Jim Harbaugh gushes about Aldon Smith


The bad news is that the 49ers fear Aldon Smith will be suspended for six-to-eight games by Commissioner Roger Goodell.  The good news is that, once Smith returns, he’ll continue to be an impact player.

We’ll dwell on the positive, since the Harbaugh brothers think the media obsesses on the negative.  And since 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh was so overwhelmingly positive about Smith in a Monday press conference.

“He’s had a heck of a week here,” Harbaugh told reporters.  “He’s had a heck of a training camp. He’s really. . . . Yeah, he’s taken his game to the highest level.

Harbaugh declined to elaborate on the specific reason for the elevation of Smith’s performance, who has 42 sacks in 43 career regular-season games.

“I’ll let it speak for itself,” Harbaugh said.  “His play has been outstanding.  I think if you talk to anybody here, he’s at the highest level of that position.”

Alas, Smith won’t get to demonstrate those abilities because he failed on multiple occasions to engage in the kind of self-check that keeps people from getting arrested multiple times.

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  1. You had to do it didn’t you PFT…you had to go negative at the end of the article lol…just couldn’t help yourself….lol

  2. Aldon Smith has always let his play do the talking Harbaugh. On and off the field. On the field he’s a stud, and off the field he is an unbroken wild horse that you wouldn’t want in your stable.

  3. Coaches gush about their players regularly at press conferences. Not sure why this stood out. Seems like the only point to this article was to jab the Niners.

  4. The Harbaugh brothers like “heck.” When I came to that word I almost thought he was going to recycle his brother’s “heck of a guy” line.

  5. Would Harbaugh want his kids riding in the car with him? On the same street? Why gush about a guy like this, ever? Say nothing and make him play, make him stay out of trouble.

  6. “We’ll dwell on the positive, since the Harbaugh brothers think the media obsesses on the negative.”

    Oh, quit your crying. You aren’t the media anyway. You’re biased and push agendas and don’t even try to hide it.

  7. “We’ll dwell on the positive, since the Harbaugh brothers believe the media obsesses on the negative.”

    The media truly obsesses over that which generates interest, and often times it’s stories with some degree of negativity or wrongdoing involved. It’s the same thing with the general news we see on tv, murder and mayhem generate all sorts of interest.

    For instance, there were very few news articles(if any) about positive interactions Michael Sam had since “coming out” and being drafted into the NFL…while the negative feedback and backlash over his sexual preference and kissing on tv was everywhere. The media even made effort to seek out that small minority of individuals who were willing to detest Sam’s way of life.

  8. According to the Harbaughs domestic violence, gun crime and DUIs are just dandy as long as the criminals are good players.

  9. Doesn’t matter if you have Hall of Fame talent when you’re never on the field because you’re dumber than a box of rocks and keep getting in trouble.

    (Add James Blackmon, Josh Gordon, et. al. to this list)

  10. @eddiedbangedflorioswife

    Cleaned up or not, Aldon Smith will never make the Hall of Fame. If he does, they might as well put OJ back in front and center.

    If they had a Hall of Shame, Smith should be in a giant, backlit, glass case.

  11. Harbaugh trying to make it more difficult for Goodell to suspend him for a long period. League depends on it’s star players for popularity. Aldon probably not much different than he ever was on the field. Harbs just hyping up his potential impact.

  12. rukkus1 says:
    Aug 11, 2014 5:39 PM
    Aldon Smith has always let his play do the talking Harbaugh. On and off the field. On the field he’s a stud, and off the field he is an unbroken wild horse that you wouldn’t want in your stable.


    I wouldn’t mind that horse in my stable as long as Harbaugh in it armed with a shovel.

  13. ^^ comment above is genius. Suspending a star player at the top of his game who has already taken time off is harder than coming down hard on a mediocre talent. Harbaugh is working it!!

  14. I use to like the Harbaugh brothers….then they started opening their mouth’s and spewing ridiculousness….

  15. All of you idiots hating on Aldon know dammed good and well that there would be 31 teams lining up to sign him if the Niners released him !!!

  16. How many players get busted every year for DUIs and bad behavior? Why does this one stick out so much? Oh that’s right, because he has HALL OF FAME talent! Look at his production and please argue that.

  17. What’s the difference between Marshawn and Aldon? It’s not in there ability to make good decisions, it’s not their talent, it’s not even that their teammates don’t love the characters they are. That’s it, there’s no difference between them…

    Oh wait, the ring.

  18. One difference is that all of Aldons trouble has come in one year. He was never in trouble in college or anywhere before this last 12 months.

    Lynch has been arrested almost every year since hes been drafted. Its lasted the last 6 years, Dui’s, guns, hit and run, heck why not add assault to his rap sheet now. He has a whole menu of criminality now.

  19. Aldon Smith has been sober since the incident last year and is doing everything to turn his life around for the better. He has stated this offseason he is in the best shape of his life right now and completely focused on football. This guy is going to be scary.

  20. Not even as good as Antonio smith without justin smith blocking three guys for a Clear path to the qb. Guy is average at best without justin

  21. Ohh, so now the coach of “The San Francisco Team” has something to say about Mr. Smith. He threw a hissy fit a few weeks ago.

  22. Its tough to be an impact player if you can’t even suit up come Sunday. I have a feeling he has some more arrests in him, just a funny feeling based on the sheer stupidity of his crimes.

  23. Didn’t hit a tree while drunk on the way to practice, fire some illegal guns in the air, or utter any bomb threats, this week = gushing from a coach

  24. Let’s remember, this is the coach that stated Crabtree had the best hands in the league. I’m not to swayed by his critiques.

  25. There should also be no excuses for this guy. The time he “took off” was voluntary. It should not count toward his suspension any more than if he’d taken time to heal an injury. He lucked out with the legal system, the league shouldn’t go so lightly on him. A net 4 games suspension is the same as using weed – Smith’s transgressions are much more egregious. We have people on season suspensions for weed – (btw – Rices’s 2 games was ridiculous) Smith’s punishment should be commensurate with his actions. As SHOULD have Rice’s. ridiculous.

  26. All the Seahawk haters that troll Niner blogs would cheer wildly if the Niners released Smith, and cheer yet again when Carroll rushed to sign him.

  27. Someone in the media is trying to pressure the commish into giving him a 6-8 game suspension. Yes he has been arrested multiple times, but so was Marshawn Lynch, who was arrested twice as a Buffalo Bill and who pleaded guilty to reckless driving after he was arrested on DUI charges. Lynch has not been suspended by the league for his latest offense yet. To suspend Smith 6-8 games would be pretty unequal treatment for similar offenses (DUI arrest, pleading guilty to lesser charge and multiple offense). Smith also pleaded no contest to possessing assault weapons, but 6-8 games for that, when Ray Rice was suspended two games for knocking his future wife out cold inside an elevator? Again, that would be grossly unequal treatment for a similar offense. Aldon Smith should appeal any suspension because it would be selective enforcement of the worst kind against him.

  28. In spite of Aldon’s production in the games in which he’s played, the 49ers still managed to win every game he missed last year. With him in the lineup, the defense is taken to a whole different level and Russell Wilson would be running for his life. I’m not sure the Seahawks survive the loss of Lynch for five weeks because he is a huge part of their offense. It remains to be seen how the Seachickens and the Legion of Dumb will survive without being able to grab and hold on every pass play. Besides, Aldon will be back in time for both of the Seattle games and I can’t wait for Thanksgiving evening !!!

  29. 8 games is NOTHING for a FELON, drugs and weapons?

    what kind of message is that org trying to send our children?

    just cuz they paid off the local LEA doesnt mean the league should buckle

    these are REAL crimes

  30. Whatever the suspension is. That just means it’s less wear n tear on his body early on. He’ll be ending the season strong. Enough with all these picture perfect ppl on here dogging on the youngster for his mistakes. What’s in your closet hmmmmmm?

  31. Aldon Smith – DUI, Gun Charges missed 5 games voluntarily being suspended 6 games

    Marshawn Lynch – 2 DUIs, hit a woman drunk at 3 am, 2 sets of gun charges in two different states. Is suspended 3 games………and is in trouble again.

    How does 6 games make sense? Aldon Smith hit a tree after attempting to sleep it off. Marshawn Lynch hit a woman drunk at 3 am.

  32. Thanks to the 49ers for a great 4-5 days of practice with the Ravens. Both teams were great with each other. And, the Niners have a good future with Kaepernick at QB.

  33. Last year Von Miller from Denver was suspended for 8 games for smoking weed. The NFL better suspend Smith at least for 8 games for what he has done or they will look like they are playing favorites.

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