John Idzik: No regrets about not doing more at corner in free agency


When the Jets entered the offseason, it was clear that they would be parting ways with cornerback Antonio Cromartie and many predicted they would be adding players at the position once free agency got underway.

The Jets only signed one free agent corner, though, and that player, Dimitri Patterson, is battling calf and ankle injuries. They added another in the draft, but Dexter McDougle tore his ACL over the weekend and that leaves the Jets with few solid options while Dee Milliner heals from his ankle sprain.

If the Jets are worried, they aren’t showing it. Coach Rex Ryan said it wasn’t “a panic situation” and General Manager John Idzik said that he had no second thoughts about the moves at cornerback because they didn’t fit the team’s overall plans.

“We have no regrets whatsoever,” Idzik said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “I don’t think immediate spending translates into winning. I think responsible spending translates into sustainable winning.”

The Jets showed one potential way to weather the storm on Monday when they moved Antonio Allen from safety to corner. Media members at the practice reported that Allen had a pair of interceptions and handled the move well, which may mean we’ll be seeing more of Allen at the position in the future.

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  1. Could have easily read “Martin Mayhew: No regrets about not doing more at corner in free agency”…or substitute “free agency” for “draft”!

  2. Ted Thompson has been the most successful GM in the league. Idzik comes from the same school of thought. Two years on the job is not a measuring stick of how well he’s done so far. Thompson’s had his position since the mid-2000s and look at the roster he was able to build that didn’t come to fruition until the following decade. Injuries happen but panic and spending is not the answer and Idzik knows that

  3. If the team starts 1-6, looking at that brutal early stretch against good passing games, he won’t be saying this after he gets fired along with Rex and never gets to hire his own coach. Just sillyto be this thin at such a critical position for Rex’s scheme.

  4. Seeing as how the entire organization regularly proclaims the have/be the greatest everything im surprised Idzik didn’t accidentally slip up and say something like “The Jets have the greatest regrets. Our regrets are the greatest in the league! Nobody can top them.”

  5. They should have brought Revis back. When they cut players its business. But not bringing this guy back was personal. If this corner situation does not pan out and this guy let all those corners pass he SHOULD BE fired.

  6. This guy is sitting on 20+ mil. Jet fans are getting robbed in 2014.

    I understand they want to lock up some of their own but having that much leftover is a bit much….especially if you project the cap being raised even more next year.

  7. You can’t play Big Nickel without a safety who can pretty much play linebacker when the offense is showing run and can cover a Y-TE man to man in the slot or out wide. Pryor has little experience playing man to man, but has the skill set and decent enough size (just under 6-foot, okay reach for his height, good Explosion Number for a DB from the combine). Pryor, and possibly Allen, are the only guys on the roster capable of playing as a big nickel safety. Either way they’re going to need help against the tough TEs the Jets will face this year (Gronk x2, Thomas, Bennett, the Gates/Green combo in SD, Rudolph, potentially even Ebron).

    I think the Jets pass rush will be able to make up for a lot of our defensive backfield problems, but I worry that the Draw/Screen game and 3 step drops might let teams nickel and dime us to death. Wilson is what he is, an average player we overdrafted, and Patterson looked very bad defending short throws, which is a lot harder than a casual fan might think. And all of sudden David Harris can’t cover anybody anymore. I’m not exactly panicking, but I’m not overly confident we’ve got the guys on the roster to improve on what was a middle of the pack pass defense that can get overwhelmed by a good passing team – and we play plenty of those in ’14.

  8. Puts perspective on Rex’s opinion about ‘letting the guys play”
    If you don’t have many guys who can cover, you probably don’t want to see many Def. holding/ PI calls.
    Wonder why some franchises get lambasted by PFT about such clear pandering to public opinion, and others don’t get so much as a sniff of it.

  9. I would like someone to name any team where 3 of their top 4 CBs go down, and still be well off. Patterson was playing on the outside in that game, when his strength is in the slot. Milliner will be back by week 3 at the latest. Patterson will be back before the preseason is over. Pretty much the guys that would have been our starters, will be ready to go by week 3.

    Who is to say that if we brought Revis back, it wouldn’t be him with another torn ACL? Injuries happen. I still think we are better off now than we were last year by week 1.

    Milliner and Cro were trash last year before December. Patterson is an upgrade to Wilson, and Walls is an upgrade to Rookie Milliner. That 2nd CB spot can be filled by playing more big nickel defenses.

  10. For those who just can’t get over Revis like he’s your first love, let him go, just let him go!!!! There will be other great ones out there w/ way less baggage. As for Idzik, you have to give at least 3 yrs to grade each of his drafts and in FA has done a solid, not great, job plugging holes and adding depth. He’s a numbers guy who has had the luxury of learning from not 1, not 2, but 3 championship caliber GM’s. Safe to say he might know what he’s doing. Jets fans need to step back from the ledge and trolls keep on keeping on!!!!

  11. Well how about that! Good ol’ Idzik to the rescue.

    Seriously, concerned yes of course. Panic? No way. Bottom line is that Milliner is a decent CB but he is no Revis but he will do a vg job most weeks. Other side of him yup Jets will need to improvise. Doesn’t make too much difference who they line up there. D Line is STOUT and they will have to pressure QB every week. Certainly not worried about opener vs. hapless Raiders but weeks 2-7 are tough go.

  12. this is obviously detrimental to our coverage game. i am not trying to argue that. if our pass rush is as good as they say we are (which i didnt see last thurs) we will be fine. allen to corner will work out and just because harris got beat on a crossing route by TY hilton doesnt mean our LBs cant play man. rex’s blitz chemes are going to have to bring good pressure or we will get picked apart. no CB is goin to hold coverage for 3+ sec. hopefully babin adds some depth at our pass rush and we can always have some fresh bodies out there

  13. hey mick,

    i’d watch pryor again on tape, guy can do anything on the field. it’s just going to take time for him to learn to cover TE man to man. he plays all over the field. last i counted on tape, in one game alone he was thrown at 8 different positions on the field (all 3 cb spots, both olb spots, both ilb, and both safety spots). that’s truly not a concern since we have allen and pryor that can do that.

  14. Idzik also drafted a 6th round CB, when he had a log jam of players. Guess the man is right to load up on players.

    No need to break the bank on a CB, Idzik is doing it right. Let the loser fans and media panic. #Ninja

  15. There are vet free agent CBs out there if the Jets need them. Idzik’s first draft in 2013 has created starters in Milliner, Richardson, Geno Smith, and Winters, as well as 2nd depth chart players in Aboushi and Campbell. Tommy Bohanon, the club’s 7th RD pick is listed as the only FB on Athlon’s NYJ vet roster. Revis showed in TB, he is not enough of a difference maker to warrant a $20 million price tag. NE is desperate. They see the sands of their Super Bowl opportunity hourglass running out. It would have been nice if the Jets could have gotten Verner from TN, but otherwise, the choices were overpriced, overrated or both. Wanting to add to a weak area doesn’t make quality players automatically materialize. Ask Dallas who tried to make a No. 2 corner, Brandon Carr, into a No. 1 corner, or TB if they attempt the same folly with Verner.

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