No plans for Derek Carr with first team in Oakland

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Quarterback Matt Schaub’s first outing as a member of the Raiders wasn’t a particularly good one.

Schaub was 3-of-7 for 21 yards and couldn’t lead the Raiders to more than one first down in three series of work against the Vikings. Schaub wasn’t happy with how he played and coach Dennis Allen called the team’s effort disappointing, but it wasn’t disappointing enough for the Raiders to change up their plans for rookie Derek Carr. Allen said Sunday that Carr will not be playing with the first team.

“It’s not really part of the plan right now,” Allen said, via “We’ll evaluate everything as we move along, but the plan is to work Matt Schaub as the starting quarterback. I think he’s done a good job of doing that.”

Allen added that he was “not displeased” with Schaub’s play and said he saw things that the Raiders could build on in the coming weeks. They’ll need to if they are going to put forth the kind of regular season performances that will get Allen another year in his current job and, for now, Schaub is the man that Allen is relying on to get him there.

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  1. Oh the revolving door of quarterbacks for the Raiders. Never ceases to amaze me how excited the fans get over these washed up vets that they think can come in and just light it up. Campbell, Palmer, Flynn, and now Schlaub. But look on the bright side, they did sign a bunch of over 30 year old defensive players on their decline. It should make for an improved season of 5-11, or maybe even 6-10!!!!

  2. At this point sharing reps in preseason at the 1 is more counter productive. If Schaub were Brees or Brady and dinged up, that would be different. Schaub needs to build confidence and show the team and coaches he’s really the 2012 Matt and not the 2013 version. For Derek, he needs to keep progressing. He should be running more of the Raider 1 offense in game 2. And don’t forget about McGloin. He beat Schaub and the Texans straight up last season.

  3. Schaub was terrible, so was Carr. I’ve been saying it all along. McGloin is the best QB on the roster right now. I know he was playing against the scrubs, but he was also playing WITH our scrubs and he blew Schaub and Carr away. Unfortunately, he is not in a competition. D.A. posted a depth chart without so much as a practice. I have high hopes for Carr, but McGloin should be the place holder, not Schaub.

  4. The Raiders may need to examine the way they’re coaching their receivers. Lots of drops from all receivers with three different quarterbacks last week.

  5. If Schaub get the almost picked ball up about 2 feet that ball is Holmes or nobodies and the right read. That timing and those throws will come. The ugly back shoulder attempt to Holmes was right on. Holmes screwed that up.

    I think changing the plan would be terrible right now. If Schaub’s play this Friday is just a trajedy then I say it’s time to think about the conversation but week one of the pre-season isn’t the time to have that talk.

  6. Schaub didn’t play as bad as his stat lines shows. Recievers had a couple of drops and there were a couple of penalties that never allowed Schaub to get into any kind of rhythm. It was also the 1st quarter of the first pre-season game with alot of new pieces trying to fit together. Give it time. carr needs to sit and learn and most importantly not get the crap beat out of him like his older brother David.

  7. Oakland probably has more change to the starting lineup, on both sides of the ball, than any other team this season. It’s going to take time, and no Raider fan is thinking SB this year. And the TE Rivera has got to soften up his hands because he dropped 2 that hit him right in the hands in the 1st quarter, both on 3rd down.

  8. It always makes me laugh when people who are not fans of the Oakland Raiders jump on here and run there mouths about something they have no idea about. Not only are the majority of the people who post on here ignorant about the Raiders team, but football in general. It is well documented on how badly the Raiders have performed over the past 10 years and how QBs have gone in and out. The fans are doing their part and showing faith in their players and there is nothing wrong with. Building a team basically from the ground up takes time and draft picks. Oakland before this year had no vets soon the team with real experience. Signing them was not a last ditch effort to save the franchise, but it was to give the new players experienced veteran leadership. I think and many would agree that preseason is hardly an accurate depiction of what the regular season will be. If you remember Oakland was able to win all of their preseason games only to go 4 and 12. The players on this team are fairly new to each other and the preseason is here to assist in getting the new vets and rookies acclimated another and getting those back up rolls set. Lets wait until week 3 or 4 to pass judgement.

  9. There is no way that this team wins 5 games.

    Their schedule is brutal, the coaching is horrible, and the roster is littered with oft injured old guys past their prime. Woodson was an embarrassment out there the other night.

    The QB position is just a symptom of the rest of the team. The 3rd stringers are as talented as the 1st stringers, and not in a good way.

  10. As long as DA is the Coach the Team will under Achieve he should not be a HC at this level , The team looks unprepared and not motivate , this guy has no Idea how to lead men .. Bum Coach !!

  11. slick50ks says:
    Aug 11, 2014 10:27 AM

    There is no way that this team wins 5 games.

    Their schedule is brutal, the coaching is horrible, and the roster is littered with oft injured old guys past their prime. Woodson was an embarrassment out there the other night.

    The QB position is just a symptom of the rest of the team. The 3rd stringers are as talented as the 1st stringers, and not in a good way.


    And the likelihood of a pig sprouting wings and taking flight is higher than you admitting in the Raider comment posts that you were embarrassingly & repeatedly mistaken if *somehow* the Raiders win more than 5 games AND (gasp) the chefs (who lost 5 of their last 7 regular season games and also face a brutal 2014 schedule) return to the AFCW basement.

  12. @raiderwhip Go back and watch the Team Perform under Hue Jackson you say the team hasn’t played well in ten years under Hue Top 5 Run game Top 10 Offense ,Chuck B side of the ball and injuries to Jason Campbell is what kept this team from taking the next step . Its not the Team it’s the Coach this guy is horrible , Mike Zimmer in his first year as HC had his team prepared to play and they looked Motivate and they competed hard , the raiders under DA looks lost and non competitive this guy is a bum coach the players knows he’s not a leader and they will not play hard for him they don’t respect him or his track record as a Coach the Team hasn’t improved one bit in any category , Player play hard for Coaches who help them win games DA hasn’t proven he can help them win and as weeks go on and we don’t improve they will start doubting everything he does until he helps them win games ..

  13. Alot of great posts (with the exception of a couple), nice to read some intelligent posts for a change.

  14. The Raiders are going to be lucky to win more than four-games this season. They have brought in a disparate bunch of old players, on the last contracts of their careers – which historically, NEVER works out for teams which try this.

    Further, and more damning, is just the continuation of the quarterback shuffle. A) The team simply doesn’t know how to scout that talent. B) Compounding that fact is that they don’t have the player personnel to help train or build a star franchise passer.

    Ultimately, the GM and HC aren’t capable, and should have been replaced after last season. However, the greater problem (as always) is with the ownership.

  15. @ecade25 I see where you are coming from but the record did not reflect it though. I can’t really compare what Oakland has now with what they had with Jackson at the hel without seeing them play, all I can do is ask everyone to give DA this year. He has everything in place to do well. The biggest difference I can see with the team now without seeing a good amount of play compared to the teams of the past 10 years is the players willingness to be there and wanting to do well for the team. That in itself is a small win for the franchise.

  16. I agree totally with raider whip. I’ve been a Raider fan for 46 years and all I am looking for is they put a competitive team on the field and win 5 to 6 games this year. The Raiders need to change the culture and I believe with the personnel they brought in that will happen. I just can’t wait until the season starts because 1 preseason game means nothing unless someone gets hurt.

  17. This is one of those games where the stat line is really misleading. Someone stated it above…2 key drops on 3rd down and a couple of penalties – all while working in live game action with a new team…I don’t think that is on the starting QB. WRs have to help him out. McGloin looked good, but he is also the only one of the 3 QBs with any experience in the system. I like McGloin, but I’m not sure he has as much upside as Schaub or Carr once they get some time in the system and working with the WRs in live game settings. It is a tough schedule. And this isn’t a great team. I think 4-5 wins this year would suck, but be understandable given all the circumstances.

  18. Actually, if you watched the game, Rivera dropped 2 throws on 3rd down for 15-20 yard gains that hit him right in the hands and would have kept the drives going. So that would have made Schaub 5-7 and like i said those two drives wouldnt have ended and his numbers would have been better. Also, they ran the ball well, which is what i expect Oakland to be this year anyways, running team. Its early, they’ll be fine…

  19. Tried to warn you, you wouldn’t listen……. Schaub is a loser. He pretty much proved that against the lowly Queens.

    Trying to help you out here, Raiders need to go with Carr. Good skill set, better than Schnob, throw him in the pool, get him wet, and who knows, he may be your qb for the next 10 years.

    Raiders have a pathetically bad team. You also have an exceedingly difficult schedule. Maybe, baby, if you’re lucky, the Raiders might win 3 games. Your draft was nice, free agency, not so much. Bunch of old vets looking for a last check.

    Same old same old, yes?

  20. As usual, Raiders don’t have a qb. Nice work Reg. You are probably the worst GM of all time. But hey, Raider Nation loves you, you got that going for ya! 3-13 incoming.

  21. Hate on haters…Schaub looked ok…..3 drives he led were all killed by a penalties on each of those……1st and 20, 1st and 25 are tough for any team….and then the 25 yard completion to Holmes on 3rd and 6 was called back. Two other f passes Rivera dropped that hit him in the hands.

    Almost as funny as the haters saying the vikings run d looked good as well…lets see MJD had 2 carries for 11 yards, and dmc had one carry for 23 yards….

    Who cares pre-season…….haters only have a couple more weeks…funny how they all like to throw rocks when they themselves live in a glass house.

    Go Raiders! Go Hayden…get healthy soon.

  22. nflfolly says: Aug 11, 2014 8:56 AM

    But Raider fans said Schaub would lead them to a Superbowl. LMAO
    There are always a few fans that like to make absurd predictions every summer. And there are always a few clowns that aren’t clever enough to post anything more original than the line above.

  23. Its the first preseason game, if this was the final one then perhaps hit the panic button but its the first one.

    During Art Shells first tenure with the team they went 12-4 and to the AFC Game in 1990. The record that preseason – 0-4. Raiders Superbowl year in 2002 – preseason 2-2

    If the Raiders had won this game 31-0 i wouldnt think ‘superbowl here we come’, they lost, didnt play well but equally i wont get too down about it.

    Its one game, lets all calm down

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