Gus Bradley backtracks on Marqise Lee criticism


Jaguars coach Gus Bradley had some harsh words for rookie receiver Marqise Lee after the team’s preseason opener last week, but on reflection Bradley believes he miscommunicated his critique.

Despite Bradley’s comment that Lee needs to be “more focused” and “can’t choose when and when not to,” Bradley says he wasn’t intending to suggest that Lee doesn’t work hard enough.

That was on me,” Bradley said, via the Florida Times-Union. “I got specific about one play where he was supposed to run a comeback and he ran it. It was never an effort thing, but he was confused about how the defender was playing him so he wasn’t running at full speed. But, he’s got to learn from that and run full speed.”

Bradley said he wanted to make clear that the issue with Lee isn’t about work ethic, it’s just about a rookie learning his role in the offense.

“This was a great opportunity for us to clarify things,” Bradley said. “A couple of things that came up where he was unsure of positioning of the defense and the route in terms of how he should attack it. So, there was confusion on his part that we got cleared up. He is extremely focused, really competitive, really driven. I thought he came out today, learned from those things and got better.”

Jacksonville needs Lee to get better in a hurry. Few teams have a more desperate need for a young receiver to emerge than the Jaguars.