Dolphins will work out Rex Grossman

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The Dolphins have had some injury concerns at backup quarterback this summer and they’re responding by taking a look at a veteran option to add to the mix.

During an appearance on WSVN in Miami on Sunday, agent Drew Rosenhaus announced that his client Rex Grossman would work out for the Dolphins on Monday. Rosenhaus said other quarterbacks would be working out for the team as well, although Grossman was the only one named.

Grossman hasn’t played in a regular season game since starting 13 of them for the Redskins in 2011. He served as a backup in Washington for the last two years and spent a year in Houston in 2009 after ending his long run with the Bears.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that Matt Moore does not believe that his shoulder injury is anything serious, but Moore didn’t play in the exhibition opener and has been limited. Pat Devlin is battling a hamstring injury, but returned for Sunday’s light workout. The Dolphins also have Seth Lobato on the roster behind starter Ryan Tannehill.

16 responses to “Dolphins will work out Rex Grossman

  1. The fact that Rex Grossman continues to get looks, speaks to the serious lack of QB talent in today’s NFL. He just doesn’t have it.

  2. Rex Grossman, the only QB in NFL history to have two 0.0 QB rating games in one season. Still more than good enough for the Bears, Washington and now the Dolphins – teams that never learn, or get better.

  3. So much hate for Tannehill here. He’s not elite, but you folks know nothing about football if you deny he’s worth keeping. Guy plays behind the worst pass pro in the NFL last year, on an offense that WANTS to run the ball and just can’t and playcalling that is less creative than high school ball, with a defense that can’t stop the run, putting them in constant situations where they have to throw the ball, against defenses who are pinning their ears back and rushing the passer, and he still manages to have the 2nd best season of any Miami quarterback since the Marino days, almost getting to 4000 yards, throwing more TDs than INTs to targets that nobody would call elite either. Yet there was progress made. With a revamped line (that really can’t be any worse than last year), additions to the WR corps, and an offensive coordinator who did some pretty great things in Philly, we should see more progress this year as well.

  4. Yeah, Tannehill looked real terrible this weekend with a 149.3 Passer Rating! LOL to all you Clowns. Grossman is coming to be a Camp Arm and maybe a 3rd QB to take Devlin’s spot. Matt Moore the 2nd is better than half the Starters in the league by far. We can’t play Tanny for a whole PreSeason game and he is the only healthy QB on the Roster. It makes sense to sign a summer caretaker to give the 2nd and 3rd team guys a chance to shine in games. Heck, we almost won against Atlanta with a QB off the street signed 8 days earlier. Keep bad-mouthing the 31st ranked Dolphins.

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