Jones describes five-year-old photos as a misrepresentation


A strange story emerged last week regarding Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and some photographs that were confusing at best, troubling at worst.  As more information emerged, it all got even more confusing at best, troubling at worst.

After going to significant lengths to avoid the media on Saturday, Jones apparently realized that:  (1) it’s impossible for him to avoid talking to the media indefinitely; and (2) it’s impossible for the media to not ask about the photos, one of which landed on the cover of the New York Post.

“Someone has misrepresented photos taken at a restaurant five years ago for their own purposes,” Jones told reporters on Sunday, via David Moore of the Dallas Morning News.  “So I’m just not going to comment on it.’’

But comment Jones did, suggesting that the photos were taken half a decade ago, they aren’t what they seem to be, and whoever leaked them has an agenda of some sort.

Pressed for more, he continued to say he has no comment.That’s presumably the end of it.  At least for now.