Jordan Cameron says contract talks are “going well”


Browns *tight end Jordan Cameron, avoiding a messy legal battle by declaring himself a “Pro Bowl pass catcher” early on.

But it’s going to take more than that to get him paid.

Cameron was back on the practice field Monday after missing a week because of a shoulder injury, and said talks on a new contract were “going well.”

It’s positive, the whole process has been positive,” Cameron said, via Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I’ll leave it at that. It’s ongoing and going well. . . .

“Always hopeful, but I’m not worried about that at all. We’ve got Washington to look forward to.”

Cameron’s entering the final year of his rookie deal, which was worth around $2.5 million for four years. He’s looking for multiples of that per year, especially with Jimmy Graham’s four-year, $40 million deal which set the bar for pass-catching *tight ends.

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  1. As a Browns fan I come truly agree with this Eagles fan above me. He had 1 good season and was completely invisible in his previous seasons. He doesn’t deserve Graham money yet.

    That being said, with Gordon’s entire career constantly in jeopardy, he is our most dependable target. And we will most likely have to over pay him because other teams will if we don’t.

    I wish we could take money out of Kruger’s ridiculously inflated contract and give it to Cameron.

  2. I wouldn’t even say he had a good season, dude was shut down the last quarter of the season. The brown’s really have the worst luck. I’ve been waiting/wanting this team to turn it around for a while now. The Kruger contract still baffles me, although I do think whitner and dansby are a lot better FA signings/players.

  3. He’s not getting Jimmy Graham money but he will definitely be getting a payday. Got to remember Cleveland was so sure of his abilities that they dumped almost their entire tight end chore last season including Ben Watson who was one of the top tight ends in the league at that point. He should at least be getting paid more than the top drafted Tight end this year. He wasn’t on the bench because he was bad he was on the bench because the guy ahead of him on the depth chart was a proven play maker IE Reggie Wayne not becoming a known playmaker till the Colts let go of Marvin Harrison.

  4. I think he’s worth as much (or more) than Kyle Rudolph, if you compare their numbers?

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