Matt Cassel to keep his job at least another week


Matt Cassel didn’t do much to inspire in the Vikings’ opener, but Teddy Bridgewater didn’t do enough to make the Vikings change plans.

So according to Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the Vikings are going to stick with Cassel this week, before deciding whether to give Bridgewater any work with the ones beyond that.

We’ll see after this week,” Zimmer said of Bridgewater getting a chance with starters. “I don’t know.”

Cassel completed 5-of-6 passes for 62 yards against the Raiders in his one series. Bridgewater was 6-of-13 passes for 49 yards, taking a pair of sacks.

If Bridgewater can clean some things up, it’s hard to imagine them not giving him a shot, as he gives them their best chance for stability at the position in decades.

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  1. “Matt Cassel didn’t do much to inspire in the Vikings’ opener…”

    What more could he do? He led a 5:28 second drive that resulted in a TD. He was 5 0f 6 passing on that drive. And that was the only drive he played.

    Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not trying to say that Cassel is a future HOF’er – but that’s about as good as it gets when you are only in the game for the opening series.

  2. Not sure how much inspiration one drive can produce,but in that one drive he looked good and scored a touchdown. Ponder on the other hand…

  3. Don’t sugarcoat it lil “tiny hands” not only stunk it up against a very poor Raider team he had the worst performance of all the young qb’s in the league. It was so bad or good in our case that it sent the trolls into hiding.

  4. Quite playing games with these guys, just like any other team that draft a QB in the 1st round feel they need to play that guy. If he’s not ready don’t put him out there, that’s how teams kill QB’s.

  5. Matt Cassel did exactly what was expected of him. He is the perfect leader to take the helm of this franchise until Teddy is ready to take the reins. The future looks bright, none of you can deny that. We have the best RB, the best WR, the best Safety, the best TE, the best (soon) stadium, and the BEST Owner in all of football.

    Nothing can stop us.


  6. I don’t know about Bridgewater abating the trolls . . . “themeccalamblowfield” is here on a Viking story.

  7. Cassel had a nice TD opening series….played as good as you can for a series. Looks like a good fit in Norv’s system.

    Bh20 had a sweet first pass of his career (21yds) but the the Vikes were called for too many men on the line of scrimmage. It looked to me that after Rudolph went in motion from left to right and then reset that he was far enough off the line. But the flag was thrown negating the completion.
    When Teddy gets more reps he get more comfortable with the speed. All in all he had a good outing, he has no ceiling and he will be a superstar in the future under Norv’s system. Patience my friends!
    The D….is going to surprise folks. Barr is a freak-show waiting to happen…….wow, stud!

  8. themeccalambeaufield says:Aug 11, 2014 8:40 AM

    Don’t sugarcoat it lil “tiny hands” not only stunk it up against a very poor Raider team he had the worst performance of all the young qb’s in the league. It was so bad or good in our case that it sent the trolls into hiding.
    You do realize that for this article, you’re the troll.

  9. Several things are clear. First, the Vikings coaching staff has a plan to evaluate their quarterbacks in pre-season. One series each in the first pre-season game is of minor consequence in this evaluation. Cassel is not the long term Viking’s solution at quarterback. Bridgewater’s success or failure will not be know for two or three years, not after one or two series.

  10. Cassel looked like a vet and Bridgewater a rookie. One thing I will say is that Brigewater looked much better with the first team than he did with the second, which is to be expected. He made a key mistake in the redzone he should have thrown it away.

    Good thing its pre-season and he has tons of time to get it corrected. I feel it will be an honest competition so it will take more work on Bridgewaters part if he wants to start.

    Seeing how he comes out this wee and next week will be key. How is he at correcting mistakes. Norv says he rarely makes the same mistake twice. We shall see this week

  11. Of course he gets to keep his starting job. Bridgewater looked like the bust that he will known as. Decades? SKOLOLOLOL

    Even Culpeeeper didn’t last decades, but he wasn’t even a great QB to begin with. He was a product of Carter and mostly Moss. Once Moss was gone, his career was finished since he could no longer just throw the ball up inaccurately and expect it to be caught.

  12. Peterson is a great RB, but for how much longer? Maybe a couple more good years, but he won’t be a great RB by the time Teddy becomes a good QB, if he does become one.

  13. I don’t know about Bridgewater abating the trolls . . . “themeccalamblowfield” is here on a Viking story.

    Packer trolls have really ruined this great web site. Here Viking fans are trying to have civilized conversation and the first losers on this site are always Turd Bay fans…. notice that Viking fans have class and Packer fans, well are Packer fans…. by the way, notice that your defense is complete garbage yet again after Saturdays epic loss?

  14. If Bridgewater can clean some things up, it’s hard to imagine them not giving him a shot, as he gives them their best chance for stability at the position in decades

    Say what? Its bad enough the trolls come out in force to predict that Bustwater’s bust is destined for Canton, Ohio. Now we have the PFT employees drinking the kool aide.

    How about we wait till a regular season game when Teddy puts up 3 or 4 TD’s against no INT’s and wins it on the basis of his arm. I don’t think that is ever going to happen but if it does and begins to happen on a regular basis, then such comments can be taken seriously.

  15. i was able to catch the game on nfl network late friday. i think the Vike’s D is going to be much improved this year. castles looked decent. bridge looked a little wide eyed. also, mecca, enough trolling son. you can go now thanks. GO PACK!

  16. Teddy showed calm in the pocket which to me is huge. He made some mistakes sure…but I was watching as a whole and I think this kid has the right make-up.

    Give him time and he will be fine.

  17. Cassel looked pretty good for “the worst starting quarterback in the NFL” (copyright Ron Jaworski). I prefer starting Cassel at first, mainly because of the tough early season schedule. Bridgewater will overtake him soon enough.

  18. In the interest of accuracy, I’d like to point out that “Culpeeeper’s” best season was 2004, when Moss missed much of the season with an injury. In fact, it was one of the best seasons by a quarterback in NFL history up to that time. This is why the Vikings weren’t interested in drafting a quarterback in the first round in 2005.

  19. Peterson is a great RB, but for how much longer? Maybe a couple more good years, but he won’t be a great RB by the time Teddy becomes a good QB, if he does become one.

    So what? Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have a great RB and he seems to be doing just fine. By the time AD is done, Bridgewater to Patterson will be the most dynamic combination in football.

  20. What kind of comment is “Matt Cassel didn’t do much to inspire in the Vikings’ opener”?

    Seriously? Cassel completed 5 of the 6 passes he threw, and led his team to its only touchdown of the game.

    There’s no need to rush Bridgewater into the starter’s role. Let him earn it. Until then, the offense will be in good hands with Norv Turner replacing Bill Musgrave.

  21. I guess Cassel should have lead the offense to 8-10 points in his only series of play. But if you’re not greedy, I guess 7 points each time he takes the field is good enough. Maybe even a wildcard this year.

  22. I agree that if Cassel plays like he did the first series (and only one he played for the game), and can continue to evolve and get better in Norv’s offense, than there is NO RUSH to get Teddy in there. If they play defense they don’t need to put up 40 points a game to win. They can win with Cassel, and if he’s performing and getting better I’d rather roll with Cassel as the starter. Even if Cassel ends up starting for 2 years, that would give Teddy PLENTY of time to learn and get acclimated to Norv’s offense and the speed of playing in the NFL, which would set him up for future success.

    Just because he was a first round pick doesn’t mean he HAS to start his first or even 2nd season in the league. Aaron Rodgers had a few years to learn and grow and when he finally did start he was unstoppable. Who knows what would have happened if he was on a crappy team that decided to throw him to the wolves the first chance they got, things could have turned out very differently.

  23. Has anyone noticed the Pftpoet has been noticeably silent since the Vikings opened the preseason & he realized that the Vikings are still just a 5 win team.
    Kinda like logicalvoice got REAL quiet last year @ the midway point when he realized RGKnee was the savior he thought he was going to be .


  24. it’s hard to imagine them not giving him a shot, as he gives them their best chance for stability at the position in decades.

    Really ? Bridgewater hasn’t played any regular season snaps. The preseason is at best a limited measuring stick.

    No one has any idea yet whether this kid is boom, bust or somewhere in between.

  25. Cassel looked good, and consistent with that performance, he will do exactly what has been expected for several months — start the season as the first string QB.

    Seeing as how the theme of our eastern brethren is conclusion jumping, I thus wonder if cheesers are running up and down the streets from Racine to Lacrosse in panic after watching their team get beaten by the juggernaut that is the Titans.

  26. I live in Minnesota. The local CBS affiliate, WCCO, has a show on Sunday nights after the news called Rosen’s Sports Sunday, hosted by WCCO Sports Director Mark Rosen. He had on as a guest Pete Bercich, former Viking LB and now a radio commentator on Vikings games.
    Bercich had some interesting comments about Bridgewater’s performance. He said that the coaching staff called plays for him that they wouldn’t ordinarily call during the season to see how he’d react and what he’d do. He wasn’t surprised or disappointed in how TB conducted himself. Bercich also said that what and how we see things in preseason is different from what coaches see. Fans look at it from an entertainment, win-or-lose perspective and coaches are evaluating and analyzing. Often, the two viewpoints are at odds. From an entertainment, win-lose perspective a player may look like he had a so-so game. But to the coaches, he may have done all or more than was asked of him.
    Saying TB or Johnnie Money-Bags had a bad game may not be at all true. The real test comes in the real games. Give them both at least half a season, if not longer, as a starter against A-list competition before making any judgments.

  27. They were going to have Cassel and Bridgewater settle it over a game of rock/paper/scissors but to make it fair to Teddy they changed it to pebble/post-it-note/tweezers.

    Because Teddy has Mimi-me hands.

  28. The biggest thing that I got out of the game is that it was miraculous that the Vikings won a single game with Ponder starting. The guy is seriously one of the worst QBs that I have seen. Bridgewater may not be the answer but he looks like Joe Montana compared to Ponder.

  29. Lets give the kid a little breathing room and not judge his nfl career off 13 pass attempts behind the second string o-line that gave terrible protection and remember Bridgewater has only been in camp for a week before he’s written off. Love the new defensive scheme though and tcf bank is beautiful

  30. You guys do realize that it’s preseason, right? If you know anything about football, it’s that nobody game plans for preseason games. It’s a scrimmage. It’s a game that nobody cares about the final score. If you do care, then you must root for a lower who’s highlight of their year is going 4-0 in preseason. And when the regular season starts, you go back into hiding under February.

  31. Whether BH2O starts this year, next year or the year after, I can’t wait to see all the Slacker fans eating crow.

    I think they know BH2O is the real deal and they are scared. They also know that if Rodgers (with his 1/8 inch bigger hands than BH2O) goes down again, he takes the season with him. Without Rodgers, the team tanked last year compared to how they played with him.

    At least at this point, I believe we have two capable QB’s in Cassel and BH2O. Not many teams can say even that much!


  33. Well now that the 1st week of the QB competition is done I am looking forward to Christian Ponder showing what he can do with the new offense this week.

    Ponder was the highest draft pick of the 3 and has earned the starting job the last few seasons. I would not surprise me if he has an excellent preseason and wins the starting job again.

    I am glad that all three will be getting snaps with the first string and the vikings are waiting to make their decision. It is a disadvantage to Cassel to go first.

    Love that Ponder pocket poise, productivity, and points.

  34. Your article is stupid see below you posted these comments on Aug 8th… now you start with Matt did not do much to inspire??

    If the Vikings have a genuine competition at quarterback, and not simply a rigged, confidence-building exercise for the preordained rookie, veteran Matt Cassel has claimed victory in the first live action against a defense that was allowed to actually touch the signal-caller.

    The consensus is that Cassel outplayed Teddy Bridgewater, who was shaky and uneven in his first NFL game.

    “I thought he did a great job,” coach Mike Zimmer told reporters after the game regarding Cassel. “He made a couple big throws I believe on third down.

  35. Reporters in Cleveland and Minnesota stop asking about the QB situation everyday! Why wouldn’t Cassel be the starter? What did he do to lose the starters job? Nothing ok same stater.

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