow could not run an NFL offense. If it was not for the defense shutting teams down T bow would have lost every game .

  34. Well, to quote Bill Maher: “He’s the college quarterback the Denver Broncos signed last year despite his having one tiny problem: He throws like a girl…” And therein lies the real problem.

    Everyone keeps saying saying Tebow won a playoff game, which is true and untrue. The reason Tebow won that game is because A) Pittsburgh blew its coverage and B) Demaryus Thomas did all the work.

    Tebow has a popgun arm and a complete inability to read defenses. In college, they lined up three cupcakes a year and had games against then-conference doormats, thus allowing the Gators to hide his flaws.

    You don’t have such a luxury in the pros. All you flaws come out and his come out in bunches. The reason he doesn’t have a job in the pros is that A) No team wants this traveling freak show and B) The entire NFL saw that if Bill Belichick can’t get anything out of him, no one ever will.

    So unless he swallows his pride -which, I might add, is one of the deadly sins- and starts playing TE or FB, I doubt anyone will ever give him another shot. At least, not until Urban Meyer gets a coaching job in the NFL.

  35. in a league where Matt Simms is actually employed, Tebow can’t get a job…. wow

    Simms may be least talented QB in NFL history; silver spoon punk was not good in HS and had to trans to a JUCO in college because he was not good enough to play

  36. cuda1234 says:
    Aug 11, 2014 2:37 PM

    All the guy has ever done is win. Except in the NFL where he doesn’t have a wining record as a starter and has been on three losing teams in three years. No one else with that record gets called a “winner” – what’s up with that?


    No Tebow fan here, but get your facts straight. He’s 8-6 as a starting QB. That, my friend, is a winning record. And if you add his 1-1 playoff record, it’s STILL a winning record.

    I think he should be on a roster somewhere. He’s better than 25% of the QBs on rosters right now. If he’s a 3rd stringer, coaches should be able to insulate him from the media. As a Pats fan, other than his first day at camp last year, there was ZERO media coverage of Tim Tebow locally other than after his pre season game appearances. You just didn’t really see him other than game day.

    If there is no expectations on him, it can be handled. In Denver, he was a 1st round pick. High expectations. He was traded to NY after his half season comebacks and playoff win. Combined with poor QB play in NY, expectations were high. In NE, Tom Brady is the starting QB. No chance Tebow plays. No expectations. No media coverage. Tebow would have to go to a team that has a clear cut # 1. Or, he has to bite the bullet and go to the CFL or AFL like Flutie and Warner.

  37. He comes with three heavy pieces of baggage.

    One, all the media hype surrounding him. The coach and the players need to concentrate on the game each week, not Tebowmania.

    Two, NFL teams want players who fit their program, not the other way around. No team is going to completely change their offense to suit Tebow’s “style”. He either fits in, or he’s on the outside looking in.

    Three, he refuses to play any other position. He’s a mediocre QB. Put him out there as a TE, maybe even a short-pass Receiver, who knows.

  38. The honest truth is you could do worse than Tebow. His record and stats speak for themselves – he’s not a great QB, but he’s serviceable and would be a fine back-up to have on many rosters.

    However, the other half of that honest truth is that coaches/teams simply don’t want the distraction and baggage that comes with him. The minute he shows up, his large, rabid and unreasonable fanbase starts an immediate and loud distraction. No team wants that.

    In a way, his own fans have hobbled his potential career as a backup – which is nice work if you can get it. Shame, really.

  39. I doubt there are many athletes on here spouting off about Tim’s abilities or lack thereof. What most seem to over look is that they asked or should I say demanded that one of thee most successful college quarterbacks in NCAA history should completely change his throwing mechanics to suit there idea of whats “Proper” and do it on the fly. He still won games or is that not the goal in sports. Technique is great for figure skating and gymnastics maybe some of you should go back to that discussion!

  40. Why do we always find other reasons for Tebow not having a job besides his play, stats, and selfishness. He could be in the NFL but wouldn’t play another position, he could have went tot he CFL like so many others to hone his skills, but said no. He got people on so many forums pumped up and angry every time these boredom slow day articles come out. He knew Brady was loved so much so his billboard promoting himself which got hi a fine was taken down. Every year he is not playing, an article comes out saying he is better than before. Everyone else gets one shot. He has had many shots. Yes he is a good person, we have plenty of religious players in the NFL they just don’t pray on the field making them no less religious. Did we ever think he just had to many shots and failed? we always find some other reason. He had chances and turned them down. If he was morally great he would have like god, Jesus, etc. made sacrifices and played anyway he could and any position. So many posts blame others, I blame him for being selfish. Teams took dog killers, accused murderers, so many other things over this guy because they could play. Tebow cannot. His Playoff year he threw in 9 Games what others throw in 2 Games, 2nd level QB’s 3 Games. No one can give a real valid reason to drop a current QB for this guy. Aaron Rodgers say for years, took his time and got good. Tebow held his breath and took his toys left when he did not get his way. He said GOD wants him to be a QB? No I’m sorry. He had his shot, now like our vets worry the new breeds are coming in. Its sad we keep posting this, funny thing is its right before the season when no team would even consider. We may like him, but if he had the qualities teams wanted they would call. Obviously he doesn’t possess them qualities. The is no conspiracy, we have to consider other players are better. Timmy could have helped a team and one day got his shot if he made sacrifices like Rodgers, and so many others.

  41. mute617 says: Aug 11, 2014 10:35 AM — Thomas made that a play, not Tebow.
    Worst analysis ever. Tebow made a very good throw. DT made a nice catch, stiff-arm, and run. But that play worked because the safety was out of position, and if you don’t know why that happened, then you weren’t following football in 2011.

  42. Tim Tebow brings fans to the stadium and delivers winning scores. It is anti Christian bigotry that keeps him off the field. One week before the Broncos let him go, Tebow was scheduled to talk at a mega conservative Christian Church in Texas whose pastor spoke boldly in defense of traditional marriage. Tebow cancelled at the last minute due to the erupting controversy. Threats from opposing organizations of boycotts of NFL events? His pro life and pro traditional family ideology is simply unacceptable in an era of secular tyranny. As far as those who supported him in the past giving up on him, it is hardly his football that makes them unsupportive, it is fear of retribution. People are sheep, tell them enough times that this Heisman Trophy wonder is inept, and they just might believe it!

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