Geno Smith on change of pace role for Vick: Definitely something to look into

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With Geno Smith continuing to lead the competition to be the Jets’ starting quarterback this year, discussion has ramped up regarding possible ways to use Michael Vick during games as a change of pace to keep defenses on their toes.

Vick mentioned it after Thursday night’s opener and coach Rex Ryan said this weekend that the team is open to the idea without specifically saying that Vick would become a Wildcat option or some other variation on the theme. Vick says he learned there’s “a time and place for it” when he was with the Eagles in Donovan McNabb’s final season in Philly and worries about disrupting the offense, but Smith doesn’t have those concerns after occasionally coming off the field for Wildcat snaps during his rookie season.

“I don’t think so. I never even thought about it, to tell you the truth. I think it helped. It kept us on schedule many times, and it’s something that we used quite frequently, and I think it was pretty successful,” Smith said, via the New York Post. It’s definitely something to look into. I don’t know how much we’ll do it or if we’ll do it at all, but every time he’s on the field he brings that run-pass option.”

In a perfect world, Smith would play well enough that the Jets would have no reason to consider making a change at any point in the season. The Jets offense does not reside in that perfect world as yet, however, and that likely means there will be more discussion about using Vick in some fashion in the weeks and months to come.