Dolphins bring in Brady Quinn and John Skelton, too


The Dolphins need another quarterback in camp. They did not take Armando Salguero up on his generous offer of a Tebow.

In addition to the previously reported visit from Rex Grossman, the Dolphins also worked out Brady Quinn and John Skelton, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

Quinn also worked out for the Patriots recently.

The Dolphins need a spare arm with backup Matt Moore nursing a shoulder injury, so they’re looking at the veteran mentor pile to work alongside Pat Devlin and Seth Lobato.

And after reading all those names, you realize how necessary Moore is behind starter Ryan Tannehill.

30 responses to “Dolphins bring in Brady Quinn and John Skelton, too

  1. Marino is currently out of a job and I bet he can still sling it around better than any of those guys listed above. QB’s don’t get hit in training camp anyway, let him come in and be a camp arm.

  2. After the debacle that emerged in the middle of last year’s season, the LAST thing Miami needs is the Tebow Circus in town.

    This is a team that is attempting to focus on you know, actually working at football and putting the undesired national media spotlight behind them.

    The nanosecond you bring Tim Tebow in for a workout, that will be all everyone talks about. Every media question to every player will be about Tim Tebow. Resentment would build, even if quietly and slowly, at only hearing Tebow’s name.

    Tebow does not have the talent to warrant the distractions. There is no need to bring him in.

  3. Is there a team that Brady Quinn HASN’T been on or tried out for?

    Seriously, off the top of my head: Browns, Broncos, Jets, Chiefs… 49ers maybe? He was a Cardinal for a day or two, right?

  4. From a 1st round Draft pick carrying the hopes of the Cleveland Browns to backup roles on lots of teams to now fighting to be the 3rd string camp arm to cover the Matt Moore and Pat Devlin injuries, is a pretty big demotion.
    Brady Quinn never fulfilled the lofty expectations from Notre Dame or the marketers wet dreams. He is a reminder that being a successful college QB is no guarantee for success in the NFL.
    Good luck to Brady for the camp role in Miami. He can probably help the rookies with advice re seizing their opportunities and learning from his mistakes, as much as his throwing the ball.

  5. This desperate mess of an organization is gonna win the AFC East.

    The 2013 Dolphins (with a terrible offensive line and richie incognito scandal) still split with new england.

  6. Yeah a real mess of an organization. Tannehill had a Passer Rating of 149.3 this weekend WITHOUT Starting WR’s and TE. Someone has to throw the ball at these PreSeason games and it won’t be him. I feel bad for the 2nd/3rd Team guys trying to show off their stuff with Seth Lobato throwing to them for 90% off the game. Keep hatin’ this will be the best 31st ranked team ever.

  7. It’s so strange to see our team in this situation that Miami fanbase has no idea on how to deal with it.

    As today, Ryan Tannehill, our starting QB is pointed as a rising star in a breakout year by several analyst. Also, because of injuries and lack of depth, the gap between him and his backups is becoming an issue in terms of preparation, so Philbin and crew are dealing with adding challengers for QB2 spot.

    I think Brady Quinn deserves a chance. He’s far better than Pat Devlin and Seth Lobato.

  8. They’re looking to add a camp arm, and some bone head troll throws out the “mess of an organization” card. Get a clue before before making a fool of yourself.

  9. To answer my own question, the Fish will be Brady Quinn’s SEVENTH NFL team. According to Wikipedia:

    Cleveland Browns (2007–2009)
    Denver Broncos (2010–2011)
    Kansas City Chiefs (2012)
    Seattle Seahawks (2013)*
    New York Jets (2013)
    St. Louis Rams (2013)
    Miami Dolphins (2014)

    The asterisk meaning offseason and/or practice squad member only. He’s got 25 more teams to go.

    BTW, I don’t blame the Fish for bringing him in. Whoever said that bringing in an available camp arm with NFL experience like Quinn into training camp is a sign of an organization off the rails is wrong. I’m a Bears fan, and I’d have no problem if the Bears brought him into training camp. Hey, the Bears brought in JaWalrus for a look-see last year and that turned into nothing.

    I’d be worried if Quinn made the team, but, hey, in training camp? Who cares!

    Go nuts, Brady. Show us why the 2-14 Chiefs who dropped you in 2012 should have kept you.

    If you can.

  10. HEY JJ! These folks are DESPERATE! Keep Dustin Vaughn (he looks like he could be a developmental QB) and trade ’em Hainie for a SAFETY ANY SAFETY!

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